Relationship – Dealing with it in depth

Every relation starts when people fall in love, the passion for it is endless and also enjoy the new excitement level each day. Relationships might not be sure whether the person will become their future spouse or not but just want to enjoy the present moment and stay happy. But unfortunately, this feeling of happiness don’t sustain for long and eventually at one point of time, there arises the need to put an end to this relationship. At some point of time in life, many relationships come to an end as there is no point stretching the relationship for long in case things don’t work favorable. During this change in this phase, both the partners need to evaluate their feelings for their partner and let them know that person no longer fits in their goals and future plans rather than hiding it from them. The more you make delay in telling the fact to your partner, the more you will feel disheartened into the relationship.

In case you are no longer happy in your present relationship and want to move on in your life, then it is important that you must end this relationship on peaceful terms. When two people have invested their efforts and time in building a relationship, obviously breaking up will not be an easy task and it can make the condition more stressful but this is the only possible solution which you can think of. Whatever you are doing just make sure that you are kind to your partner and ending the relationship in a right way, you can look for the below-mentioned suggestions in case you are planning to break up and end a long-tern relationship.

Is it difficult to break a Long term Relationship?

While dating for many years, the natural thoughts among the couples are to get married. Sure, getting married is a great way to take your relation forward but there are many couples who later decide not to continue their relationship anymore as things are not turning favourable anymore. In case you are into a relationship from the past so many years expecting that you will get married one day but things are not heading on the same path as planned by you, then the need of the hour says that you must move on in your life. Though a long-term relationship is difficult to break and need courageous heart, especially in case you have invested your time, love, care and efforts to bring your relation on track, still you have to move on in your life. Some of the signs that clearly show that its the time that you should walk away from your long-term relationship and bring it to an end so that your and your partner life can come back on the track which misses happiness and feeling of love and care.

You need to ask yourself some questions before ending up a long term relationship with your partner.

Share out relations

In case you are together because of any reason then you are already carrying a deal and it’s the high time that you end your relation which exists due to a reason. Theirs is no point continuing your relationship in case you want to put an end to it.

Many couples keep on continuing their relationships from past so many years as they believe that they have nothing to do with the fact that they are not satisfied in the existing relationship anymore. In case you are also in any relationship just because you are into this relationship from quite long, then you should reconsider your thoughts and need to look for the better opportunities which you might have missed. All your friends are engaged does not mean that you also have to stick to that relation that is not making you feel happy from within out, rather than looking for an actual relationship satisfaction which is missing in your relation, its high time that you move ahead and give yourself the kind of freedom you deserve for yourself.

Deprived relationship

In case it is taking much time to meet your individual needs then you are harming yourself in this relationship and its the time that you think to move on in the future. Many times people who are into a long term relationship tend to make excuses and know that the relationship is not working fruitful anymore but are not ready to face it. In case you have fundamental value differences and don’t to carry the relation than there are higher chances that you will start making excuses just to continue your failing relationship which will not be worthy for longer period of time. In case you are not able to meet your needs and have doubts in your relationship, its better to stop convincing yourself by explaining the reasons to stay in that relation.

Love for your partner

Though it might sound quite basic, but there are many people who are not able to neither stand each other in their relationship nor love each other anymore. Also, such couples don’t mutually like each other and don’t want to stay together anymore. So for all of them who are unable to stand together, it’s the high time that they part ways from each other. Also, the moment you stop loving each other, you will see only the flaws in your relation that will make you feel angry and restless. Though many a times you might have good moments but while spending time with your partner, the same negative thoughts will bombard you and if this is the kind of relationship, you need to take some decision to stop ruining your and your partner life.

Attraction to your partner

Many people believe that it is personality that matters in any relationship instead of the outer appearance, which is not right completely Physical intimacy is also important in any relationship and in case there is no spark in your relationship now, so there is no point continuing the relationship just fearing that it might trouble you. In order to make a relationship successful, both the partners have to make an effort which can be sexually and emotional as well, if only one person is dragging the relation then there it is not worthy at all and it’s better to simply fade away with the relation rather than moving ahead with it anymore.

Differences found in Relationships

In case your partner starts behaving in a way that is not tolerable by you anymore then you must consider moving out of the relationship. Don’t make the decision too quickly rather give your partner enough time and you also take time so that you can give it a last chance, still even after giving a chance to your relationships, things are not working fruitful it’s time for you to end the relationship. In case you are trying to tolerate the things which are affecting your self-esteem and making you depressed, then you are not doing justice to yourself nor with your partner.

The relationship is more about compatibility and in case it is missing in your relation, it’s better to move on rather than trying to collect the broken pieces in a relation.

Respect towards each other

In case your relation lacks mutual respect then there is no point that you keep on stretching your relationship for a longer period of time only due to the fact that you don’t want to hurt your partner at all. Might be your partner as well many times told you directly or indirectly that this relationship is not working anymore but still you think that you will be able to change the mind of your partner in case you or your partner don’t respect each other and is not interested in continuing the relationship anymore then trust us, you must get out of it. believe

Supportive partner

Your and your partner should be to understand and support each other and not ruining each other life. In case you feel that each day is struggling and it is difficult for you to continue the relationship, then you are wasting your time and efforts in building that relationship that is on the verge of getting ended. You will gradually be able to move on in your relationship and will be able to find someone sooner who can understand you.

Forgiveness in a Relationship

There is no relation in the whole world that is perfect; you need to spend your time and efforts for making it perfect. Many moments will come in your life where you need to step into each other’s shoe which is quite normal among the couples who love and respect each other. But in case you have capacity to forgive your partner and your love life is also getting affected due to this, then its high time that you move on into your relation.

Common goals regarding the future

In case you are planning not to spend life together in the future anymore due to any reason then you need to reconsider your relation and must move on in case you have different future goals in life. In case you look back at your life and realize that you don’t have anything common including schooling, career, or hobbies as well but still you are build a relation with all so much differences, which are not getting fulfilled now, then there is a need to reconsider your relation. Also in case you think that you have missed an important opportunity in your life just for the sake of continuing this relation then it’s time to bid a good bye to your relation before you start missing out even more important things in life which you will regret later.

We completely understand that ending a long-term relationship is not that easy and you need to be prepared for this roller coaster ride full of emotions and sadness. The moment you start the conversation regarding ending the relationship, you need to get prepared for the consequences as well. Even sometimes if this relationship is not what you expect it to be, still ending up sometimes is difficult, the entire process of breaking the relation might be difficult for your partner especially in case he/she is not prepared for the same. You must talk to your partner with patience so that he/she can understand the situation which you are presently dealing with, and understand that both you and your partner now have different agendas in life and there is no point stretching the relation in case the other person is not satisfied and happy.

Think of the right time to Break-up

Also, in case you are planning to end your long-term relationship then you must take time to heal from it, before starting a new relationship. You must avoid jumping into another relationship immediately after breaking up with your partner, rather take time in judging your past relationship and understand what went wrong in it before making commitments in a new relation. Look for the drawbacks within you and try to work on it so that you can establish a long and romantic relation with your partner that can bring back happiness and joy in your life.

Breaking a long-term relationship is a bravery act which you have to do in case you don’t have any other alternative left. While getting involved in a long-term relation, you might have dreamed to spend the rest of your life with your partner but the life has some other plans for you. Though the thought of moving out of the relation seems to be daunting, still you need to say goodbye to it. Don’t let the worries of saying goodbye to your partner change your mind especially in case you are not happy at all.

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