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All you need to Know about the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

All you need to Know about the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19


Coronavirus is started affecting people in early 2020, and it is all over the news due to the speed of its transmission. This virus has its roots in China and started in a Wuhan food market. It is responsible for infecting nearly millions of people internationally, and the death rate also increasing. At present, the United States is the most affected country of coronavirus.

Infections such as Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARA-CoV-2) caused by this disease and known as COVID-19. The full form of COVID-19 is coronavirus disease in 2019.

Even though it is affecting most of the people globally, you will be safe as long as you are don’t maintain the contacts with the people who are already suffering from this condition.

Symptoms of COVID-19

This virus is teaching is a lot of science to the physicians as they are learning new things about this pandemic every day. As we all know, novel coronavirus doesn’t show any indicators in some people. You don’t know about the virus in your body and you will carry it for two days to two weeks before you come to know about this virus.

Difficulty in breathing or unable to breathe, cough, and low-grade fever are the common symptoms that are associated with this virus.

Shortness of breath, excessive drowsiness, blue lips or face, confusion, and persistent pain or pressure in the chest are the symptoms that may become severe over time. We would advise you to seek medical attention as soon as possible when you are experiencing these symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is still investigating the signs and symptoms of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Flu and COVID-19

Doctors are still trying to know the connection between the seasonal flu and this deadly virus. Due to the flu, it is very difficult to determine the data about how many people affected globally. But this deadly virus is more dangerous and can cause more deaths than the seasonal flu.

In the United States, people who are affected by the seasonal flu from 2019 to 2020, has been died as of 14th March 2020. Cough, body aches, runny or stuffy nose, chills, sneezing, exhaustiveness, sore throat, headache, and running on the high temperature of your body are the common symptoms of the flu.


Coronavirus is a disease that can be transmitted from animals to people and that is why it is considered as Zoonotic. It will affect animals before developing in humans. The main cause of this disease is the people are contacting the ones who are already affected by this deadly virus and it is transmitted to people from animals in the same way.

People who are carrying this infection has the capability of spreading to other people through respiratory droplets. It is a scientific name for wet stuff that can travel in the air when you sneeze or cough. These droplets can carry out the infection and reach your windpipe and lungs. When the virus reaches the respiratory tract, then it will become serious.

There are no specific animals that are the main causes of this pandemic virus. It has been observed by the scientists that the COVID-19 first infected bats then it spread to other animals like snakes or pangolins and then started affecting humans. People believed that the transmission started in the Wuhan food market, China.

Who are at high risk?

If you have been in contact with the people who are suffering from SARS-CoV-2 are the high risk of getting diagnosed with this deadly virus or if you accidentally been near to them when they are coughing or sneezing. If you are living with the person who is already suffering from this condition, and offering your services to the people who have contracted the virus should take proper prevention measures otherwise you may put yourself at high risk.

People who have a medical history of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, kidney diseases, liver disease, asthma, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, cancer, and immune system conditions like human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have a higher risk of getting diagnosed with this condition.

Women who are pregnant should take proper prevention measures in this pandemic situation. These pregnant women have higher chances of getting other viral infections, but researchers yet to confirm whether it is due to coronavirus or not. This virus may not spread from mother to child during the pregnancy, but there are chances of this newborn may get diagnosed with this condition after birth.

How to diagnose this condition?

There isn’t any new method to diagnose this condition. Like other conditions, doctors are conducting blood tests, saliva, or taking the patient tissue to confirm the disease in the people who are showing the symptoms of coronavirus. In order to retrieve a sample from the nostrils, doctors are using a cotton swab.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and some medical professionals are conducting these tests. If you are showing the symptoms of coronavirus in your body, we would advise you to visit the nearest testing clinic.

The first Coronavirus testing kit has been approved by the FDA on 21st April 2020. With the help of a cotton swab, people who are staying at home can collect a nasal sample and sending it to the respective laboratory for testing through the mail. For the people who are showing the symptoms of novel coronavirus are authorized to use this home test kit.

It is better to have a word with your physician if your body is showing the symptoms of COVID-19. Your stay will be decided based on the doctor’s evaluation. You can stay at your home, if you are not affected by this virus or if your test results show positive, then you need to be admitted to the hospital and your physician will keep you in observation and monitor your symptoms.

Treatment options for this Condition

At present, there is no cure for this condition. Researchers are still conducting their experiments and vaccines are currently under study. Due to this reason, physicians focusing on ease the symptoms of this virus.

We would advise you to seek medical attention if you think you have novel coronavirus. Your physician will give you treatment based on your symptoms. Deadly diseases like severe acute respiratory syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome are also cured by managing the symptoms of the disease.

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Blood plasma transfusions, antiviral or retroviral medications, breathing support, and giving steroids to reduce swelling in the lungs are the therapies physicians are using on their patients to relieve the symptoms.


The complication of novel coronavirus is novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP) and it is considered as the most serious complication of COVID-19. It has been observed in a study that thirty-five people had admitted in the intensive care unit out of one thirty eight people in the Wuhan hospitals due to novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia. Two people out of thirty-five people who were admitted to the intensive care unit have died due to NCIP.

People who were admitted to the ICU have some underlying health conditions. Heart attack or heart damage, acute respiratory distress syndrome, exhaustiveness, arrhythmia, myalgia, and cardiovascular shock are the complications of the novel coronavirus. As per the medical professionals, novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia is the only complication that has been specifically linked to this deadly virus.


Preventing this disease is the best way to stay safe in this pandemic situation. It involves

  • Limiting contact with the people who you may suspect the symptoms of novel coronavirus or any respiratory infection
  • Practicing good hygiene
  • Maintaining social distance at least two meters away from people
  • Washing your hands for a minimum of twenty seconds with warm water and soap
  • Stay at home when you are feeling ill
  • Use disinfectants to clean any objects that you use frequently such as computers, doorknobs, and phones, etc.

Wear a Mask

We would advise you to wear a cloth face mask when you are going out. Because it will be difficult to strictly adhere to guidelines of physical distancing. These masks can slow the spread of this virus when you worn correctly.

These masks work by blocking the respiratory droplets of people who are already affected by this condition. You can make your own mask if it is not available in the health stores. All you need for making your own mask is a bandana, and cotton fabric.

These cloth masks are designed for the public, and other types such as surgical masks, and N95 are preferred for the workers who are working in the healthcare industry. We would advise you to clean your mask after each time you use it. Wearing a mask is not an alternative method for hand washing and social distancing.

People who are below the age of two years or the persons who are experiencing shortness of breath or unable to breathe are advised to not wear a face mask and stay at home instead of doing this.


You don’t need to worry if you have been admitted to a hospital due to coronavirus. But recognizing the symptoms of this disease and taking proper preventive measures are important to control this disease. We would advise you to consult your physician right away if you are experiencing the symptoms of Covid-19.

Regular handwashing and maintaining physical distance are the best ways to not affected by this deadly virus. Also, the people who seem scared about the disease are advised not to watch and read the news.


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