Hormonal acne seems exactly the same we think about it, acne related to the fluctuations in the hormones. Mostly acne is related with hormone fluctuations during puberty and this kind of acne mostly affects the adults including both men and women. Hormonal acne is mostly common in among and there are many factors that might result in causing acne, some of the causes of acne include menstruation and menopause. According to many researches, it has been found that more than more than half of the women who are in the age group of 20 to 30 have to deal with acne while only one fourth percent of females who are age in between 40 to 50 experience hormonal acne problems.

The experts give mixed opinion when they talk about hormonal acne; and the hormonal imbalances will result in developing acne in adults who have some conditions related to their body. While in different situations, adults who might witness acne will not have any hormone issues which can be cured though will make the treatment might challenging for you.

What are some of the characteristics of hormonal acne?

While puberty, these kinds of acne mostly appear for the forehead, nose, among other areas. The acne mostly appears on eth lower part of the face which includes the area near the cheeks and near the jawline as well. While for some others, these hormonal acne results in the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and sometimes pimples as well that will appear on the head, or cysts. They are formed deep under the skin and they don’t appear on the head on the surface. Also they are quite tender in case we touch them. Hormonal acne will result in causing arrivals of hormones from:

  • androgen levels increases
  • menstruation

Some of these hormone fluctuations will increase the problems by increasing:

  • skin inflammation
  • production of oil in the pores
  • clogged skin cells
  • acne-causing bacteria will start appearing on the skin

Is menopausal acne similar to hormonal acne?

Most of the women start experiencing menopause from their 40s or after that which will result in the reduction in your reproductive hormones. This will result in an end to menstruation. Many women start experiencing acne during menopause which is mostly due to a drop in Estrogen levels or sudden increase in androgen hormone levels like testosterone. There are many cases where you women still witness these acnes in case they are using hormone replacement therapies to minimize their menopause symptoms. The reason to this is usage of HRTs an influx of the hormone progestin that will replace progesterone which your body loses. By introducing it inside your system, it will result in causing the break out of the skin.

In most of the cases, these medications are referred by the doctors is used to make menopausal acne disappear and some women are successful in using treatment that are natural methods for recovering their acnes. You need to consult your doctor regarding which options are perfect.

Traditional treatments for hormonal acne

Till the time your acne is not that large, these OTC products that are available in the will not be successful. The main reason to this is that hormonal acne mostly takes the form of cystic bumps which are formed deeper under the skin and becomes out of the reach of the most topical medications. The oral medications will work from within and out and will be helpful in balancing your hormones that will gradually clear up the skin. Some of the most common options consist of oral contraceptives and drugs.

Types of Oral contraceptives

These contraceptives are used for treating acne containing. Together, these kinds of ingredients are given to goal the hormones that are causing acne and these ingredients are helpful during the time when the hormones are at its peak, like during the time of ovulation. However, oral contraceptives will not be advised in case you have a history of blood clots, high blood pressure, or breast cancer as well. Also in case you smoke then you are suggested not to take these medicines.

Anti-androgen drugs

These androgen drugs will work to lower the male hormone androgen. Since both males and females have natural levels of this hormone so the medicines are given accordingly. Taking too much of androgen might result in contributing acne issues as it will interfere with hair follicles that regulate skin cells and increase the oil production. Spironolactone is mostly consider to cure high BP, still it has many anti-androgen effects attached to it. In similar words we can say that it will stop the production of more androgen inside your body and will help in stabilizing your hormone levels as well.


In case you have a mild hormonal acne then you can use these retinoids. These kinds of Retinoids are obtained from vitamin A. There are many creams and gels available in the market which can be considered. But while taking these medicines, it is advised to refer to a doctor about a prescription-boost formulation and the prescribed products are considered as the most effective ways to make your skin look clear. In case you add a topical retinoid, then you need to apply sunscreen daily as Retinoids might increase the risk of sunburn as well.

Some of the ways to treat hormonal acne naturally

In most of the cases, treatments derived from the plants are offered to the people to clear some hormonal acne that is mild. Natural methods are mostly prepared in such a way that they remain free from all kinds of side effects which are caused due to prescription options. But it has being found that these treatments are not that effective as data on natural options is not much available, and till the time nothing has been proven that can give the desired results. You must refer to your doctor about the kind of risks associated with the treatment and ensures that the treatment is not interfering with any kind of medications that you take.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is useful in decreasing inflammation which otherwise results in causing acne. According to a study, it is found that only a lesser percentage of topical tea tree oil are helpful in relieving the signs in participants who have mild to moderate acne. There are different Tea tree oils available in different kind of skin care products which include cleansers and toners. Tea tree essential oil can also be used as a spot treatment.

It is advised that the tea tree essential oil must be diluted with oil before using it. You need to add almost 12 drops of carrier oil to every one to two drops of essential oil. You need to do a test before applying diluted tea tree essential oil on the affected area. You can apply some part of the diluted oil to the inside of your forearm, in case you don’t witness any kind of irritation or swelling within a day, then you can surely apply the same on other body parts as well where there is acne.

Alpha hydroxy acid

These are the acids which are obtained from the plants mostly from the fruits that have citrus. AHAs are useful in removing extra dead skin cells blocking pores along with minimizing the marks of the acne scars as well. While using retinoids with AHAs, it will increase the sun sensitivity of your skin and it is advised to wear sunscreen in case you are using these products with AHA.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the best ways for decreasing irritation in the body. For better results, you can also consider drinking few cups each day along with following topical skin care routine. You can choose from a variety of green teas available in the market which works wonders on your skin, these kinds of lotions and gels contain a minimum percent of green tea which is beneficial for the ones dealing with hormonal acne.

Hormonal acne: Diet do’s and don’ts

The role played by the diet and acne is not fully understood as some foods are helpful in preventing acne particularly the ones that are inflammation-fighting items while others might trigger acne as well. The foods which are obtained from plants have higher antioxidants that will help in reducing inflammation and will make your skin look clear. Against the popular thinking, the kind of junk food is not only responsible for causing acne but yes overeating would definitely result in increasing inflammation.

You need to keep a control on eating the following things:

  • sugar
  • dairy items
  • white bread
  • red meats


Though the main duration for these acne is not same in all the people, in fact it differs from individual to individual. It almost takes eight to 12 weeks for completing curing the acne to the fullest. In case your acne continues, take your doctor help for a treatment plan that can be effective for longer period of time which includes revising the existing regimen and making different treatments that can deliver maximum results.

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