How to treat Constipation

Constipation is a common problem and the mild and severeness of this condition is based on your bowel movements. This problem is different for everyone, in some people it means infrequent passage of feces and in some people feeling not satisfied after a bowel movement.

Constipation is mainly caused by the foods you eat which lack fiber and also on the way you live. Some people experience constipation in their life due to medications or disease. But still, the exact cause of constipation is unknown. If a person is experiencing less than three bowel movements within a week, then it is considered constipation. Following are the symptoms of constipation

  • Abdominal bloating
  • Straining to have a bowel movement
  • Pain due to stools being hard

We would advise you to consult your healthcare professional if you are experiencing the above symptoms. Constipation can affect your life negatively and it can damage your mental and physical health.

You don’t need to go to your physician if you want to treat your problem naturally. The following are the various ways to treat your constipation problem naturally.

Stay Hydrated

You can prevent your constipation problem if you drink more water regularly. We would advise you to stay hydrated throughout the day. When you are experiencing constipation drinking some sparkling water may help you to relieve that problem. People who are suffering from Irritable bowel Syndrome can also find relief from drinking carbonated water.

However, we would advise you to stop drinking carbonated drinks like sugary soda. You will regret later for making this decision as it will make your constipation problem even worse. Dehydration is one of the common causes of constipation and you should drink enough water and stay hydrated.

Increase your Intake of Fiber Foods

Eating foods that don’t contain fiber can make you constipated. Due to this reason, we would advise you to increase your intake of fiber foods. Following a diet that consists of fiber foods will increase the consistency of bowel movements, and you will be no longer pain due to stools being hard.

It has been observed in a study that people who are suffering from chronic constipation experienced positive results due to maintaining a diet that consists of fiber foods. In another study, the researchers have been found that increasing the intake of fiber foods can make the constipation problem worse.

Not all the symptoms of constipation can be cured by increasing the intake of fiber foods. There are other symptoms that you need to work with your physician and those symptoms include

  • Bloating
  • Stool consistency
  • gas
  • pain


We would advise you to work with your physician regarding which type of dietary foods you are going to include in your diet. All dietary fiber foods are categorized into two types.

Insoluble Fibers

Adding insoluble fiber foods into your diet such as wheat bran, brown rice, couscous, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, celery, cucumbers, courgettes, edible seeds, beans, pulses, lentils, nuts, seeds, add bulk to your stools and increase your bowel movements. Your stools will pass more quickly and easily. It will ultimately result in increasing the effectiveness of your digestive system.

Soluble Fiber

Adding fiber foods in your diets such as dried beans, Oatmeal, oat bran, rice bran, barley, apples, citrus fruits, strawberries, lentils, beans, peas, and all these foods can absorb water and improves the consistency of your stools and also softens them. To ease the symptoms of constipation, we would advise you to aim for both soluble and insoluble fibers. Consuming Thirty-eight grams of fiber is recommended for men and the intake of twenty-five grams is recommended for women.

Hit Gym and Do Exercises

It has been observed by the researchers that the effect of exercises on constipation has shown mixed results. In other studies, researchers have been found that doing exercises failed to improve bowel movements.

Based on a recent study, people who are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome found some relief by doing aerobic and cardio exercises. Exercises may not cure constipation completely but it can ease the symptoms of constipation. We would advise people to make a habit of walking daily in the morning, as it will increase your bowel movements and it can make stools easier to pass through your digestive system.

People should rely on the studies because there is no accurate proof that doing exercises can reduce the severeness of your condition. But it will help the people to deal with constipation. As we have observed mixed results on the effects of exercise on constipation, we would advise you to have a word with your physician before choosing any kind of treatment.

Morning Coffee

Having a cup of coffee daily in the morning can stimulate the muscles in your digestive system and it will ultimately increase your urge to go to the bathroom. It has been observed in a study that coffee has the same capability of meals that can stimulate the gut. Drinking coffee in the morning is better than drinking water and stronger than drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Coffee can also prevent constipation by stimulating your gut and it also contains small amounts of soluble fibers.

Consume Prebiotic Foods

Prebiotic foods contain fiber which will ultimately increase your bowel movement frequency by increasing your stool consistency and making it bulk.

Your chronic constipation problem can be treated by some fibers and it is just another way of improving your digestive health. Prebiotic fibers work by giving an entrance to friendly bacteria to your gut and it will ultimately result in improving your digestive health.

It has been observed in a study that galactooligosaccharides that belong to the category of prebiotics can increase the frequency of bowel movements in a person who is suffering from a severe constipation problem. If you are experiencing only one bowel movement per week, then it is considered as a Severe constipation problem. Prebiotics has the capability of making your stools softer.

Prebiotic foods are very important and it is essential to your digestive health. Chicory root, Dandelion Greens, Jerusalem Artichoke, Garlic, Onions, Leeks, Asparagus, Bananas, Oats, Barley, Cocoa, Konjac Root, Apples, Flaxseeds, Burdock Root, Yacon Root, Jicama Root, Seaweed, and Wheat Bran are the various types of Prebiotic foods that contains fiber is available in the market.


C6H6MgO7 is the chemical formula of Magnesium Citrate. Trying this home remedy can fight against constipation and it is considered as the popular home remedy. It is in the form of an osmotic laxative and it is available in all the health stores.

We would advise people to consume magnesium supplements in a moderate amount. Because that is enough for you to get relief from constipation. You can consume in higher amounts but speak with your health care provider before doing it. Generally, doctors give high doses to their patients to clean out the bowel before operations. It has been used in many ways by the medical professionals.

Consuming magnesium citrate supplements can help the person who is suffering from constipation. It is available in health stores and considered the best home remedy to fight against constipation.

Prunes and Prune Juice

Prunes are considered as the best natural remedy in order to deal with constipation. It contains both the Fiber and nature laxative sorbitol. This sorbitol is also considered as sugar alcohol which can produce the laxative effect. It has been observed in a study that prunes work better than fiber to fight against constipation. If you think you became constipated, then taking prunes is the best solution available for your problem.

The recommended dosage of prune is fifty grams and some people need to avoid taking prunes if they are suffering from conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As prunes have laxative effects because of sugar alcohol sorbitol, it is considered as an effective remedy to improve your digestive system and can ease the symptoms of constipation.

Say No to Dairy Products

Consuming dairy products can cause constipation in some cases as those products have a significant effect on your gut movements. Children also affected by constipation due to cow’s milk protein and adults also have chances of encountering constipation due to dairy products.

If you are unable to remove dairy products in your diet, then follow your diet without dairy products for one week and you will notice changes in your digestive system. You can get back to your normal routine and we would advise you to try removing dairy products from your diet for just one week and check whether you are suffering from the symptoms of constipation.

People normally add dairy products into their diet to get calcium and there are other calcium-rich foods are available in the market such as soya drinks, sardines, pilchards, broccoli, cabbage, okra, etc. You may also add prebiotic foods along with the calcium-rich foods to your diet.


Constipation is an Uncomfortable problem and people should notice this problem earlier and have a word with their physician. The exact cause of constipation is still unknown and there are many natural remedies and medications are available in the health stores to treat your problem.

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