Cold sores appear like a small blister on the lip or around the mouth. People who are between the ages of fourteen to fifty are under the danger of getting cold sores as they are carrying the virus. Most of the people think that the virus goes away after the cold sores clear. There are chances of you might get affected by cold sore as long as the virus stays in your body. People assume cold sores and canker sores are the same, but they are wrong. Canker sores are not caused by a virus and the big difference between them is the canker sores occur inside of the mouth.

People may get affected by cold sores once in their lifetime or again and again in their life. Most people don’t need physician help and they can heal on their own. To manage your symptoms, we would advise you to follow some tips from the skin specialists if you want to treat your problem at home. Also, don’t forget that the first sign of cold sores is the feeling of burning and an increased urge of scratching the skin.

The First thing people do when they are affected by the cold sores is they will apply an OTC antiviral cream or ointment. It may not give you relief from the problem completely, instead, it will slow down the reproduction of the virus and helps you deal with the symptoms of your problem.

Drugs such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can reduce pain. The following are the Some home remedies for Cold Sores.

Avoid Foods that contain Acid to treat Cold Sore

When you are suffering from a cold sore, we would advise you to avoid foods which consist of an acid such as grains, high-protein foods, sugar, sweetened beverages, dairy products, processed foods, fish and citrus fruits high in acid including grapes, tomatoes, limes, oranges, apples, grapefruits, blueberries, blue plums, and pineapples.

The above foods can irritate your skin and contribute to pain if you consume them while you are having a cold sore.

Cool the Sores

Place a cool, wet towel on the affected area i.e.., on the sores for about five to ten minutes. Do this daily to reduce redness and irritation.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil works wonders on the cold sore. Either it is applied directly or when applied by diluting, it creates a tingling sensation which further results in the cure of a cold sore.

Lemon Balm

The swelling and blister like redness caused doe to cold sore may get reduced with lemon balm. The antiviral properties help against future infections. Use balm which has less percentage of lemon concentration to avoid burning sensation. May use other balms that have a minimal content of this ingredient or other alternatives which is made of lemon balm infusion.

Antiviral medications

The cold sore can be reduced by many medications, whereas the products which contain benzyl alcohol may help in reducing the existence time of the sore. Intake of some oral supplements like Lysine and other applicable creams will help in the reduction of the outbreak.


The discomfort caused due to the cold sore will get reduced and it may not reduce any external appearance or the breakout. Ice is mostly used as a temporary relief agent or a precaution taken to feel comfortable.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is the most found plant in the house of many people from ancient times to till date. It is widely available and its extract is used directly or indirectly to reduce the concentration. Researches found that plant interaction to treat a cold sore is very limited but the antiviral components present in the aloe vera cures a sore cold.

Apple cider Vinegar

The smell of the apple cider vinegar may not be pleasing to inhale but it works wonders on the skin and for the healthy living. Only because of the effects shown by it, many people are attracted to it for the treatment. It has the ability to fight bacteria and viruses. The apple cider vinegar once applied directly will make the skin feel irritated so mostly this product is diluted with an equal amount of water and used for any purpose. Cotton dipped in it and applied on the cold sore may cure it gradually.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree could be your cold sore remedy choice if you like the way this essential oil smells. It helps in fighting the bacteria. It does wonders on human skin when dealing with bacterial or fungal treatments. But tea tree oil should not be applied directly as an apple cider vinegar. The application of tea tree oil with an ear swab on the affected area can cure the cold sore.


The agent which is highly reputed to cure wounds is honey. It is taken with lukewarm water to reduce weight and for the healthy glowing skin. Many skin injuries are also healed by the honey. Kanuka honey comes from the manuka tree mostly found in New Zealand could be useful to treat a cold sore.


It is another product from the same source. Propolis is extracted from bee which heals wounds like a miracle. The antiviral properties present in propolis helps in healing a cold sore little faster compared to honey.


The sunscreen is not only used for skin or face alone. Many of the lip balms are made with sun protection factor in it. It not only protects the lips while healing cold sore but also helps in future breakouts when used regularly either you expose into the sun or not. Preferably lip care with balm is to be taken at nights when you do not concentrate more on the lips.

Stress reduction

Many unknown health issues have resulted from stress. It affects the human regulatory process. Some sores might be the cause of stress, which are not boosted out in any other form. Regular exercise helps to relax from stress. When regular meditation and exercise are incorporated in your life, easily you can come out of stress.

Pain relief medication

Oral pills like ibuprofen are taken to reduce the resulted from a cold sore. Any oral medication is not to be taken without the prescription of the doctor. Excessive intake of any medication leads to other health issues so one should be mindful of the medication always.

Spreading of a cold sore

The primary targets of a cold sore are stress and illness. When the body becomes less immune resistant to fight with the virus or bacteria, that body can get easily affected by sores. A healthy life helps to avoid cold sore breakouts. A healthy life includes a portion of healthy food, lifestyle eating right and regular exercise. Sores might get spread sometimes unknowingly.

  • An intimate connection must be managed until the cold sore is healed.
  • Personal care items should not be shared starting from food, things used at home to the cosmetics.
  • Regular replacement of toothbrushes can be a helping hand to avoid infections.
  • A hygiene lifestyle is needed to avoid cold sore.

What is not to do

  • Try not to touch. It might make you feel itchy and tempting to touch but be far from your satisfying thoughts and aid the way to cure the cold sore fast.
  • Cold sore is not acne so, no relaxation is found when you try popping it out, rather it hurts the sore more.
  • Aggressively washing includes scrubbing which hurts the cold sore more and sometimes spread all over. It would be great if you wash it softly with the mild products.
  • The intake of food shows the variation in the curing process. Spicy food may increase the sore. Body cooling fruits or food life coconut water, watermelon must be taken regularly when you suffer from a cold sore.


Cold sores usually heal on its own and it shouldn’t take more than two weeks. We would advise you to consult your physician if you think you are still experiencing the symptoms of cold sores. Oral antiviral medication should be taken within the first seventy-two hours to prevent the cold sores. While you are having a cold sore, we would advise you to avoid intimate contact such as

  • Kissing
  • Sharing cups, towels, razors, toothbrushes, and other objects
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