When do people get a cure for coronavirus?

Is there a cure for coronavirus?

As of now, three-lakh fifty thousand humans have lost their lives in the account of coronavirus. Some people already started assuming that there will be no cure to coronavirus.

The number of drugs researched to find a cure for coronavirus?

Till now the scientists have conducted studies on around one-fifty medications for efficacy of this drug on coronavirus. Several research institutions in the world are experimenting on the survivor’s blood to cure coronavirus in a person.

Are there any drugs that are proven to fight this virus?

Antiviral drugs showed promising results to cure coronavirus in the beginning and the medications that are capable to calm the immune system have shown mixed results. After several weeks, these drugs start damaging the body.

Antibodies that are made from the survivor’s blood can attack the virus.

Can Ebola drug cure coronavirus?

In the times of Ebola, some antiviral drugs have shown promising results. Currently, those antiviral drugs are showing some promising results in the treatment of coronavirus. As per medical professionals, this antiviral drug can successfully reduce the prolongation of symptoms of coronavirus from fifteen days down to eleven days. Around one thousand people have participated in a clinical trial conducted by some medical professionals. In this trial, the medical professionals gave some people with this antiviral drug and other people with some dummy drugs.

(Blinding technique) It is a common practice applied in clinical trials to improve the efficiency of the clinical trial and also to reduce the bias from the investigator and subjects’ expectations of the treatment effect.

Ebola Vaccine

This trial has proved that these antiviral drugs may not give life to the people who are in the critical stage but these medications can work effectively to cure coronavirus in the people who are in the early stages of the disease. The results of this trial may not cure coronavirus completely but it can give hope to the survivors of COVID-19.

What about the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) medications?

Healthcare professionals thought that medications that are used to increase the life span of the people with HIV can treat coronavirus. Following are the pair of HIV medications

  • Lopinavir
  • Ritonavir


Research shows that HIV medications showed positive results in the lab, but researchers observed a mixed result when it comes to people. The combination unable to produce the desired results like

  • Improving recovery in the patient
  • Reducing death count
  • Unable to save lives with serious COVID-19.

Researchers told that they tried the combination of HIV drugs on the patients whose lives are at stake and these drugs take some time to attack the virus or cure coronavirus.

Will malaria drugs treat COVID-19?

The World Health Organization has launched the solidarity trails and malaria medications are part of it. Hydroxychloroquine is a drug name that people heard a lot during the lockdown that it can work effectively against the virus and it can also term as a Coronavirus cure.

Researchers believed in this drug due to its antiviral properties and this medication also consists of immune-calming properties. Hydroxychloroquine became popular when United States President spoke about this drug. There is no strong evidence to prove Hydroxychloroquine can be an effective treatment for COVID-19.

malaria drugs

Early clinical trials showed that this malaria drug can slow down the progression of this virus in a human body. But it is not that effective in treating the condition. Moreover, it cannot for to cure coronavirus in the coming days.  The World Health Organization not recommending doing global trials on this drug as it is not showing promising results in the clinical trials.

Can immune drugs treat COVID-19?

These drugs showed mixed results if the patient immune system overreacts after taking immune drugs then it can lead to inflammation throughout the body. Immune drugs have the capability of attacking the infection, but consuming too much of these medications can put your life at risk.

For the treatment of multiple sclerosis, interferon-beta injection is currently in use by many physicians. The same injection can also reduce inflammation in the body. WHO is currently conducting trials in the efficacy of this injection for coronavirus.

Dexamethasone is a steroid used to lowers inflammation in the human body also used in the trial and this recovery trial is investigating by the United Kingdom.

Are physicians using survivors’ blood to handle sick patients?

Doctors are using the antibodies from the people who are successfully fought COVID-19 to treat extremely sick patients. These antibodies can be found in the plasma and inject it into the people who are fighting with the disease.

As of now, In USA, around five hundred patients have taken this blood plasma procedure. Now, the rest of the countries also following the same technique to save the people’s lives.

How long people need to wait for coronavirus cure?

People are desperate to hear the news that a vaccine is available to treat this infectious disease. Because it can save a lot of lives who are battling with coronavirus and also help the governments to lift the restrictions.

Even many Government officials are eagerly waiting for the results of the clinical trials conducted so far. The results will be out in a few months. For now, the Physicians are testing out the existing medications which are known to be safe. Yet, there is still a long way to find the vaccine to cure coronavirus.

When will humans be able to get on with their lives?

It can take a long time to see Coronavirus disappear and humans get back their normal lives. It is a mild disease until researchers find the vaccine. People must take measures to save their life from the coronavirus. Until then, people have to lead their life securely and to protect themselves from infections.

What is the treatment for Coronavirus patients now?

When a person tests positive for coronavirus, then your doctor may recommend you to stay at home for fourteen days, and the doctors are prescribing paracetamol and advising patients to stay hydrated. People who are suffering from breathing problems due to coronavirus are admitting in the Intensive care unit to get oxygen support.


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