Everything you should know about the Deadliest Coronavirus

A newly discovered Coronavirus has caused an outbreak in China, infecting thousands of people and leading to over a thousand deaths. This virus led people to suffer from respiratory illness and even global health authorities think that it will soon become pandemic. It has been declared as a Public health emergency by the United States Government and WHO (World Health Organization), and several countries warned their public not travel to China during this time.

This deadly virus first noticed in Wuhan, China, In the month of December. Several countries affected by this virus, including the United States of America. Many people fell in the deadly virus trap and it costed the lives of 1000’s of people. As there is no vaccine for this deadly virus, there are chances of this death count may increase.

Here’s what you need to know about the deadly virus:

About Coronavirus

This virus got the name due to its crownlike shape, and these types of viruses are common in different types of animals. It has been observed that there are different types of coronaviruses present in the world and has the capability of infecting people, based on the report given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You will experience cold-like symptoms after this virus entered into your body. If the condition becomes severe it may lead to cause pneumonia or bronchitis in some cases, and these conditions are called lower respiratory tract illnesses.

As you all know the outbreaks of SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome), and MERS (Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome) cost several people’s lives and these infections are transmitted to humans through animals and this Coronavirus is not an exception. As per the health authorities, this new virus is considered as the Novel Coronavirus, and it is more dangerous than SARS and MERS.

Health officials are still doing their investigations in order to find out the right cause of this outbreak. During their investigation, as this virus originated from animals, so there are high chances of this disease that may emerge at the large seafood and animal market in Wuhan. It is already starting spreading person to person from animal to person.

Origin of virus

In a Chinese city about 650 miles south of Beijing which has a population of more than Eleven million people, this virus was first discovered. In early January, the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, which sells fish, along with a panoply of meat from other animals, along with bats, pangolins and snakes, was involved in the transmission of the disease.

It has been stated in a well-known Medical Journal in December 2019 the medical characteristics of the patients diseased. It was stated that the very first patient recognized was not exposed to the market, indicating that the virus might have started somewhere else and was transmitted to the market, where it grew vigorously.

In the birth and escalation of several viruses in the past outbreaks, the markets have been stated to have been involved, along with the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome and Severe acute respiratory syndrome. A huge number of people to date were proved to have become ill with the latest coronavirus have visited the Huanan Seafood marketplace lately. The scientists are constantly trying to investigate and study the actual reason, as the market appears to be a fundamental area of the question.

On January 22nd, 2020, it has been indicated in a statement published in the Journal of Medical Virology, that the snakes were the most potential wildlife animal reserve for SARS-CoV-2, however, the work was completely denied two additional types of research which were made the very next day.

It has been stated that there was sufficient proof to indicate that a snake reserve can be origin for the coronavirus, which studies the connection between the animal and human health.

To copy a biorXiv, some other category of Chinese researchers uploaded a paper, by researching the viral genetic code and contrasted it to the earlier coronavirus of the severe acute respiratory syndrome and coronaviruses of the bat. They have found out the genetic resemblance goes deep. With the bat coronavirus and with the earlier severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus this virus shares 96 percent and 80 percent of its genes respectively. Significantly, the research also showed the virus can penetrate into and take over the cells in a similar manner severe acute respiratory syndrome can penetrate.

On the earlier findings, each and every science outcome relies on and there a lot to understand about the fundamental biology of the SARS-CoV-2 before we have a better knowledge of precisely which animal vector is accountable for the spread. However, previous suggestions show that the virus is identical to those observed in the bats. It has been indicated in a statement by the New York Times on January 28, 2020, that the Chinese horseshoe bat can be behind this transmission.

How to identify the new coronavirus?

To collect data about this new virus and carry out the examinations in the person, the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention sent out a team of researchers to Wuhan, expecting to single out the virus. Specimens from three patients have been investigated with the help of their study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on the 24th of January, 2020. With the help of an electron microscope, which can segment images of cells and their internal procedures, and researching the genetic code, the team were able to recognize the new coronavirus and were also able to see the image of this virus.

Getting to know the genetic codes assists scientists in two ways. The genetic code enables them to develop the examinations which can recognize the virus from the specimens of the patient. Also for developing the possible therapies or vaccines, the genetic code provides then a strong understanding.

Further, from a specimen of the patient, in Melbourne, Australia, the Peter Doherty Institute was able to recognize and develop the virus. In January 2020 this was stated by that institute. In creating the vaccine, this was observed as one of the main development and gives the laboratories the ability to both evaluate and give expert data to health authorities and discover the virus in people suspected of sheltering the infection.

Indicators of this deadly Virus

People who are suffering from novel coronavirus may likely experience shortness of breath, fever, and cough in the beginning.

Persons who have already pre-existing conditions like pneumonia in both lungs are more likely to suffer from this virus. The impact of coronavirus on these people is high and as the impact is severe, some people have died as a result of the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asking the people who recently visited China to call their physician in order to find out whether the respected people are suffering from the virus. CDC has also communicated the preventive steps for the people who are suffering from Coronavirus.

There are also chances that the persons who don’t show any of the above symptoms may also be diagnosed with the virus. It means, despite having the virus in their body, certain people don’t display the symptoms of Novel Coronavirus such as

Doctors observed in some severe cases that the people who are suffering from this virus are dying as this deadly virus leads to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and kidney failure. It is better to consult your healthcare provider because some people didn’t experience the symptoms of the virus, but they diagnosed with the disease. Make sure that you are disinfecting the infecting areas at your home and also stay away from the people who are sick and showing the signs of this disease. Call your family physician right away, if you notice anyone suffering from the symptoms of the deadly virus.

Diarrhea, coughing up mucus or blood, and headaches are the less common indicators of coronavirus. But, people who neglect to take treatment for this disease may be diagnosed with pneumonia, which inflames the lungs and causes them to fill with fluid.

We would advise you to consult your physician immediately even though you seem healthy.

Spreading of this Deadly Virus

It is not an easy task for the health authorities to understand how this novel coronavirus started transmitting from person to person. During the outbreak of Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome coronavirus and Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus, health officials doubted that respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes built the foundation to the transmission of these diseases from person to person, based on the observation by the centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Should people from different countries also be worried?

As the number of confirmed cases is decreasing in china day-by-day, the people from other countries may not worry about this virus. But make sure to consult your health care provider and follow the preventive steps given by the World Health organization and also don’t believe in the false news. People who recently visited china should worry about the situation right now because the chances are high for them to diagnosed with this disease.

Please consult your health care physician immediately if you are recently returned from Wuhan, and for the rest of the people who never been to China, or didn’t have contact with the people who already diagnosed with coronavirus are out of danger. But they need to confirm this with their physician and they must follow the precautionary measures.

As this virus started spreading from person to person, the health officials are monitoring the situation closely and taking precautionary measures to avoid danger. Also, the officials are expecting more cases in the United States and working with all the sectors in order to reduce the threat.

Is risk more to older people than adults?

As a matter of fact, people who are older should be more careful than the young people as their immunity levels are low when compared to other people and the chances of getting diagnosed with this virus are comparatively high. It has been observed that the people who have died due to the coronavirus are over the age of fifty, based on the report given by Bloomberg. First, 425 people who have diagnosed with the coronavirus are the median age of patients, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Older people have high chances of getting diagnosed with any type of infection, said by the health official. If people are already suffering from flu and pneumonia, they should be more cautious than other people.

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Respiratory Diseases says “we are working everything we can do give the best care to the old citizens and also people with underlying conditions should also have access to “Optimal Care” if they diagnosed with the coronavirus.

People should follow hand hygiene etiquette in order to protect themselves from the deadly virus.

Treatment for Novel Coronavirus

As of now, no vaccine has been invented to control the novel coronavirus infection. Doctors are only managing to relieve the symptoms of the disease. Since there is no vaccine available for the disease, it will be hard to prevent the disease. For relieving those symptoms, the functioning of your vital organs is required to give treatment to you.

The United States Department of health and human services working closely with private sector partners in order to speed up the process of finding the vaccine for this deadly virus.

Is the Vaccine available for this disease?

Researchers are developing antiviral drugs to treat this disease, and they are also planning to develop medications for this disease, but it will take lots of time. There is no vaccine to prevent this disease.

Ways to protect yourself from the deadly virus

As of now, the following basic hygiene is enough for the people who are living outside of China.

The coronavirus spreads through the air, try to stay away from the people who frequently sneezing or coughing. There are two types of viruses spread this way.

The things that you are not following daily maybe the things that you need to work with right now. Normally, people don’t maintain basic hygiene and those people are at high risk if they don’t practice good personal hygiene.

First, you need to wash your hands after every activity you do with it. It’s not possible for a common man to spend his day without spending it with the outside world. For example, you may have the need to use public transportation to travel from one place to another place. As there are lots of germs present in the outside world, its not easy for you to avoid them. that is the reason you need to wash your hands after returning to home from outside.

This season is considered as the coronavirus season, that’s why we would advise you become more cautious and getting rid of bacteria is the first thing you need to do for yourself in order to protect yourself from the deadly virus. You also need to disinfect the most touched spots such as

  • Your computer mouse
  • Light switches
  • Refrigerator handle
  • Doorknobs
  • TV remotes

If the person with the coronavirus touch any of these things in your home and these things will be filled with more bacteria and chances of getting diagnosed with coronavirus high to you if you are unable to practice the basic hygiene. Keep the above-mentioned areas always clean and use disinfecting spray every day on them.

It’s also important for you to clean your phone as you carry them everywhere. You can’t use your mobile phone without touching it and that’s why you need to clean your phone once a week.

Since there is no vaccine that has been invented for novel coronavirus, it’s important for you to practice good hygiene and follow the below preventive steps in order to stay healthy.

  • If the person is sick or suffering from fever, don’t make close contact with him even if he/she is the member of your family
  • It’s vital for you to don’t touch your body parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth with your dirty hands. Wash your hands before you would like to make contact with any of your body parts.
  • Don’t go anywhere when you are sick during this time. As you are already weak, and it becomes hard for you to prevent that disease for you if you expose to the outside world.
  • Make sure that you are covering your mouth with a tissue or with your hands when you sneeze or cough, and throw the tissues in the dustbin and clean your hands
  • Make sure that you are disinfecting the most touched objects in your room or else use a household cleaning spray or wipe.
  • Make sure that you are washing your hands with soap and the duration should be at least twenty seconds. Washing is a must especially when you are coming from the bathroom. Washing is necessary before eating, after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

Is wearing facemasks help the people?

Facemask’s demand is increasing daily due to the outbreak of the virus. But the question is wearing facemasks will really help the people from not getting the virus and will it keep you away from the virus?

The necessity of Medical face masks is increasing daily due to the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. Health authorities in china also urged their people to wear face masks in order to prevent further spreading of the disease, as the death count reached 97 up to midnight on Tuesday.

Doctors confirmed that face masks may not be an effective method to protect yourself from the virus and you can follow other ways. Infected people percentage increasing day by day, the demand for face masks in china also increasing. They are even waiting in lines to buy the masks. Factories around the world are cashing this situation and they are requesting their workers to work overtime due to this sudden demand.

As there is no vaccine that has been invented to prevent coronavirus, people think that wearing face masks may be the most effective method to protect themselves from the deadly virus. Since, it started transmitting from person to person, the demand for these facemasks increased abruptly.

As this is an air virus, face masks can’t prevent you from the coronavirus, as per the health authorities who are studying this disease and monitoring the persons who are affected by coronavirus closely. But wearing these face masks will be helpful for the people who are already suffering from their respiratory issues and it will prevent them from spreading from one person to another.

Adding to that, these surgical masks are created to stop large particles and droplets, but when it comes to Novel coronavirus, it is hard to block the particles as they are very small. An assistant professor at the University of Alberta in the Departments of Chemical and materials engineering told that “Small infectious droplets cannot be filtered by the surgical masks”. People should also keep in mind that these surgical masks are not designed to kill the virus, and they can survive the minimum a few hours to 7 days.

In that case, wearing these face masks will actually put you at risk and it is also dangerous for other people. You are putting other people at risk if you are wearing the face masks which is carrying the small infectious droplets.

There are several ways to protect yourself from the deadly virus other than wearing face masks. World health organization’s recommending people to wash their hands after every activity you do with it, disinfecting the infected areas in your home is also a great preventive measure to protect you and your family, and also maintain distance with people and it should be at least three-foot distance.

If you are following the above preventive measures and wearing face masks with frequent handwashing will be beneficial for you. But Chinese officials invented an effective face mask which will not only block small virus particles but it will also clean it out entirely.

Everyone is busy with the outbreak of coronavirus, factories which are in the business of supplying surgical masks are working day and night to cash this demand for surgical masks around the world.

Even the Factories from the United States also exporting their material to foreign governments as the coronavirus spread to other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Based on the article published in the Wall Street Journal, a California nonprofit organization that will provide necessary medical supplies to the places during the disasters, is sending three lakhs of masks to hospitals in China.

Pre-existing conditions in your body may help the virus

If you are already suffering from respiratory issues, there are chances that your existing conditions may contribute to the novel coronavirus. Your pre-existing conditions may respond well to this deadly virus. Due to this reason, people who are at the age of 50 or more are more likely to be affected by the virus.

Having chronic health conditions in your body, and lacking immunity power may not help you to protect yourself from the deadly virus. Scientists are busy developing the vaccine for the disease and it is not an easy task for them to invent the vaccine and they have to struggle and work hard. As all the people from the other countries stop visiting China, the risk of this virus to other countries is low when compared to china.

Measures Being Taken by the other countries to prevent the spread of the virus

Authorities build a thousand-bed hospital in Wuhan, to treat the patients who are diagnosed with coronavirus and they built this clinic due to the hospital bed shortages.

In Wuhan, all the activities are stopped in order to take control of the situation and to reduce the spread of the virus. Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi, and Zhejiang are currently restricted cities and traveling to these cities may danger for you. This decision will affect the thirty-five million people.

Even though this is a busy travel period for china, they had to take this decision due to the outbreak of coronavirus. All major events have been canceled in Beijing, Forbidden City and Shanghai’s Disneyland will remain closed and they have to follow these orders from the government.

Public facilities have been closed in Hong Kong and imposed travel restrictions on the people who are traveling to mainland China. The tournaments of Esports have been scheduled to another date, and Disneyland’s in Shanghai and Hongkong also closed due to the immediate effect of coronavirus.

British Airways, American Airlines, and Delta are discontinuing their services and canceled all the flights which will go to mainland China for the next few days. People from China are not allowed to cruise ships who are having the passports of China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Confirmed Cases all around the World

As of Feb. 11, Forty-five thousand cases have been recorded all around the world as per the WHO health officials. But the good news here is, the confirmed recorded cases started declining since the 4th of February.

13 cases have been confirmed in the United States, 7 in California, 2 in Illinois, and 1 each in Arizona, Washington state, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. Canada also affected by the coronavirus, as the health officials confirmed seven cases there.

4700 patients have been discharged from the hospitals in China and the Chinese Government considered this as a good sign.

Following is the information on confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Country Confirmed cases Recovered
China 44,702
Diamond Princess Cruise Ship 174
Singapore 45 9
Thailand 32 10
South Korea 27 4
Japan 26 9
Taiwan 18 1
Malaysia 18 3
Germany 14
Vietnam 14 6
United States 13 3
United Arab Emirates 8 1
France 11
United Kingdom 8
Canada 7
India 3
Philippines 3
Italy 3
Russia 2
Spain 2
Cambodia 1
Nepal 1
Sri Lanka 1
Finland 1
Sweden 1
Belgium 1

Deaths Due to Coronavirus

The Death Counted reached to 1,115 worldwide as of February 11th. Death cases are recorded even outside of china. A man who returned to the Phillippines from Wuhan in January passed away on Feb 1st. The second death case came to light outside of China happened on Feb 4th, a man hailing from Hong Kong died due to respiratory issues and the Coronavirus.

Even Doctors also falling in the trap of Coronavirus. A Chinese Physician named Li Wenliang, 34 years who was actively involved in the discussion of pneumonia in an online chat room in the early days of the outbreak, found dead as a result of COVID-19.

During the Outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome that spread across the world 2002-2003. 774 people have lost their lives due to the outbreak of SARS and 858 people died because of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome since 2012.

This new Virus has surpassed the count of SARS and MERS. This death toll will continue to rise if the Scientists unable to find the vaccine for this disease and the countries stop taking the Precautionary measures in order to prevent the spread of the Virus.

As this virus has already spread across the globe, people have to be more cautious about it. Since there is no vaccine that has been invented for this virus, we would advise you to practice basic hygiene and consult your physician immediately if you think you are suffering from any of the symptoms of this disease. If you take the treatment in the initial stage, chances of recovering from the disease will be more and if you consult your healthcare provider after you have been diagnosed with the deadly virus, it will be difficult for you to survive in your life. People who already have respiratory conditions should follow all the preventive steps in order to protect themselves from the virus.


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