How to Heal Cavities?


People experience cavities in their life and it is due to decay that can create small holes in the teeth. There are several home remedies that you can follow to get rid of decay or prevent it from forming.

Your consumption of foods and bacteria for a film on the teeth. Dentists call this as plaque. It has to be removed in order to get rid of tooth decay.

Decay forms in your teeth with the help of bacteria and it is known as streptococcus mutans. Cracks, pits, and grooves in the teeth can contribute to the formation of plaque. After some time, your decay will get the capability to reach your tooth’s inner layer, called dentin. As decay reaches the dentin, your cavity starts to develop from this point.

You can get rid of cavities by following various home remedies and it is possible only when your cavity is at the pre-cavity stage. You can confirm that your decay is not yet reached the dentin but it if has made holes, then you can consider it as your cavity is still in the pre-cavity stage.

We would advise you to seek for medical treatment once the dentin decays and your cavity started.

Treating Cavities

You have to consult a dentist to treat your cavities problem. Home remedies can be helpful only if your cavity is at the pre-cavity stage. You can give some strength to your tooth enamel by following home remedies. This is what medical professionals call it as remineralizing, and these home remedies can stop the formation of the cavity.

We would advise you to brush your teeth at least two times a day with a dentist approved toothpaste. It is one of the best ways to remineralize tooth enamel and can prevent cavities from forming.

It has been observed in a study that brushing your teeth with high-fluoride toothpaste prescribed by your dentist can harden enamel and can offer protection to your teeth and also helps your teeth to fight against decay.

Nevertheless, some people don’t prefer to using products that contain fluoride instead they will prefer to use natural home remedies. We would advise people to follow the below home remedies that can give you relief from cavities.

Oil Pulling:

Oil pulling is considered as an ancient one technique and can offer you a lot of benefits. It is originated from Ayurveda. In order to follow this technique, all you need is a tablespoon of coconut oil around in the mouth for a certain point of time, then spitting it out.

Some people suggest that it is not an effective method to treat your tooth problems. But several research studies indicate that oil pulling can do good to your tooth health. It has been observed in a study that this oil pulling technique with the help of coconut oil can lessen the quantity of plaque and bacteria. There isn’t much difference in the efforts of oil pulling and mouthwash to tooth.

Oil Pulling has the capability of reducing the amount of plaque and bacteria present in your mouth. It can remineralize enamel and prevent the formation of cavities. Still, this study lacks evidence and lots of research needs to be done to confirm these effects.

Aloe vera:

In order to strengthen your tooth and fight against bacteria that are causing cavities in your mouth, we would recommend you to use Aloe vera tooth gel. This gel has the capability of killing harmful bacteria in your mouth with its antibacterial effects.

More studies need to be conducted and aloe vera gel can help you to remineralize your enamel tooth if your decay is at the pre-cavity stage.

Keep your teeth away from phytic acid:

You are putting your tooth enamel into danger if you are consuming foods that are high in phytic acid. We would advise you to avoid phytic acid content foods as it can damage your tooth enamel. Also, not eating phytic acid content foods can prevent the formation of tooth decay and cavities.

However, it has been observed in a study that phytic acid affects the mineral absorption in your food. Phytic acid can cut down the minerals that are present in enamel and promotes tooth decay.

Broad beans, maize, blackeye beans, wheat, navy beans, rice, pinto beans, rye, haricot beans, kidney beans, legumes, and cereals are the common foods that consist of phytic acid. While more studies are needed to confirm whether phytic acid can affect the minerals that are present in tooth enamel.

Vitamin D:

It has been observed in a study that the supplements of Vitamin D can lessen the severity of dental cavities. It is possible due to vitamins having a mineralizing effect, which can promote strength to your tooth enamel.

Reduce the intake of Sugary foods and Beverages:

Consuming sugary items regularly may lead you to cause a cavity. An acid can form in your mouth with the help of bacteria, and it will gradually weaken the tooth enamel. As per the health authorities of the World Health Organization (WHO), people should control their eating habits, and having sugary foods in your diet can promote cavities in your mouth.

Licorice Root:

Licorice root contains the properties of antibacterial and has the capability of killing bacteria that cause cavities. It has been observed in a study that sucking a lollipop that contains licorice extract can prevent the formation of cavities.

However, there is a lack of evidence to support this but dentists are still recommending these lollipops because they believe that the licorice extract present in the lollipop can prevent the formation of cavities in your mouth.

Sugar-free gum:

Based on the results of a 2015 research, sugar-free gum has the capability to reduce the amount of bacteria that can do damage to your enamel, if you chew it after having your meals. Your enamel can fight against the decay if you make efforts to reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth.

Consulting a dentist:

We would advise you to consult your dentist if you don’t see improvements in your teeth after trying all the above home remedies. If your cavities are in the starting stage, then you can get rid of your cavities by following some of the natural methods. You can’t reduce the bacteria in your mouth after it reaches the enamel which gives rise to the formation of a cavity.

At this point, we would advise you to have a word with your dentist regarding your condition. Also, you can follow the above home remedies while following your dentist’s recommended techniques. Your dentist may recommend you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

Please keep in mind that not all cavities can cause pain, so we would advise you to speak with your dentist. They can detect the cavities in its initial stage and can suggest you some preventive measures. It will ultimately prevent the formation of cavities in your mouth.

If your condition is severe, then your dentist will perform the procedures like Root canal treatment, fluoride treatments, crowns or caps, fillings, and tooth extractions. We would advise you to get ready for the treatment mentally for any kind of course of action. All these treatments can offer you huge relief from cavities. You should consult your dentist even after your treatment. We would advise you to visit a dentist once every three months even though it seems like you have no issues with your teeth.


Cavities can cause pain if the decay gets larger. Due to this reason, we would advise people to follow all the recommended home remedies and if that is not enough for you to cure your problem, then consult a dentist for your problem. You can’t detect a cavity in your mouth at the early stage.

All the above home remedies may not give you a permanent relief but it can keep cavities from getting better and prevent the new ones from occurring. That is why we would advise you to have a word with your dentist after trying all the home remedies or if you want you can visit a dentist and follow these remedies. You need to detect your cavity either by you or with the help of a dentist, and it will be quite easy for your dentist to repair the cavity.

We would advise people to consult their dentist at least once in three months. It is better for their oral hygiene and can prevent the formation of cavities.



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