How to Treat the Flu


A Flu is caused by a virus and it is also known as influenza. There are various types of viruses that can offer you the flu. As there are no antibiotics that can cure this condition, we would advise you to have a look at some of the home remedies that can ease the symptoms of flu. It has the capability of reducing the severeness of the flu.

Diarrhea, increased body temperature, stomach cramps, chills, vomiting, headache, nausea, body ache, runny or stuffy nose, fatigue, exhaustiveness or tiredness, dry cough, and a sore throat are the common side effects that can be caused by the flu.

Sometimes, flu may lead to getting other viral and bacterial infections. Pneumonia, encephalitis or brain infection, bronchitis, ear infection, and sinusitis are the other health complications caused by the flu. The following are the ten natural remedies that can help you to get rid of the symptoms of flu.

Consume plenty of water and fluids

Staying hydrated by consuming water and fluids is especially important when you are suffering from the symptoms of flu and the same condition applies when you have the respiratory flu or stomach flu.

Water has the capability of keeping your nose, throat, and moth slightly wet. It will prevent the formation of mucous and phlegm. Your body gets dehydrated due to not having sufficient levels of water and not eating properly also makes you dehydrated. Your body may lose water due to the symptoms of flu such as diarrhea and an increased temperature of your body.

Drinking water, broth, coconut water, fresh juice, sports drinks, herbal tea, raw fruits, and vegetables can help you to stay hydrated. Consuming plenty of water content fruits and foods can help you to get rid of the symptoms of flu. The flu can lead to cause other health problems and that is why we would advise people to drink plenty of water and fluids. If you increase your intake of fluids it will gradually reduce your chances of getting diagnosed with the flu.

Your body will let you know whether you are drinking enough water or not. Frequent urination and the color of the urine should be pale yellow and clear. If your body is dehydrated, your urine color changes to deep yellow to amber color. We would advise people to drink lots of fluids when their color is amber or deep yellow. It is a sign that your body is dehydrated and stops smoking if you are a smoker. Because smoking can increase the severeness of your problem and will start to irritate your nose, lungs, and throat.

Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes, all you need is sleep and it is especially important when you are suffering from the flu. Sleeping for eight to nine hours improves the function of the immune system. You can fight against the virus with the help of the immune system. Make changes to your usual routine and give sleep to priority and it will help you to get back on your feet. If you don’t take enough rest and experiencing difficulties in sleeping, we would advise you to have a word with your physician regarding your condition. Sleep is very important when it comes to treating the symptoms of flu.

Drink Warm Broth

We would advise you to drink warm soup which consists of meat or vegetables. A warm broth should contain the essential proteins and other nutrients that are required for the body to prevent the bacteria and fight off the flu virus. It is one of the most effective ways to stay hydrated. It will help you get rid of the symptoms of flu and sinus congestion.

If you are a non-vegetarian, we would advise you to opt for bone broth as it is a great source of protein and you can also find sodium and potassium. It is a great way to recharge your body and get these nutrients to battle with the flu. As your body is a shortage of immune cells, bone broth helps you to rebuild it.

You can purchase ready-made varieties, but make sure that they are low in salt. If you want you can make your broth and all you need is boiling chicken or bones of the beef. If you want you can keep it some aside so that you can use it in the future.

Increase your intake of Zinc

Your immune system wants the mineral zinc. To battle with the flu, we would advise you to eat the foods that are high in zinc. Because it has the capability of making you produce germ-fighting white blood cells. It has been observed in a study that zinc can ease the symptoms of flu and cold. Zinc can strengthen your immune system to fight against the flu virus and can reduce the severeness of a person’s condition who is suffering from the symptoms of the flu.

We would advise you to consult your physician if you are low on zinc and he may prescribe you a zinc supplement or multivitamin capsule during flu season. If you want to get zinc naturally, then we would advise you to consume the foods that contain zinc.

Eggs, red meat, dairy products, shellfish, seeds, nuts, lentils, beans, and chickpeas are the foods that are high in zinc or you can buy a zinc supplement. It is available in all health stores or you can buy it online.

Do gargling with saltwater

Sore throat is one of the common symptoms of flu. A sore throat can create disturbances while you speak and you will not be comfortable while suffering from a sore throat. To fight with flu, first, you need to get rid of a sore throat. Due to this reason, we would advise people to do saltwater gargling. Because it has the capability of clearing a sore throat and can also help you to clear mucous.

It is a very simple method and all you need to do is boil the water and let it cool and add a half tablespoon of salt into eight ounces of warm water. Now you are all set to do gargling. After adding the half teaspoon of salt into the warm water and pull the saltwater to the back of your throat and do gargling foe about ten to thirty seconds. In this way, you are able to rinse your mouth and throat. Repeat the same procedure daily for two to four times. We would advise people not to swallow the saltwater and keep this mixture out of children. Your children can follow this procedure unless they can properly gargle with plain water. First, ask them to gargle with plain water and if they do it properly then allow them to gargle with salt water.

Have a cup of Herbal Tea

Herbs have the properties of antibacterial and antiviral. oseltamivir was extracted from a star-shaped spice known as star anise. This herb contains antioxidants, vitamin A and C. Thymol, terpineol, anethole can be found in the oil extracted from the star anise can help you to get rid of the symptoms of flu and cough.

Oseltamivir phosphate is a prescription drug that is commonly known as Tamiflu has the capability of speeding up the healing process of flu and also prevents you from getting the flu. It contains the properties of antiviral can show its effects on some types of flu viruses.

All you need is an herbal tea to fight against the flu virus. You can soothe your throat and sinuses by drinking hot herbal tea. You can make a tea that can help your body to fight against flu viruses that can be possible with the following herbs. These include cloves, green or black tea, fresh garlic, turmeric powder. And fresh or dried ginger, or ginger paste.

Consuming Small Amounts of Food

When you have the flu, we would advise you to change your diet. It means instead of having three large meals opt for six small meals. Also, eat foods that are easier to digest or else it will result in increasing the symptoms of stomach flu.

Try Essential oils

The flu or influenza can be caused by a virus. Various kinds of essential oils can protect you against some viruses and bacteria. It has been observed in a study that applying tea tree oil regularly can prevent you from getting the flu. In another study, it has been proved that tea tree oil works at its best when you applied it within the two hours of infection.

Oregano oil, cinnamon oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, and geranium oils can act as a natural antibiotic and reduce the severeness of the infection. We would advise people to don’t ingest essential oils as many are toxic. You can directly apply it to your affected area.


In most cases, you don’t require professional help as the symptoms often go away on their own. We would advise people to stay at home and don’t go to school or workplace and also drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest.

Sometimes, all you need is a home remedy. Many natural remedies can ease the symptoms of flu or influenza. But, if your condition is not getting better even after trying all the natural remedies and suffering from fever higher than 100.4°F, then you should consult a doctor immediately.



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