Psychiatric Genetics 1.0




The exploration of the genetic basis of psychiatric disorders represents one of the most
compelling and evolving facets of contemporary psychiatric research. Genetics, as an
inherently intricate field, intertwines deeply with the multilayered complexities of the human
mind. Over the years, pivotal strides have been made in psychiatric genetics, pushing the
boundaries of our knowledge and paving avenues for novel therapeutic interventions.
It is an honor to bring forward the contributions of two such stalwarts in the realm of
psychiatric genetics – Dr. Xingguang Luo and Dr. Qiao Mao.

Dr. Xingguang Luo’s journey in psychiatric genetics spans nearly three decades, which is a
testament to his dedication and in-depth understanding of the subject. His academic odyssey
that began in the early ’90s saw him transition from his native land to Yale University as a
post-doc in 2000. Currently at the Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of
Medicine, his remarkable work ethic has resulted in around 220 scientific articles, with 170 of
them penned in English. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to disorders like
alcoholism, schizophrenia, and ADHD. Beyond his prolific writing, Dr. Luo has shouldered the
responsibility of reviewing for numerous esteemed journals and grant bodies, both within and
outside the USA. With his role as an Academic Vice President of the Chinese Association for
Science and Technology in the USA, he continues to bridge the global academic communities,
emphasizing collaborative research.

On the other hand, Dr. Qiao Mao, despite being comparatively early in her career, brings a
fresh, innovative perspective to the field. Since obtaining her medical degree in 2011, Dr.
Mao’s commitment to psychiatry is evident from her rapidly expanding portfolio. Her
expertise envelops the genetics of a wide range of psychiatric disorders, from insomnia and
anxiety to depression and schizophrenia. With over 10 English publications in psychiatric
genetics, Dr. Mao is currently not just a psychiatrist but also the Deputy Chair of the
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at People’s Hospital of Deyang City, China. Her role
underscores her as a burgeoning leader in the realm of psychiatric research.

This book seeks to unravel the enigmatic world of psychiatric genetics. With each chapter
derived from a meticulously researched article, it provides a panoramic view of the genetic
underpinnings of various neuropsychiatric conditions. As you delve into the chapters, it is our
hope that you will appreciate the rigorous research and vast knowledge of the many
contributors, especially the influential roles played by Dr. Luo and Dr. Mao.
Welcome to a journey that seamlessly marries genes with the psyche. Welcome to
“Psychiatric Genetics.”