How do you treat a burn?

Burn on hand or on any other parts of the body can result in causing trouble and need the right kind of treatment to experience a relief in the pain and discomfort. Whether your burn is on your hand due to cooking something or you are spending much time in the sun, or due to few hot drops of coffee that fall on your lap; burns surely are those things that don’t look pleasant at all. The burns are the most common types of household injuries that we all might have experienced once in our entire lives. Burns differ by their severity and the first-degree burn is being considered at the least severe mainly due to the fact that it only affects the outer layer of skin. The result of these kinds of burns includes some kind of pain, redness, and swelling. While the second-degree burns result in affecting the deeper layers of the skin and mostly results in causing blisters and white, and shiny skin.

However, third -degree burns mostly damage to the layers of the skin whereas the fourth-degree burns results in affecting the joints and bones. In case you are witnessing Third- and fourth-degree burns then you need medical emergencies and getting the right kind of treatment is much more important. In case you have mild burns that are smaller than 2-3 inches in diameter then there are many home remedies which you follow to get the cure.

Some of the best home remedies for burns

In case you have mild burns then it might take almost 10-12 days to feel relieved, the ultimate goal of the burn treatment is to lower the pain and prevent the kinds of infections so that you can speed up the healing process.

Cool water

The first and foremost thing that you must do in case you have a minor burn is to run cool water on the burn for almost 10-20 20 minutes. After that it is advised to wash the affected burned area using some soap and water.

Cool compresses

You can also use cool compress or some wet cloth that you can be placed on the affected area so that you can feel some relieve in the pain and swelling. You are advised to apply the compress after a short interval of 10-15 minute, but don’t use more cold compresses as they might irritate the burn as well.

Antibiotic ointments

There are varieties of Antibiotic ointments and creams available in the market that is useful in preventing infections. You can apply antibacterial ointment such as Bacitracin or Neosporin on the affected burned area and after that you need to cover the area using cling film or a sterile, make sure that it is non-fluffy dressing or cloth.

Aloe vera

This is another important way through which you can feel relieved in your pain. According to many studies, it has been found that aloe vera is much effective in healing the burned area, the first and second-degree burns can be cured using aloe vera which has anti-inflammatory properties and are helpful in promoting the circulation, and inhibits the bacterial growth.

You need to apply aloe vera gel which you can take directly from the plant and can apply it directly on the affected area. In case you are also planning to buy aloe vera from the market, make sure that the product you are buying contain higher percentage of aloe vera. Also you must avoid buying those products that include coloring as they are harmful for the skin.


Honey is not just a sweeter that it useful in loosing extra weight as well, in fact, they are also useful in treating burned area. In addition to its amazing taste, honey is also helpful in healing minor burns especially when you apply it directly on the face. Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties and its naturally antibacterial and antifungal properties will give you some relief from the discomfort.

Lower your sun exposure

Another one of the best ways to avoid increasing the trouble is to limit your exposure to sun burn, as the burned skin is highly sensitive to the sun. You can cover the affected skin with your cloth especially while going out.

You can take OTC to get some relief in pain

In case you are witnessing pain, then you can take over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers that are available in the market. There are different kinds of medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen, etc that can help you to treat your burn. It is advised to check the label so that you can take the right dosage.

Some of the remedies that you must avoid to stay away from burns

There are many common home burn remedies that you must be avoided so that you can feel relaxed:

Butter- You must not apply butter on a burn. There is no evidence that supports that butter is helpful in curing the burn. Rather it might make the case more troubling and it will actually make the burn worsen. Since butter retains heat and also include some harboring harmful bacteria that might result in causing infection. Rather save your butter for your buns instead of applying on the affected area.

Oils- Against the most popular saying, coconut oil dint heal the burn areas. People who have burned area are advised not to apply butter to on your burns and oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc must be avoided in case your have burned skin. Though lavender oil is considered as helping oil that can heal the burns, but though there is no published evidence that support this claim.

Egg whites- Another myth which people is right is using uncooked egg to heal the burns. Rather uncooked eggs have higher risk of infection and must not be used to heal the burn as eggs can result in causing allergic reaction.

Toothpaste- Also people must not use toothpaste to heal a burn, toothpaste might irritate the burn and would create a more supportive environment for infections to grow. So you should not use toothpaste as your home remedial treatment to cure the infection.

Medical treatment for the burn

Once you have received first aid for a major burn, then you need to take medical care which consist of medicines and products that are helpful in encouraging the healing process.

  • Water-based treatments– The doctor will advise some techniques like ultrasound mist therapies that are helpful in cleaning and stimulating the wound tissue.
  • Fluids to prevent dehydration– To prevent dehydration, you will be given intravenous (IV) fluids that are helpful in preventing dehydration and organ failure.
  • Pain and anxiety medications– Healing burns can be much painful, you need to morphine and anti-anxiety medications that are helpful in treating the burns. These medicines are useful particularly for changing the dressing.
  • Creams and ointments– In case you have being transferred to a burn center, then your care team might ask use to apply a variety of topical products that will help in the healing process.. Different kinds of creams that can be used include bacitracin and silver sulfadiazine that are helpful in preventing the kind of infection.
  • Dressings– Your doctor will use different specialty wound dressings that will be helpful in to preparing the wound to heal at the earliest. In case you are having a burn and transferred to a burn center, then you will be given dressing accordingly that can help in curing the burn.

When to refer to a doctor

It’s vital that you know that which kind of burn you are having and is it possible to treat them at the home and what you can get the medical care. You can consult your doctor in case:

  • Your burn is affected a widespread area and is more than 3 inches in diameter
  • The burn has appeared on the face, buttocks, or at any other area
  • the wound are becoming more painful
  • the burns result in causing high temperature
  • in case you have a third-degree burn

Third-degree burns are the kinds of burns which are not treated at home as they hold a higher risk of serious complications which include infections, blood loss, and shock as well. Mostly referred as a “full-thickness burn,” the third-degree burn can easily reach to the underlying tissues and can even result in causing damage to the nerves. Some of the most common signs of third-degree burn are:

  • the affected area will turn waxy or white in color
  • dark brown color
  • you will have raised or leathery texture

In case you have developed burns which are caused due to electrical shocks then also they are too dangerous for getting the treatment inside your home. These burns most reach at the layers that are under your skin and can sometimes results in causing damage to the interior tissues. The internal damage might inferior than you have ever expect.

Most of the minor burns will be treated at home and they will usually heal within few days only. In case you have serious burns, then you will be given the treatment accordingly, which include medicines, dressings, therapy and surgery as well. The ultimate goal of every treatment is to lower the pain, remove dead tissue, prevent the infection from spreading further along with reducing the scarring risk as well.

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