Behavioral Pharmacology & Nursing Research




The straightforward format of this book makes it an easy read. It is written in a straightforward and clear style, making it accessible to a broad audience of students and academics. The areas covered in this book include the effects of perinatal Gum Arabic exposure on the development, behavior, and metabolic parameters of offspring mice. This book provides an overview of a new evaluation approach and its impact on the effectiveness of psychological and behavioral interventions for people with schizophrenia.

In this book, Enhancing Rehabilitation Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury in Rats through
Behavioral Activity in addition to Minocycline Treatment are described and also studied the therapeutic potential of prokaryotic-eukaryotic interaction in the human gut.

The Effects of Ethanol and Thermal Stress on Male Mice’s Social Behavior is also explained in detail in this book and its factors have a substantial impact on the development of offspring during both the prenatal and early life stages.

This is a fairly unique book in terms of the depth and complexity with which the subject is
discussed. Tables, equations, and approximately one hundred illustrations are used to illustrate the data.