10 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Eggs are the daily intake of rich protein food by many people. By eating eggs regularly, our human body can get  a high number of vitamins and minerals which are very essential for us. Eggs are inexpensive, healthy, dietary food which is readily available all over the world in the market. There are numerous health benefits of eating eggs.

Health benefits of eating eggs

Different ranges of eggs are available in the market, they are commonly known as Free-range, Cage-free, Organic, etc. Eggs are consumed in different ways based on the preparation concerned with areas. Some of the ways include eating up by frying, boiling, and raw too. Doctors usually suggest that eggs need to be taken regularly as part of nutritious food. A recent study by researchers reports that eggs are healthy and they have a high amount of benefits.

Listed below are the commonly studied health benefits of eating eggs. We have only listed the proven benefits of eating eggs using by research studies.

Highly Nutritious

Many say, Egg is the powerhouse of nutrition. The benefits of eating eggs varies by the method of raise of a hen. A baby chicken can be formed by one small egg i.e, a single cell is highly nutritious to form an egg and the chick by the hen. Eggs contain a good amount of calcium, zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, K, and Vitamin B6.

A single Egg contains healthy fats and many other little nutrients. It is better to opt for omega-3 enriched eggs.

The organic eggs mostly contain a very high amount of omega-3 content and much higher percentages of Vitamin A and E. These are the perfect balanced food for a healthy diet. Eggs contain Choline, which is an important nutrient that many of us are not aware of. This nutrient aid a way to build a cell membrane and produce the signalling molecules in the brain.

An egg when boiled, it contains a good percentage of the daily requirement for the body:

  • Selenium- 20%
  • Folate- 25%
  • Phosphorus, Iron, Iodine
  • Vitamins A, B2, B5, and B12 – the required amount normally studied at 12%.

Eating eggs has a lot of benefits, as it is one of the healthiest nutritious food we take to our human body.

HDL Cholesterol

HDL cholesterol is high-density lipoprotein. Generally, a human body consists of LDL and HDL. The waxy substance that forms as a part of the cell membrane is cholesterol and it is essential to your body. These are two different types of cholesterols in which LDL is the low-density lipoprotein.

When we consume eggs, the body absorbs the high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). It will help to reduce the level of (bad cholesterol) low-density lipoprotein.

By consuming eggs, a person can increase the level of good cholesterol. Eggs contain the dietary cholesterol which reduces the level of HDL lowering the risk of many diseases. They are also helpful in reducing the risk of heart problems. So absolutely, eggs are not bad for cholesterol. In the past, many experts believed that one egg contains 162 mg of cholesterol. So, a person needs to limit the intake of eggs consumed. Other researchers stated that the hens that roam around in the sunlight contain a high amount of vitamin D3, which is three to four times higher than the hens grown indoors. Also, organic eggs contain very high levels of potassium, copper, and protein.


Fats are bad for one’s health is a myth as not all of that kind is bad for the human body. Unsaturated fat is the best type of fat for a healthy diet. Less than 10% of saturated fat must be present in a regular diet and total fat of 25-35% of daily calorie intake. Eggs contain most of the unsaturated fat in it. It also contains 4.2 grams of fat, where 1.4 gram of it is saturated. Eggs also come with Omega-3 fatty acids in the other forms which help to maintain the brain functions.

Antioxidants – Beneficial for eye health

good eye health by eating eggs

Antioxidants are important for eye health. Eyesight is very prevalent while aging. It occurs to many individuals at younger ages also. Eggs contain antioxidants which accumulate in the eye’s retina. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are the two powerful antioxidants found in the eggs which are helpful for a healthy eye. By eating eggs, a person can reduce the risks of cataracts and the degeneration of macular (these are the most common eye disorders). Egg yolk contains a large amount of those antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin. These are all vital to eye health. Usually, The deficiency of Vitamin A causes Blindness. Vitamin A is highly found in eggs which aid not to get blindness gradually from an early age.

Powerhouse of Protein

Researchers say Protein is the building block of our human body when compared with others. It is very important to get the right amount of protein in the regular diet. Intake of the right amount of protein aids to reduce weight, build muscle mass, lowers the blood pressure, enhances bone health, etc. A single contains nearly 6 grams of protein and it plays a vital role in the human body.

The protein present in eggs helps the human body in both structurally and functionally. An egg contains proteins that are helpful in the development of all our human tissues and molecules. The right ratio of essential amino acids is also present in the eggs which will allow the body to make the best use of protein.

Reduce the Risk of Heart Problems

reduce heart problems by eating eggs

The high levels of LDL, low-density lipoprotein present in the body may increase the risk of heart issues. This bad cholesterol is even sub-divided further into small LDL and large LDL which is not known by many of us. The researchers stated that people who have small LDL are led prone to heart-related issues compared to the ones with large LDL. Even the consumption of eggs changes the particle size from small to large and vice versa, which is an improvement in human health and reduce heart disease risk.

Reduce Risk of Stroke

reduce stroke

The risk of stroke due to the increase of cholesterol is true but not concerning eggs. People think that it must be bad for the heart due to the cholesterol present in them. For many decades’ eggs are unfairly judged by not knowing the truths behind it. It has the good content of cholesterol which does not play a role in the stroke. However, on the other side, it is studied and stated that people with diabetics when consumed more than the required amount of eggs have a risk of heart diseases. The actual cause and risk are typically not known with clear review because it is hard to prove that eggs cause something, as we are associated with other foods in our daily intake.

Helps to lose weight

lose weight

The weight of the body depends on the amount of food we eat and the workouts we do. Usually, aggressive workout with a heavy intake of food shows fewer results compared to the ones who eat fewer calories. Not just drinking plenty of water but even heavy food helps you to lose your weight. The incredible benefits of  eating eggs are, they are filling. They make you eat less compared to the other day where eggs are not included. Including eggs in your diet will help you to lose weight faster as it cuts down the hunger by filling the tummy. One study reported that by consuming egg in the breakfast people didn’t feel much hungry for the next 36 hours and reduced their weight. Therefore eggs aid you to reduce calorie intake in a day.

Healthy Pregnancy

healthy Pregnancy

A healthy pregnancy is carried out by eating eggs in their regular diet. This is the most important thing to be known by every pregnant woman. Many disabilities like congenital which are specifically spina bifida and other disabilities are prevented by the eggs. Eggs contain folic acid which is a good supplement of vitamins. Folic is important for the right functioning of the body and the growth of the baby. A healthy baby comes out of a healthy mother which has a concern about healthy food.

Boosts Up Immune System

Immunity of the body proves your physical strength and it depends on the food we take. Our body would be ready to fight any kind of virus or the disease once the immunity is high. There are, many foods that build up your immune system, and egg is one of those. Eggs must be added in your diet chart to have a healthy living. Many rich sources of Vitamins and Selenium are present in eggs. They aid to keep the body healthy. Selenium is essential for the body to function and provides a healthy immune system in both men and women. 20% of Selenium is required for an individual on a daily basis. Studies stated that eating three eggs a day is safe.


Apart from the above-mentioned benefits of eating eggs, there are many more and few amongst them are, it provides strong muscles, it is an energy-producing food, helps to maintain the best functioning of the body, improves skin health, etc. Eggs are easy to choose, buy, and to prepare so, add them to the diet. The option of a range of choosing the eggs is out of an individual’s interest. When people eat eggs on the required amount, they can be healthful. Everyone should choose to have a variety of food rather than sticking to one for the required amount of protein or vitamins. The regular balanced intake of eggs is good for the perfect living as it nature’s perfect food.


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