How to cure constipation fast?

Constipation is the result of what you eat in a day and the overall bowel movements you experience each day depends on the exercise and intake of food. There is no fixed guideline that impacts the amount of bowel movements a person might experience or should ideally have but it considered as abnormal in case you are going more than three to four times in a day. Most of the times, constipation result in bowel movements that are not only much in numbers but most of the times it is hard and troubling to pass as well. The result of this can be troubling and results in more spent inside the washroom. The reasons for constipation differ from person to person and in most of the cases, the condition might because of due to dehydration or eating those foods items that very less fiber in it.

Also in some other the causes of constipation include stress, some kind of changes in the hormones, spinal injuries, any kind of problems in muscle, cancers, and other kinds of structural problems that might affect the digestive system of an individual.

Some of the ways to cure the constipation include

Add food items that are rich in fiber

The Fiber food items are easily available in the market and are considered as effective source of inducing bowel movements, especially in case a low-fiber diet is the main reason of the constipation. By adding fiber items into your diet, you can easily pass the stool through your intestines and the stool will pass out easily from your body.

Eat high-fiber food items

You can include some of the food items oats, fibrous veggies and fruits, rice etc that are rich in fiber and will help in improving your digestive system and provide healthy skin. You are advised to drink lots of water along with consuming these foods, as it will make the movement much easy and will further push your stool out of the system.

Consume more glasses of water

By having a proper hydration you won’t have to experience constipation, in case you drink at least eight 8-10 glasses of water each day then you are taking sufficient water which is required for normal bowel movements. In case you are constipated and are not drinking the needed water, then consuming other clear liquids that are available in the market will boost your bowel movement.

Take a laxative stimulant

Laxative stimulants are especially helpful in forcing bowel movement by squeezing the intestines. These Laxative stimulants are available in the market and you can easily take them to cure constipation. Some of the most preferred options include bisacodyl, senna-sennosides among many others that you can take.


The way of working of Osmotic laxatives is slightly different from than stimulant laxatives and they are especially designed to move the fluids through the colon. Some of the types of these osmotics include magnesium hydroxide, polyethylene glycol, lactulose among many others. Also in case your doctor suggest you can take higher-strength polyethylene glycol to cure the constipation.

You can use a lubricant laxative

Lubricant laxatives like mineral oil are helpful in curing constipation as they add a slippery coat to your intestine’s walls and will make it easier for the still to move out through the colon and out of your body as well. You are advised to take oil that is rich in mineral not more than two hours post your evening meal and you will start expecting the results within eight to ten hours.

You can use stool softener

Another important and most common reason of constipation is low intake of water, which results in causing hard stool. You can use a stool softener like docusate sodium which will moisten the stool by moving water out from the intestines. This way your stool can easily move out of your body without troubling you much.

Try an enema

There are different kinds of enemas which you can use to cure constipation. They are useful in softening the stools so that they can produce a bowel movement.  Working of enema vary with their types, which are sodium phosphate, tap water enemas, besides many others which your doctor will tell you.

Try a suppository

Rectal suppositories are also helpful in encouraging bowel movements that will soften the stool. You can use a glycerin or bisacodyl suppository, which are easily available at most of the pharmacies near your home.

Try a squat position to pass the stool

You can make changes in the style of your poop to cure your constipation, you can keep a tiny footstool inside your bathroom and use it the next time you want to go to poop. You can place your feet on a small stool at the time you are pooping so that you are sitting in a squatting position rather than sitting in a normal position. This posture will help you to pass stool easily and without any kind of difficulty as well.

Do some exercise

Exercise is one of the most important ways to cure constipation, you can get involved in some light kinds of exercise like walking or doing jogging which in turn will encourage your bowel movements. By encouraging the bowel movements through increasing blood flow, you can surely feel better and relaxed the next time you poop.

Get colonic massage

By massaging your colon, you can help stimulate your bowels.

Refer to your doctor

By making certain chances on the lifestyle as well, you can cure your constipation. The advice mentioned above will help to have quick bowel movement that will relieve short-term discomfort. Though, there are some kind of lifestyle changes as well that will help you to keep your constipation at bay, in case you want to get rid of your constipation, you must adopt these tips as part of daily habit.

  • You must more items that are high in fiber in your diet so that you can easily pass the stool. There are various fruits and vegetables like legumes, beans, etc which you can add in your diet and you must consume a minimum 14 grams of fiber each day for every 1,000 calories in your diet.
  • Also you can take fiber supplement in case having chronic constipation, you can start with a low dose and then increase it slowly, you must increase it to that much level only which you can easily tolerate as for some people, taking large amount of fiber results in bloating as well.
  • You must exercise daily, start with small exercise that doesn’t put much strain on you, you can walk daily, bike ride, swim, or can get involved in other kinds of exercises as well. Also doing some kind of light exercises will help you to maintain proper circulation and will keep your bowels movements healthy.
  • You can consume lots of liquids, which are mostly water and other clear liquids each day to have normal stools. Drinking a minimum of eight- 10 glasses of clear liquids each day will help you to get some relief in your constipation.
  • Last but not the least, try to control your stress and most importantly, don’t wait too long to pass the stool for longer period of time.

When Constipation is considered as a Regular Problem

Regardless of which kind of constipation treatment you are taking, you need to take enough time to sit inside the toilet whenever you are going to pass the stool. Even holding eth urge to pass out the stool can make the situation bad and you might take more time to recover from it. Keep aside some time each day so that you can pass stool without getting disturbed for a few minutes. Also, you must not ignore this constipation problem as it can become more serious in case you are not taking the right kind of treatment for the same. Untreated constipation results in causing more problems like hemorrhoids and tears in the skin around the anus which results in causing bleeding as well. In case you are straining much hard, then there are higher chances that it might result in intestines to push out through the anus. It is a kind of condition which is referred as rectal prolapse that sometimes need surgery as well. You need to call your doctor right away in case you are experiencing some of these symptoms with your constipation:

  • Pain in the Stomach
  • Blood from the stools
  • weight loss
  • difficult in having a bowel movement

Call your doctor in case you are facing the trouble for more than three weeks as well and the kind of treatments you are taking is not working at all.

When you must consult your doctor

Chronic constipation results in making the situation more challenging for a person who is dealing with it, and sometimes even focussing on daily tasks and activities also becomes difficult for the individuals dealing with constipation. In case your constipation lasts longer than a week and you are not feeling relieved despite of any kind of treatment as well, then you need to visit your doctor so that you can rule out the chances of any serious causes. You must consult your doctor right now in case your constipation also results in causing some kind of dizziness, fatigue or pain in the stomach as well.

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