A healthy living, gift that we give to our self and that is something we cannot purchase. It sounds little complicated but once we live it, we keep all the complications away. Health is not just related to the disease avoiding, but it involves physical, mental health, and social wellbeing. One’s healthy habits pave a way for a healthy living after 50. Individual health including nutritious food, and a balanced diet correlated to a healthy lifestyle.

This article is designed to give the readers an eye-opening of the consequences and benefits of a healthy life. Little changes in our daily habits and avoiding a few addictions can incorporate healthy living even after 50. Starting from birth, at every stage of life, we have a different nutritious requirement as infants, children, teenage, youngsters, adults, and old aged people. This is because everyone does not have the same digestive stamina to digest food. This means that eventually from the time we eat without other care, we are responsible for everything. Healthy living starts at that point in life.

Here are the list of healthy habits for healthy living even after 50

A successful fulfilling time in one’s life is living over 50. An unhealthy lifestyle will ruin the later days. Everyone should adapt to healthy habits to stay healthy throughout their lifetime. We should add up a healthy and balanced diet with daily physical activity including mental health.

Setting up goals

One must set some goals to have a healthy living after 50. Our motto in life should lead a healthier life day by day. It is best to set goals and try to stand by them as you grow, rather trying to change the lifestyle at once pressurizing the health. Having a goal to maintain body weight allows you to have a balanced diet.

It promotes the body to maintain physical health. Try cutting out one junk each week or on every third day, as banning all the heart loving foods at once may take us back to the old unhealthy diet one day. Stop making unknown mistakes, like using the vehicle for a short distance, taking up elevators when you are physically fit, etc. instead for healthy living after 50, go by foot and climb up the stairs when possible and go for a short walk after dinner.

Better Sleep

A sound sleep is the result of healthy living, both mental and physical health. One gets a quality sleep when we are physically or mentally stressed and when they are away from pain-related health suffering. As we age getting the right amount of sleep becomes difficult.

Many of us have a poor sleeping habit which affects the health in the latter days. Each of us should aim for long sleeping hours not as the time we go into a coma (that people experience lack of work and laziness), but should maintain it from seven to nine hours, this including a day nap.

The blue light screen on the gadgets kill our authentic sleep, so try to cut off the mobile phones, computers, television one hour before being to bed. Try avoiding high- wattage bulbs when not in work at homes as they stop the production of melatonin that troubles our sleep. Stay away from light, heat and noise disturbances that affect our sleep. An early bedtime sleep and early rise from bed help us to have a healthy lifestyle throughout.

Sound Sleep

Tooth care is the most essential routine in a day that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Taking care of it is as important as taking care of the body. Brushing twice a day is life’s necessity. Oral check-up once every year is a must to every individual.

Regular body check-up must be a part of our healthy lifestyle after a certain age. Risk of getting diseases or illness like cancers, heart-related issues and chronic sickness may increase after 50.

Full body check-up once a year helps us to catch any problem and aids us to get early treated. Some health problems are caused by family history and these people must be more alert while ageing in health. And it is must for those people to mention the family history if any for the doctor to diagnose the disease and treat correctly.

Eating the right food

Diet can notably affect our health. Improper diet affects our health as we grow older. A poor diet leads to diabetics, high blood pressure at an early age, while a healthy diet can lower the risk of diabetics at an older age.

From children to elders poor diet affects the health with the risk of chronic illness. We can get a healthy lifestyle, vary our diet or get some change in our regular diet by, shifting our food lifestyle from processed to fresh ingredients, and limiting the processed food.

Increase the intake of fresh vegetables and dark-leafy greens that filled with vitamins and minerals rather than stored ones for a longer period. Carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, beans, peppers and all other fresh vegetables are good for health.

Fruits and vegetables

Eating fruits helps us to maintain good health as in later days when people become diabetic, they face issues to intake some sweetened and citrus fruits. Dairy products provide a good amount of calcium but with respect to age, we must consume them. For above age 50, low-fat milk, yoghurt and cheese, much preferred. Must lower the rice consumption for a healthy lifestyle and add food that includes more of grains, quinoa, oatmeal, barley, millet etc.

Limiting high calorie food

Limit high calorie and high-fat foods like ice creams, full-fat cheese, butter, and high-fat meat as the age cross 50 to control your weight. Avoiding prepackaged foods like bakery food, candies, salted snacks, and an easy way to follow a low-calorie diet with a healthy lifestyle after 50.

Diabetics are a common issue many people face above 50. Cut down on salt aids to maintain blood pressure as salt contributes to high blood pressure so limit the amount of salt than usual. We can replace salt with herbs like oregano, thyme, rosemary as they have more health benefits.

High blood [pressure

One of the ways to reduce sodium from daily consumption is to stop eating processed food. High blood pressure leads to many complications in lifelike stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and many more unknown risks in life.

Intake of vitamin and calcium supplements after certain age allows a person to stay healthy without difficulty. The doctors suggest external supplements according to the deficiency in the body. As we age, getting the right amount of vitamin and mineral supplement is necessary.

But these should not be taken in excess without doctor’s notice. Some vitamins like B12 are important for the human skin while ageing and blood cells and nervous system. Some of the vital supplements after age 50 include vitamin D, fish oil, and calcium. Fish oil is more essential for the brain and memory and too much of iron intake may damage the liver and heart.

So, the right amount of supplements, under prescription must get added. Healthy lifestyle after 50 incorporates with Mediterranean food as they are found to protect the body against cancer, heart issues. This is easy to follow but, before starting any diet consulting a dietitian is a must.

Improve mind and body for healthy living after 50

Healthy weight paves a way for a healthy long life, as older people get. Unhealthy weight leads to many health problems as age cross by. BMI check periodically and maintaining weight accordingly determines a healthy lifestyle. Being physically inactive adds up several risky health conditions in life.

Daily physical activity prevents them and improves sleep and healthy food. Aggressive exercise is not needed for people above 50, mild things like casual walk, making life busy with yard work, cleaning house i.e.; being physically active for 30 minutes a day is sufficient. Work out at once continuously is not safe for any aged people.


It should get started and increase little by little each day. Some activities like a walk with the dog, playing a sport, or walking on natures trails gives refreshment every day with physical work by aiding people with a healthy lifestyle.

As people age, they must keep their mind active. Most of the memory-related issues are found in people as they age. They can try doing new things each day to exercise the brain. Making cards for friends or family members, wall arts or decors, cooking, stitching baby clothes etc can be something new to try with.

Try learning new words, languages when we get time, and learn new skills and facts every day. Something like indoor or outdoor sports activity or reading invention books, etc also boosts the memory and mind to function better than before at an old age.

Mental health for a healthy lifestyle

At whatever age we are in we must adopt a positive look. Living over 50 automatically loose health, energy, sexuality etc most important of all those is mental health. We should not lose our mental health; good mental health is a way that makes us feel of the ’30s even we are in our 50’s.

Focusing on positives in life rather than negative ones helps us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes good mental health makes people feel better at an older age than the time, they were young. Crossing every year after 50 is a great time in people’s lives as the lifestyle of the present old generation has reduced away more than our ancestors.


Hidden feeling hurt people’s emotions as they are not expressed, that hurts them in the long run. Some don’t feel like sharing things with anybody, suppressing their emotions which lead to stress, anger, and sometimes to depression. So, people above 50 to lead a healthy lifestyle, must interact with people, trusted friends to share their feelings.

They must find their ways to enjoy themselves as getting older doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life. They can teach their talents to others (singing) try learning instruments like piano, try new hobbies, travel to places they have never been, joining some travel group, etc to lead a healthy lifestyle.

All the people above 50 are to be cautious. Whatever may the problem sneak upon, when a life lived healthily, nobody can rub away smile on your face. Live healthy-stay happy.


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