Ways to take care of your Skin

Your skin needs a special care for your timeline which is a right of everyone says me and Celebrity in the advertisement. Having a glowing , oil free , and non-dried skin is a very much miracle in today’s world because the Mister Sun over our head makes the demons that are commonly recognized by us as red pimples popping up on our face. There is one more reason for our unhealthy skin. Make a guess!! Yes, you have guessed it right it is all that silly junk that we eat!! That de nourishes our skin. All the detergent type soaps that are thought to garnish our skin by scrubbing but are not less than scrap for our skin. Hazardous Chemicals like mercury, lead and many more are included in it.

Let’s start discussing about how we can get naturally healthy and radiant skin. The first and the foremost thing is that one should know the type of skin they have. Determining and realizing your true skin type can really help you a lot in deciding the cosmetic products when you are in dilemma at cosmetic store. In fact, before using the wrong products or even trying the viral and popularized Internet hacks for your skin type could exaggerate your skin problems like acne, dryness.

The next thing that matters us is the daily skin care routine that we follow for our skin.

Different Ways to take care of your Skin


Cleansing is most important when it comes for having a perfect skin. Choosing a cleanser is a difficult task. It should not leave your skin tight and dry after washing it off. One should avoid washing the face for more than twice a day with a cleanser just for the sake of getting a squeaky-clean feeling. The reason for this is that it will eliminate all the natural oils of the skin.


For morning use, a serum that is enriched with vitamin C or growth factors or peptides is a good choice and at night, serum containing the retinol or prescription retinoid will work best. It is based on the choice of Makeup experts. I would also like to tell you about some artificial serums that would help your skin look fresh for some hours but would harm you for a little and few moments. Toners would give a special tone and fair complexion to your face. Apply essences after toners which make your skin brighter and more unique then others. Use boosters to avoid black and dark demon like structures called as dark circles which are common in every one’s face after a long sleep. Add treatment serum and pads to avoid dark spots which anyone can relate in her or his life.


Apply moisturizer or night creams while sleeping on your soft mattresses. Every skin type whether it is dry or oily is in need of moisturizer. But the intensity of moisturizer varies with the skin type. For example the person having an oily skin should use a moisturizer that is lightweight, gel-based, and non-comedogenic. If you have Dry skin type the moisturizer that is more cream-based must be chosen. Massage your face and use facial techniques while moisturizing. Read the labels of all the brands before buying them for getting the information that it is a gel or cream based on their packaging.


Applying a sunscreen which has at least 30 SPF in all the seasons is a key to have a natural and spot free skin. Put in a sunscreen for at least 15 minutes before going outside as it takes some time in skin to activate itself and start working. People having darker skin complexion need more sun protection for their skin as hyperpigmentation is difficult to correct and moreover their skin has hypersensitive melanin. One should try a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection sunscreen.

If you follow these daily care steps for your skin, it will surely help you in getting a healthy and glowing skin.

You need a beautiful and a super, really very super care which is very unique for your sensitive skin. You just have need to go to the market near your sweet home and have to buy a very cheap and fragrant fruits, vegetables and other natural food items from that market to get back the glow that is almost faded in the past years. They are the most trustworthy and reliable options for your skin. They will make your skin the healthiest.

In addition to these daily skincare steps we can try some more steps and remedies. Let’s discuss them one after the other.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy means getting a lot of nutrients and antioxidants from our basic daily diet. One can go for buying seasonal fruits and vegetables and try them. They are healthy increments for our skin. Keeping a note of what all you put on your plate and will ultimately eat will decide your skin health. A diet that is naturally rich in vitamin C and low in fats and sugar will promote the beautiful and radiant skin. A healthy and balanced diet will do wonders for your skin. Eating the following food items will surely help you a lot.

  • Fresh Avocados will make you young nobles from aged as it has healthy and positive fats which make your skin optimistic in health. It is proven that fresh avocados contain certain compounds like vitamin E and C that are essential for protecting your skin from sun damage. Sun damage may result in appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing like fine lines etc. it also boosts the collagen production in your skin that helps to maintain it healthy.
  • Walnuts are like wild Walruses to your old or dad skin. Plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids act as the natural defenders to the monsters of your skin like redness and inflammation. Also it contains considerable amount of vitamins and minerals like zinc.
  • Sunflower seeds give so much and very much fats and oil nutrition to your skin which makes you dried skin to oily.
  • The sweet potatoes make your stomach very much sweet and as well as you and as well your skin too much. Beta carotene found in it is a blessing for our skin.
  • Red bell peppers and yellow bell peppers will not harm you in any manner. The vitamin C and carotenoids present in it will just harm the rashes, acne and wrinkles on your skin which is positive.
  • Some tomatoes would keep you and your skin blushing all the time and will also tighten your skin pores.
  • Broccoli would keep you green to eat some chocolaty flavours for a beautiful and hydrating skin. It also contains a considerable amount of lutein that is form of a carotenoid that works similar to beta-carotene. Lutein forms a shield in your skin against the oxidative damage, which makes the skin prone to dryness and sun damage.
  • It is also suggested to eat cacao and hazelnuts.
  • Mizo and yeast will make donuts in your stomach and fatty cheeks will make you look cute.
  • Wheat grams would be a ghost for your skin germs but would be a fairy for your skin from inside and as well as outside.

Sweat It Out!!

Exercising regularly is a real blessing for your skin as it helps your skin in many ways. Firstly it improves the blood circulation to all parts of the body including skin that means increased supply of oxygen in skin. Secondly it helps in nourishing the skin cells. Thirdly, it allows your body to eliminate the toxins in the form of sweat which helps in making the skin clear. Exercise may be in any form that is running, jogging or yoga it will be automatically reflected by your skin. Also, it will help in accelerating the cleansing process of your entire body.

Beauty Sleep

Get enough sleep but do not trouble your alarm. Right sleep is essential not only for our body but also for our skin. If you can’t believe me try to sleep for at least 8 hours every night and notice how your skin changes. Sleep time is the only time when our skin cells are repairing. So don’t take any risk of it. As if your skin is tired due to lack of sleep it will become dull and unhealthy.

Remove makeup at night

This is the golden rule for having a healthy skin. Removing your makeup before going for a beauty sleep is pivotal and should be our daily habit as our skin needs to breathe overnight. And if it does not happens it will clog your skin pores which may result in blemishes and/or blackheads. One can also use a natural cleanser named as olive oil for cleaning your skin makeup. You can use double cleanser for cleaning out the dirt from your face.

Hydrate your skin

Drink a lot, a lot means lot, lot means tons, and tons means litres of water. It hydrates the skin and make it moist thus helping to fade the fine lines and wrinkles. Toxins of the body are removed easily by water in the form of sweat and thus it helps to clean the pores and give a healthy glow to the skin. Also, it improves with blood flow in the entire body and thus helps in maintaining the radiant glow. It is advised to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to maintain your healthy and beautiful skin.

Natural scrubs and masks

When skin is dull and dry, we may be tempted to scrub it with a scrub having harmful chemical ingredients. But, Doing so can lead to skin irritation or it may even break the fragile capillaries inside the skin. Instead of that you can use natural homemade scrubs for exfoliating your skin gently.

Some natural exfoliators are:
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Oats
  • Coffee
  • Flax seeds and many more.

Apply a hydrating mask to ignore the heavy ultra violet rays of the sun which acts as a magnifying glass.

One can make the following natural scrubs and packs at home for our skin health:

  • Milk, gram and baking soda face pack.
  • Turmeric, yogurt and lemon juice face pack.
  • Milk powder face pack.
  • Tomato, lemon juice and honey face pack
  • Honey and oatmeal face pack
  • Face pack of lemon, coconut oil and sugar

These face scrubs and packs will also help you in managing the little monsters on your face known as blackheads, acne, pimples etc.

Stress management

When we’re stressed or anxious for most of the time in a day our skin will show it. In that case our body releases a hormone known as cortisol. This hormone is said to activate flight or fight response in us but continuous stress is bad as increased levels of cortisol may deteriorate our glow. It actually leads to over production of oils and reduce the ability of the skin to keep the moisture in it.

Limit your bath time

If you want natural disasters to overcome your potential of the demons of your skin which you know already, then limit your bath time. They remove the innocent and nutritious oil from your skin. Avoid hard soaps as they act like detergent to your skin.


Clear and healthy skin is achievable target if we take good care of our skin. The only thing in which you need a help is finding the right combinations for your skin type. One should never overdo any technique of being healthy especially when you are dealing with your skin, the most sensitive and exposed part of our body.

Include these techniques in right amounts in your daily routine to shower your face with happiness and beauty.

At the end we are not people, but charmers.


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