The Hidden Stories of the Breast


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Breast in History
Chapter 2
The Breast in Art
Chapter 3
The Concept of Social & Public Breast
Chapter 4
Aesthetic Considerations for an Ideal Breast
Chapter 5
Definition of the Normal Breast and Natural Ptosis including Analysis of Breast Ptosis using Breast-Key
Concept Approach
Chapter 6
Enlarge, push up, Reduce, Lift: There is a Plastic Surgery Solution for Everyone
6.1 Breast Reduction
6.2 Breast Lifting and Mastopexy
6.3 Breast Reconstruction
6.4 Breast Augmentation
6.5 Combined Procedures for Breast Enhancement

About the Author:

Dr. Bouraoui Kotti is a world-renowned Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon. He was involved in
his career in different positions in Tunisia and UAE as a plastic surgeon or consulted as an expert to build
plastic surgery practice in different hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Presently, Dr Kotti is practicing in
private setting in Tunis as a consultant in plastic surgery with a visiting position to the American Academy
of Cosmetic surgery in Dubai.

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ISBN: 9-781-838-088828
Pages: 107

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