(IOS) – A Vaccine that should protect people, is itself turning out to be the cause of HIV.

HVTN 702 trial has been stopped abruptly by the National Institutes of Health, as it is causing the virus instead of preventing it.

Researchers will not stop their trials for the search for HIV preventive vaccine even though this clinical trial didn’t show the promised results.

Now, the researchers want to try with the vaccines that don’t contain Human Immunodeficiency Viruses, so that it will not cause HIV to any individual during the clinical trial.

About Vaccine

The jab was a recent Category of the first Human Immunodeficiency Viruses vaccine which showed promising results that it can fight with the virus in the RV144 clinical trial, in Thailand.

Our world needs an HIV Vaccine in order to end the global pandemic, and the researchers also confident about this vaccine that it can prevent the deadly virus but it gave a huge disappointment to the experimenters at the end of the clinical trial.

While doing the clinical trial for this vaccine, there were great hopes to the experimenters that the vaccine would work and prevent this disease.

What has happened in the clinical trial?

Individuals were asked by the researchers to take either the vaccine or placebo injections. As per the preliminary data given by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), 129 People who took the vaccine infected with HIV, and 123 HIV infections among those given the Placebo Injections. We also communicated with those people who are participated in this study regarding the trial stopping but we will find other ways to find a vaccine for this deadly disease, said by the health officials.

Can’t we prevent HIV?

In order to prevent HIV infection, Patients are advised to take a drug treatment called pre-exposure prophylaxis (Prep), but the main difference between a vaccine and this drug is you have to take this drug on a daily basis. You can’t stop taking this drug after a certain period of time.

The only way to prevent this disease in the absence of pre-exposure prophylaxis drug and vaccine is to use condoms at the time of having sex. These treatments are not available in many countries, we would advise the people who are living in those countries to use condoms during sexual intercourse or abstinence.

There are many HIV medicines available in Health Stores. These drugs may not cure your disease, but these medicines will help you to live longer and happier. These medicines have showed desired results it means the drugs increased the lifespan of the people who are suffering from the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

The main motto of this drug is to People who are taking these medicines can’t pass on the virus to the other people who are not suffering from HIV.

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