How to treat tongue sores?

Tongue sore causes a great pain in the tongue. Some of the most common causes of sore tongue include canker sores, some kind of injuries in the mouth, swollen taste buds which can be cured at home. Some of the best home remedies that are helpful in easing sore tongue that mainly happens due to some kind of serious medical conditions can be cured in case the patients are given timely treatment. Treatments like burning mouth syndrome or oral thrush are included in the part of a treatment plan which is given to the patients. A sore or painful tongue is troubling but is not a cause for concern. In most of the cases, sore tongue is a minor problem which can go in case you follow some minimal treatment which includes some home remedies as well.

Some of the home remedies to treat tongue sores

Improve your oral hygiene

When we talk about oral hygiene, it means brushing the teeth using a toothbrush and mouthwash that together are helpful in getting rid of a sore tongue and it will further lower the chances of spreading the infection as well. There are different styles of toothpaste that are available in the market and can be used, toothpaste that don’t include sodium lauryl sulfate are helpful in relieving the trouble.

Aloe vera can be applied on the affected area

This item is known for having soothing properties and when you apply it on the tongue, post rinsing your mouth after sometime will give instant relief. Patients having sore tongue are advised to repeat the same for a couple of times in a day.

Baking soda

In case you are witnessing some pain or there is some swelling, then you must rinse your mouth using a combination of water which is warm and baking soda. You need to add one 1 teaspoon in half cup of water and apply the paste on the affected water area to get some relief in the trouble.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is another popular method to cure sore tongue, it includes using hydrogen peroxide which can cure an infection or sore that has appeared in your mouth. You must use just 3% hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water and apply the mixture on the affected area using a cotton swab. Post applying the mixture on the affected area for some time, you can rinse your mouth with water that is not cold.

Salt water

You can gargle your mouth with salt water which is another popular method to lower the pain and lower the chances infection from spreading to other parts inside the mouth as well. To make the mixture, take one spoon of salt and mix it with warm water. Now keep it inside your mouth and gargle for few seconds, after that spit the water.


It is considered as the best method to cure sore tongue as it has natural antibacterial properties that are helpful in curing different kinds of wounds. To use it on the affected area, you need to rub some amount of honey on the affected area and repeat the same process for few times in a day to get relief. Also, you are suggested to drink a warm tea using honey as it will be helpful in making you feel better.

Applying Coconut oil will do wonders

It is another popular method to treat sores and it is one of the items which is available inside all the homes. People having tongue sores can easily heal the sore tongue as it has antifungal and antiviral properties. You are suggested to apply the oil on the affected area using cotton ball and rub it with soft hand. You can either keep it inside your mouth or can spit it out as well which is being known as oil pulling.


Chamomile is said to have the best anti-inflammatory properties and there are many scientific facts that support this. To apply this, first of all clean your mouth using strong chamomile tea and once it has being cooled; you are advised to keep a wet tea bag directly to the affected area.


We all know that ice has so many numbing qualities, whether it’s about drinking ice-cold water or sitting in an ice cube or ice pop , all these will give you some relieve in your tongue soreness. Even the soreness which has resulted in causing burning feeling will become less troubling in case you have placed some ice on it.

Some of the causes of sore tongue

  • any kind of injury
  • irritation from braces or dentures, brushing teeth too hard, or grinding your teeth at night
  • swollen taste buds
  • canker sores
  • oral thrush
  • infections or any kind of mouth disease
  • eating food items that cause allergies
  • habit of smoking and chewing tobacco
  • dry mouth (xerostomia)
  • medications
  • lack of vitamin

OTC treatments

In case you are not getting some relief in your pain and with the passage of time, you are witnessing more trouble, then you must visit your local drugstore for OTC topical treatments. Under this kind of treatment, your doctor will coat the tongue and will protect it from further irritation. Some of the kinds include:

  • benzocaine
  • OTC hydrogen peroxide rinses
  • Vitamin supplements

In case your tongue soreness happen due to lack of vitamin then you must start taking multivitamin or vitamin B supplements to treat tongue sores. However, you are advised to consult your doctor before starting taking any kind of supplements.

Say no to peppery foods

In case you have tongue sores, then you must not include spicy or acidic foods in your food as it will make the problem more troubling. Food items such as pineapple, lemon etc must be strictly avoided as it will worsen the tongue soreness. Till the time the soreness has not goes away, you must avoid taking these kinds of food items, rather prefer consuming soft and bland foods which can easily do in your stomach. Mashed potatoes and oatmeal must be added ion your meal plan.

Medical treatments

The above-mentioned home remedies are helpful in reducing tongue soreness, but in case the infection is spread, or you have some inflammatory conditions, or chronic diseases then you need proper medical treatment to feel relieved.

Antibiotics- There are different kinds of bacterial infections such as syphilis which results in mouth sores. Only your doctor is the right person who will prescribe some kind of antibiotics that are helpful in treating the infection. You are advised to continue the complete course of antibiotics, even if see some improvement in your sores, still you must complete the course.

AntifungalsAntifungals such as fulcanazole and clotrimazole are best which are prescribed by the doctors to cure oral thrush.

Mouthwash- The mouthwash which has being advised by your doctor will be helpful in preventing the infections as a sore tongue heals.

Steroids– This is also something which can be given to you in case your doctor prescribes the same, a corticosteroid will be helpful in reducing the inflammation which is caused by mouth sores or due to some other inflammatory condition which include lichen planus.

Supplements that increases vitamin intake in your body– IN case you have deficiency of vitamins, then you will be asked to take e vitamin supplement that will help a lot in treating vitamin deficiency within your body.

When you can visit a doctor?

If you are witnessing few changes in your tongue which might include changes in color, bumps or something else and it continue even after two weeks as well, then you must visit your doctor or dentist. You must nit delay your visit to your doctor in case you have experienced the following symptoms:

  • fever
  • feeling fatigue
  • gums are bleeding
  • white patches appear in the mouth
  • diarrhea
  • you are not able to eat or drink
  • blisters or sores have appeared on other parts of the body

Only your doctor is the right person who can help you in case you have tongue soreness which is difficult to treat, also sometimes your doctor will advise some changes in your oral hygiene routine which will help in treating tongue sores as well. Tongue issues which are caused by infections such as oral thrush, or syphilis need doctor prescription so that the patients can get rid of the infection.

A sore tongue is not that serious and in most of the cases, it disappear within few weeks. Till the time you are having tongue sores, it is suggested that you try some of the home remedies which are mentioned above to lower the trouble and pain as well. Home remedies are the best ways that will help you in lowering the symptoms and your doctor will advise you some medical treatment plan that will work better for you.

However, without any further delays, make an appointment with your doctor in case you are not feeling better in your tongue sores despite all the home remedies and other kinds of treatments which you have taken.

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