Management of Missile War Injuries




The straightforward format of this book makes it an easy read. It is written in a straightforward and clear style, making it accessible to a broad audience of students and academics. The areas covered in this book include the management of missile war injuries, as well as personal accounts of war hero injuries sustained throughout the war. This book provides an overview of face injuries and discusses the use of the lateral cervical flap in orofacial reconstructive surgery.
In this book, different phases and management of missiles injuries of the facial skeleton are described and also studied the temporomandibular joint reconstruction with a 2-part chrome-cobalt prosthesis, chondro-osseous graft and silastic.
Pierre Robin Syndrome also explained detailed in this book and its causes like congenital hip dislocation and talipes, in addition to other defects. A cleft palate occurs when the infant’s tongue enters the typical U-shaped cleft of the palate shortly after delivery, which can lead to hypoxia, respiratory distress, and neonatal pneumonia as a result of an airway obstruction.

This is a fairly unique book in terms of the depth and complexity with which the subject is discussed.
Tables, equations, and approximately one hundred illustrations are used to illustrate the data.

A book by – Dr. Raja Kummoona. BDS, FDSRCS, FICD

About the author:

Professor Raja Kummoona is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FDSRCS), an Emeritus Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery at the Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Research Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England from 1975 to 1977, the President of the Iraqi Dental Society (1977-1985), the Registrar of Primary FDSRCS in Iraq (19851990).

He has authored numerous publications and made significant contributions to science by advocating for numerous surgical procedures and research in cancer surgery and flap reconstruction, TMJ surgery and maxillofacial injuries, orbit tumours and missile war injuries of the face, as well as advancing surgery of war injuries of the face globally.

He has made significant contributions to cancer research and established postgraduate programmes in maxillofacial surgery in Iraq. He is the editor of Neck Dissection – Clinical Applications and Recent Advances, Surgical Reconstruction of the Temporomandibular Joint (2013), Germany, and the editor of the books Disease of the TMJ, Surgical Reconstruction, Clinical and Experimental Studies (April, 2014, Science PG), Missile War Injuries to the Face, Maxillofacial Injuries in Road Traffic (April, 2014, Science PG), and Jaw Lymphoma and Orofacial (OMICS International, in press).

He is also the co-editor of Maxillofacial Surgery and Craniofacial Deformity. He is a member of the editorial boards of 29 prestigious international journals, the President of the Society of Iraqi Maxillofacial Surgery, a founding member of the International Society of Head Neck Trauma, 2015, London, and the Chairman of the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, College of Dentistry, University of Baghdad, from 1982 to 2000.

He served on the Council of the College of Dentistry (1975–2000), as founder and chairman of the Maxillofacial Surgery Council, and as a member of the Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations (19932010).

He has authored over 129 papers and is a leading figure in craniofacial surgery in the Middle East. He authored 131 original papers that were published in prestigious national and international publications.