Losartan – Medication, Effects and Overview

Few things to Know about Losartan

Losartan should be prescribed by the doctor. It is available in form of an oral medicine.

Losartaan is also known in the name of a trademark medicine called cozaar and as a general medicine. However the cost of cozaar is greater than the general medicine. The trade-name drug may not be accessible in certain cases.

Losartan is consumed in a combination treatment along with several medicines in order to decrease the blood pressure.

The purposes of losartan

The three significant uses of losartan are:

  • In the treatment of high blood pressure
  • To decrease any stroke risk in case of high blood pressure and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), a state which thickens the heart left ventricle walls.
  • Treatment of a kidney disease called diabetic nephropathy due to diabetes.

Angiosten receptor blockers are a medicine group to which losartan is a part of. A medicine group is an assembly of medicines which work in an identical manner. Identical states are generally treated with the help of these medicines.

Olmestran, vasaltran and telmistran are more types of ARBs. They are used in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Ways losartan performs

A chemical in your body called agniotensin II act is blocked by losartan. Losartan assist in relaxation and widening of the blood vessels which decreases blood pressure.

Such act is helpful in treating the high blood pressure along with the remaining states for which losartan is generally recommended. The stroke danger is higher for high blood pressure and left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and lower in case of low blood pressure.

Kidney ailment threat is reduced by lower blood pressure. The risk of kidney damage is increased due to higher intensity of blood sugar connected to diabetes.

Outcomes of losartan

Meek or severe after-effects could be caused by losartan. Below are few consequences of consuming losartan which may not contain every probable consequence.

If you are in need of all probable consequences or advices on dealing with the outcomes a doctor or pharmacist must be consented.

Ordinary after effects

The ordinary after effects which take place with losartan are:

  • Upper respiratory infections, like the normal cold
  • Dizziness
  • Stuffy nose
  • Back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Low blood sugar
  • Chest pain
  • High or low blood pressure

The above side-effects gradually decline in some days or two weeks. In case they become serious or do not decrease a doctor or pharmacist must be consented.

Severe after-effects

In case of any serious outcomes doctor must be consented immediately. In case of medicinal crisis or in case of any dangerous signs assistance must be sought. Severe after-effects and signs are given below:

  • High potassium blood levels. Signs are:
  1. Heart rhythm problems
  2. Muscle feebleness
  3. sluggish heart speed
  • Response to allergy. Signs include:
  1. Face, lips, throat or tongue enlargement
  • Lower blood pressure. Signs are:
  1. dizziness
  • Kidney ailments. Signs are:
  1. Feet, ankles or hands enlargement
  • Unexplainable increase in weight

Losartan’s reaction with other medicines

Losartan can contact with other medicines. Contact with various medicines leads to various outcomes. Example few interact with the way a medicine performs and few leads to high after-effects.

Following are the medicines which react with losartan. It may not include every medicine which reacts with losartan.

Earlier to consumption of losartan one must consult a doctor regarding the prescription, over the counter and few medicines consumed. Information regarding other vitamins, herbal medicines and additional being consumed should also be reported. It may assist you in avoiding possible reactions.

Your doctor or therapist can be consulted in case of any queries.

Blood pressure medicines

Consumption of losartan and various drugs together which function in a similar manner can raise chances of low blood pressure, high potassium levels in blood and kidney ailment.

Samples of such medicines are:
  • Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) like:
  1. Irbesartan
  2. Candesartan
  3. Valsartan
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors like:

  1. Lisinopril
  2. Fosinopril
  3. Enalapril
  4. Aliskiren
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)

NSAIDS should not be consumed in combination to losartan. The danger of kidney ailment is high when losartan is consumed with NSAIDs. The harm is high in case of:

  • Weak kidney performance
  • You are elderly
  • Consume a water pill
  • Are dehydrated

The losartan outcomes are reduced through the reduction of blood-pressure by NSAIDs. Losartan will not function when consumed with NSAID.

Few samples are:

  • Naproxen
  • Ibuprofen

Consuming losartan and rifampin together leads to a raise in the body’s function in eliminating losartan. Rifampin is a medicine employed in curing tuberculosis. Losartan will not perform in order to decrease blood pressure in case they are consumed with the above medicines.

Diuretics (water pills)

Low blood pressure may be a result of losartan. Low blood pressure rises in case diuretics are consumed. Signs of low blood pressure are: dizziness or chest ache. Following are few samples:

  • Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Furosemide
  • Spironolactone
Medicines or additions containing potassium

Potassium intensity in the blood may be raised due to losartan. Consuming losartan along with medicines which comprise potassium, potassium additional, or salt items with potassium, will result in a high hyperkalemia threat.

Some of the medicines are:

  • Potassium chloride (Klor-Con, Klon Con M, K-Tab, Micro-K)
  • Potassium gluconate
  • Potassium bicarbonate (Klor-Con EF)

Ways through which losartan is consumed

The prescribed losartan drug relies on many indicators such as

  • The kind and seriousness of the state losartn in being consumed for cure
  • Duration of life
  • Your load
  • Additional health states like liver ailment prevalent

Usually, your therapist may prescribe a mild dose then gradually increase it as per the required amount. Eventually the mildest dose is prescribed for the required outcome.

Doses that are usually prescribed or consumed are given below. Nevertheless, doctor suggested drugs must be consumed. Dose that is suitable to your requirements will be prescribed by your therapist.

Medicinal types and power
Basic- Losartan
  • State: oral medicine
  • Strong points: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg
Trade name- Cozaar
  • State: Oral medicine
  • Strong point: 25mg, 50mg, 100mg

Dose level for high blood pressure (hypertension)

Medicinal level for adults (from 18 to 64)

The usual beginning dose is 50mg one time in a day. The level of dose varies from 25 to 100mg once daily. Losartan is consumed one or two times daily.

Medicinal level for kids (from 0 to 17 years)

Individuals below the age of 17 years must not consume the medicine for such state.

Medicinal people for elders (65 years and more)

Usually no special doses are prescribed to elder individuals. Elder individuals take in the medicine gradually. In case of older adults level of dose must be decreased or another dose level should be opted.

Specific dose factors

Individuals suffering from liver ailments: In case low-to-normal liver ailments are experienced by you your therapist might decrease 25mg daily.

Losartan cautions

Cautions for allergies

Losartan leads to serious allergies. Signs are:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swollen throat or tongue
  • Hives

In case these signs are grown one must dial 911 or visit the nearby medical places.

The medicine must not be consumed in case you have any allergies. Consuming it may result in deadly.

Caution of alcohol reactions

Consumption of alcohol with losartan may result in tranquillizing outcome. It results in slowed reflexes, poor judgment, and sleepiness. It can be harmful in case you are driving or handle any heavy tools.

Alcohol raises the blood pressure which lowers the power of losartan. It raises the danger of blood pressure becoming very low.

Low blood pressure caution

The medicine might lead to low-blood pressure. You may experience dizziness. In case it occurs one must recline and must contact the doctor immediately.

Caution for individuals suffering from specific medical states
Individuals suffering from kidney ailments

the drug may cause severe kidney ailment. Signs are:

  • Enlargement of hands, feet or ankles
  • Unexplainable weight gain
Caution for remaining groups
Pregnant women

losartan is a category D pregnancy medicine. It implies:

  1. Analysis revealed a threat of severe outcomes to fetus while consuming the medicine by the mother.
  2. Advantages in consuming the medicine are greater than the possible threats in few circumstances.

Breastfeeding women

Whether losartan goes in to breast milk is unknown. In case it goes in it might result in severe outcomes. Doctor must be consented whether to breastfeed your child or not. One must choose either to breastfeed or to consume the medicines.

Older Adults

Elder individuals consume the medicine gradually. The outcome is usual dose level leads the medicinal level greater than usual in one’s body. In case of older adults, less levels of dose or other dose might be necessary.

For kids

kids below the age of 6 must be prevented from consuming this drug.

Drug should be consumed as per instructions

Losartan is utilized in long-term diagnosis. In case instructions are not followed it may result in severe effects.

In case it is not consumed: losartan decreases the blood pressure. In case it is not consumed at all then blood pressure shall remain elevated.

In case losartan is not consumed as per the given timetable: It might worsen the blood pressure rather than improving it. The threat of heart attack might be high.

Things to be done in case you forgot to take the medicine: in case you don’t remember to consume the drug you must consume when you remember. Single dosage must be consumed when you have only some time to consume another. Consuming dual drugs at a time must be prevented as it could result in hazardous outcomes.

When it is consumed excessively: In case it is consumed excessively it may result in following signs:

  • Heart thumping sensation
  • Feeling fragile
  • faintness

Tests to check  if the medicine is working?

Blood pressure should be low. Blood pressure shall be checked by the doctors. Blood pressure can also be monitored in your house.

Whether the medicine is assisting in you kidney performance or decreasing your stroke can be unknown. It doesn’t imply that it is not functioning. Until your therapist says otherwise the medicine must be consumed.

Significant matters regarding the consumption of losartan

The significant matters should be well remembered when it is suggested t you by your therapists.

  • losartan must be placed at room temperature from 59 degrees F to 86 degrees F.
  • The medicine must not be frozen
  • Should not be placed under light

The medicine prescribes can be refilled.


While taking a trip:

  • Your medicines must always be taken with you while you are travelling. When taking a trip do not put it in a verified luggage. It must be place in a bag used for carrying.
  • You need not panic for airport X-ray machinery. They are not a threat to your medicines
  • One must inform the airport personnel the medical mark on the medicines. The actual recommended-brand box must be often carried
  • The medicines are not to be placed in any section of the car or should not be left in it. In case too warm or too chilly climate the medicines are to be consumed.
Self treatment

Monitoring your blood pressure in home might be necessary. A blood pressure monitor should be purchased and a report must be set along with date, time, day and blood pressure analysis. The report must be carried when visiting your doctor.

Medical checkups

While diagnosing with losartan your therapist will monitor:

  • Potassium intensity
  • Kidney performance
  • Blood pressure
Presence of options

Further medicines exist which can cure your state. Few are more suitable than the remaining. Doctor must be consented to know if there are any alternatives that are more suitable.


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