Fever Treatment at Home : 8 Tips

Fever occurs when the temperature of the human body exceeds the normal temperature range. It is never a pleasant experience but causes great discomfort to the patient when suffering. A very high and continuous fever requires the attention of the doctor. However, there are few options for the treatment of fever at home.

What causes Fever?

Fever sometimes can be a common viral infection that leads to a high risk. For any discomfort caused in the parts of the body, intestinal infection or any other are marked by fever. Fever is even caused when there is an infection in the throat.

This temporary increase in body temperature oftentimes is common but few times it may need medical assistance as things, worse when not treated. The cause of fever mostly includes common infection from lung, bladder, kidney, cold, etc. In the result of it, the hypothalamus resets the body temperature higher than the usual. The medical care precaution to the babies varies in different range from the adults.

How to check fever at home: Its treatment options

Fever is usually felt by the body in which a person is suffering from. To check the fever, several types of instruments, namely thermometers are used. These thermometers include oral, rectal, forehead thermometer, etc. Most of the thermometers are measured using the oral one for the armpit reading for the safety of the patients, though it’s not accurate.

It is measured by placing a thermometer in the armpit, closing arms over the chest and wait for few minutes’ three to five or so. This shows the rise in temperature if the patient suffers from fever.


With the other thermometers shot on the forehead, placed orally under the tongue and many other ways fever temperature is checked.

Most of the times fever is self-treated at homes with paracetamol and ibuprofen that are prescribed by the doctors. Even that medication should be taken under medical assistance as the power of the medicine varies with the suffering temperature. However, there are many ways a temperature is treated at home and this article clearly gives the safe and effective home remedies for comforting during fever.

Fever treatment – Home remedies

Fever is an unpleasant experience in the body that dehydrates, weakens, and shivers the suffering patient. It may differ from body to body type. Changing weather affects the body with fever as the immune system is affected by foreign particles/ infections. One important thing to know here is that fever fights with infections and protects our body from other diseases. Some home remedies that give relief from fever are discussed below.

Drink plenty of liquids

People who suffer from fever feel dehydrated as the body gets dehydrated at that time. Drinking water about 8-12 glasses will flush out the heated urine gradually reducing the body temperature.

It also replaces the lost fluid and minerals due to heat from the body. Apart from water, orange juice, lemon juice, and other fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C are good options to consume as vitamin c helps the immune system to fight off the infections. Green grapes are one of the best fruits that provide hydration to the body to provide soothing treatment for fever at home.

Wet the Socks

Wet sock treatment is a best popular home remedy followed by many people to treat fever. A thin pair of socks must be soaked in cold water, wash foot hot water and wring them and slip them on and put woollen socks over the thin wet one over the foot before going to bed. This treatment draws the blood t the foot dramatically increasing the body blood circulation. There is one more treatment that could draw blood to the feet i.e.; with mustard football. Place the feet in a basin that fits in four cups of hot water and two teaspoons of mustard powder. This helps in increasing blood circulation throughout the body.

Drink tea

Here comes the point which tea to choose and how it works with fever. Ginger, turmeric and other immunity-boosting teas and others that open pores and let the sweat out, so that temperature in the body reduces. Half teaspoon minced ginger root is placed in a cup of boiling water after it reduces half, strain and consumes with mixed lemon and honey for flavour. This boosts body immunity.


Brew a cup of yarrow herb tea, this herb aids way for the pores to open and triggers the sweat out gradually decreasing the body temperature. In freshly boiled water add a teaspoon of this herb, boil for ten minutes and drink the tea until you start to sweat.

Another herb elderflower

Elderflower helps to sweat. It is also good to treat other problems concerned with flu, cold and other infections. This herb needs two spoons of it to make its tea. Add two teaspoons of this herb in boiling water and steep for 15 minutes. Strain out the elderflower and drink it throughout the day and as long as fever exists.

Add spice

It is effective to add spice to the food when suffering from fever. It makes blood circulation and makes the people sweat. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on when consuming food to do its work at best to treat the fever.

Sponge bath

When people feel so low while suffering from fever, they cannot take a bath. Then sponge bath is preferred. But more than cleaning the body this sponge bath placing the wet cloth near high-heat areas like armpits, back of the neck, foreheads, and under the foot that draws off the heat and reduces the body temperature.

Take bath

While suffering from fever and have a bit of energy to take bath, lukewarm water bath works brilliantly in bringing down the body temperature. Do not soak yourself in cold water to bring down the fever as the body warms up and raise the temperature high.

Some ayurvedic experts stated that traditional herbs like, ginger, tulsi, neem, black pepper and cloves have the medicinal nature of treating fever. For the cure of mild fever these home remedies come handy:


It is the most effective leafy plant/ herb that cures fever. As the other antibiotics in the market, this herb works wonders with its healing properties aiding the body to reduce fever very quick. Basil leaves of twenty in number are taken and boiled in water and added one teaspoon of ginger to the boil. Let the liquid boil until it is half and finally add honey and consume this tea two to three times in a day to get relief from fever.


It is a powerful vegetable packed with a lot of antibacterial and antifungal properties. Garlic has a warm nature and that nature allows the body to sweat gradually reducing the body temperature. Crush one big garlic clove and place it in one cup of hot water. Rest it for 10 minutes, strain and drink twice daily to see the best results.


It has plenty of health benefits that cure cold, flu, inflammation, sore throat, and fever. It is rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties that fight the infections in the body and boost the immune system. We can intake ginger in the form of tea, by adding one and a half grated ginger in the boiling water, boiled.

Add some honey to flavour the tea while consuming. One of the traditional methods of using ginger is, extract one spoon of ginger juice and add the equal amount of honey mix and have it directly. This works three times better than any other ginger therapy.


Coriander Leaves flush out the toxins from the kidney and if any infection present in it. So this is taken by many Indians as chutney and mixed leaf in buttermilks and any other can help symptoms of fever.


They have the best cooling properties. Being a fruit it can be consumed as it is washed. One cup of grape juice with half teaspoon cumin powder, half teaspoon fennel seed powder is made into juice and when consumed, helps to relieve fever.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

It works effectively with fever. The acidic nature of ACV draws out heat from the body leaving a cooling effect. The vitamins and minerals present in the apple cider vinegar flush out the toxins and replenish it with minerals. One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey, when mixed with a glass of water, gives the best result when consumed two to three times a day when suffering from fever.


Reduce of infection and infectious diseases in the body may prevent fever.

  • Prevent the infections from entering into the body i.e.; by washing hands often before eating, after using washrooms, shaking hands in the crowd, after petting animals, when travelled in the public area, etc.
  • Teach children how to clean hands with hand wash liquid or soap regularly by doing it. Use of sanitizer helps from germs entering our body when there is no availability of soap.
  • Carry your towel to wipe off the wet hands. Depending on others may end up infecting the body.
  • Cover the mouth while coughing and try to stay away from the people who are sick with viral infections.
  • Finally, must add up immunity boosting drinks like turmeric tea, ginger tea, in our daily diet sheet to fight against small infections that may lead to higher risk.


Fever is generally caused by some infection, and some of those are hard to treat that seek medical assistance. We have discussed all the proven home treatments for fever in this article which are safe to a normal conditioned body. Anyone can get fever regardless of age and time. Last, of all, it is important to have a strong immune system that cures fever at any time.


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