Asthma and Exercise for Asthma Patients

Know what an asthma is..

Asthma is a condition in which there will be shortness in breathing, tightness in the chest, cough. This is one of the lung disease. The nostrils in the nose gets swelled and there will be presence of mucous in the lungs. For some people it will not be a big deal but for some people it will be a major problem that interferes or irritates their daily activities. At some cases it is a life threatening disease.

Asthma has no cure but there will be control for the symptoms that are seen. There is no specific cure to the asthma because the symptoms that are seen changes day to day and time to time. So, there will be a better condition if you take treatment by your prescribed doctor to treat asthma in the early stage itself.


Symptoms for asthma differ from person to person. In some persons the symptoms will appear when they are doing some work like exercising, walking, talking, etc. But for some people the symptoms appear so late.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Breathing problems
  • Tightness in the chest
  • There will be trouble while sleeping due to improper breathing, chest tightness, cough or wheezing.
  • There will be seen some sounds while inhaling and exhaling of air due to the swelling of nostrils.
  • There will be attack on the respiratory tract when any virus gets attached or grown in the respiratory tract.

Signs that include in asthma:

  • Asthma has the same signs and symptoms.
  • There will be increase in the breathing problem.
  • There will be suggestion of using inhaler in more cases.

For some people, and in some situations the signs and symptoms changes to their age and other factors. There will be some of the factors that cause asthma like,

  • Exercise based asthma
  • Occupational based asthma
  • Allergy based asthma

Exercise based asthma are the symptoms that occurs when a person is in cool air or near air conditioner. Then there will be a severe effect on the nostrils and the nostrils will get swelled. Occupational based asthma is based on the chemicals or the dust particles in the surroundings or work places. Allergy based asthma is one of the other type of asthma causing way. Allergy is the symptom for causing of asthma. It can be from ancestors also and this allergy shows effect on skin, respiratory tract, and other functioning organs. By the attack of bacteria, virus and other micro organisms this allergy occurs.

When does the doctor’s attention is needed for the detection of asthma?

If a person is having severe breathing problem, if the person is not able to take breath in regular time a doctor is needed. In that case sometimes the life will be in danger. If the person is using inhaler but then also the person is not able to take breath properly then he needs to consult the doctor immediately.


There is some research going on why only some is effected with this asthma and some people are not effected with this asthma. If a person is effected there will be many reasons such as environmental conditions, pollution situations, and industrial or laboratory chemicals. For some people there will be some asthma causing materials may vary. These include:

  • Air materials such as dust, mites, ticks may be reason for the cause of asthma.
  • Respiratory infections are also one of the reason for the cause of asthma, the bacteria or virus that is present in the respiratory tract may cause the infections to the respiratory tract.
  • For some people if they do any exercise then they face asthma issues.
  • The persons who smoke regularly have more possibilities of getting effected with this asthma.
  • Due to the environmental conditions also asthma can be caused.
  • If a person is more stressed or gets more emotional this asthma may be caused.
  • By the use of more contents like sulfites and other food preservatives in beverages and other food materials asthma is caused in the person.


A person can prevent asthma by taking doctors suggestion when he/she is in the initial stage. By taking suggestions from your doctor they will give us some medications so that asthma can be prevented or control the symptoms of asthma. There are some steps in order to control asthma or its symptoms:

  • Follow the prescribed medications that are given by your doctor.
  • Take vaccines for respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia, influenza.
  • Try to avoid asthma causing triggers.
  • Try to identify the asthma causing symptoms and take treatment as soon as possible.
  • Take inhalers treatment when the person is having severe asthma attacks.


There are many treatment methods in order to control the asthma symptoms. These methods depend on the person and their way of problem they are facing. There are mainly two ways in order to control asthma symptoms. These include:

  • Medications prescribed by the doctor
  • Exercises given by the doctor

Asthma Medications:

Medications are used in order to decrease the rate of breathing problems that are being faced by the person. The medications contains a little of antibiotics or other drugs that helps in the decrease of the breathing problems. To get an instant relief to the patient a prescribed doctor will always suggest inhalers that have the antibiotics or free breathing capsules that are kept in the inhalers. For some people these medications cause allergies to the person on the skin and other functioning organs. These medicines are given in the high dosage when the person is having a high rate breathing problems and asthma. Medicines are given at normal dosage if the person is having less symptoms of asthma. The people who get allergies very easily are preferred for breathing exercises. The medications should be away from the children so that the children cannot take in those medicines and will not get any further problems to the children. The parents should be always with their children who has this asthma problems so that they cannot take in the medicines.


Along with the medications there are some of the exercises that should be performed in the daily life in order to control asthma.

Doing exercises for asthma is one of the main thing that people take for granted. The people who are suffering with asthma take these exercises daily in order to control their asthma symptoms. These exercises can make the person take good breath into their lungs and make lungs normal for the functioning. The medications that are taken like inhalers with corticosteroids helps to free the nostrils which are blocked. But for some people these medications are not enough for the control of asthma symptoms. In that case, these exercises helps to control the symptoms for the cause of symptoms.

In the older studies there is no correct evidence to prove breathing exercises can help in control of asthma symptoms. But in recent studies it is proved that breathing exercises can control the symptoms of asthma. By performing these exercises there will be increase in the control of symptoms, quality in life and other allergies that are related to respiratory tract or breathing.

Some of the exercises that should be done in order to control symptoms.

In these exercises there are some of them that are effective for the decrease in the breathing problems. The exercises include:

  1. Breathing through diaphragm
  2. Breathing through nasal
  3. Method related to pap worth
  4. Breathing through buteyko
  5. Breathing through pursed lip
  6. Breathing through yoga
Breathing through diaphragm:

In this breathing model, we will learn how to breath from diaphragm but not from chest. This diaphragm is dome shaped. This helps to breath and accepts the oxygen that is taken and it is a muscle that is present below the lungs. This breathing helps in the functioning of the lungs properly and breathing will be easier to the person.

This breathing is done by placing one of your hand on the chest and the other hand on the stomach. This can be done by lying on a flat surface by folding the knees or by sitting on the chair. Breathing should be taken slowly. If breathing is taken in then the hand on the stomach should be taken out and if breathing is left out then the hand should be placed on the stomach. This is done in order to comfort the breathing process. While leaving the breath this is not done through nose it should be done by pursed lips. This technique is done till the breathing is taken into the lungs easily without any problem without moving the chest.

Breathing through nasal:

Breathing through nasal is the most commonly used exercise that is suggested by the doctors. This can decrease the control of symptoms for the asthma. There is an advantage for this exercise that is breathing through nose helps in the warmth of the air that is taken inside and it also increases the humidity of the air so that the micro organisms present in the inlet tube of the nose can be cleared and the air can be easily sent into the lungs without any problem.

Method related to pap worth:

Pap worth exercise has been in practice since 1960’s. This exercise should be done by nose and diaphragm so that the air that is sent inside can be sent properly without problem. This exercise can decrease the stress in the mind and does not effect the lungs further. In olden and recent studies it is said that pap worth method can ease in the breathing and can also improve quality of life.

Breathing through buteyko:

This technique was first given in the 1950’s by a Ukrainian named Konstantin Buteyko. This exercise teaches how a person should breath slower and deeper. This also controls the hypertension of a person and maintains the tension rate of a person. By performing this exercise daily the stress that is present can be decreased and there will be control in the asthma symptoms. This also decrease the need of medication also.

Breathing through pursed lips:

This exercise is mainly used to decrease the shortness of breath. This is the common problem for many people. There are up to 75% of people who are having breathing problem. Firstly, the breath is taken slowly through nose by mouth closed and now by keeping the mouth in a whistle manner like you are whistling then the breathing is left out through the mouth. This exercise is done daily so that the shortness of breathing can be decreased.

Breathing through yoga:

Breathing exercise is the main step in yoga. This breathing exercise can be useful in order to control the symptoms that are seen when asthma is caused to a person. The yoga experts say that breathing exercises can make a person feel fresh and also make them be active without any breathing problem.

Why should a person try these breathing exercises?

By learning and practicing these breathing exercises there will be control on the breathing and the person will also gain a control over the asthma symptoms. These exercises will also reduce the use of medications that are prescribed by your doctor. For some these exercises are not enough for the control of these asthma symptoms, along with these exercises medications are also required in order to control the asthma symptoms. Some of the asthma exercises cannot control the symptoms of asthma at some cases. For the people who have this symptoms severely along with these exercises medication should be given the person. Before taking or trying any exercise consult your doctor for the exercises and also take the guidance for the perfect exercise to the person who is suffering with this asthma. Once the suggested therapist gives you guidance then the exercises can be done your own daily and also can gain a good breathing without any problem to the lungs.



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