How to heal blisters quickly

Blisters are similar to the small and fluid-filled bubbles which are mostly formed on the outside layers of the skin. They are more like the body’s method to protect the damaged skin, so you can leave them alone. Blisters are those kinds of wounds that take some time to get cured. However, various ways can be taken to lower the pain and trouble caused by these blisters. Most blisters are caused due to friction and they are mostly formed in case anything is rubbed against the skin for example sometimes wearing an ill-fitting shoe might result in causing blisters, while some other kinds of the problems can result in blisters are:

  • burns
  • frostbite
  • eczema
  • sunburns
  • any kind of allergic reactions
  • exposure to poison ivy, oak, or sumac
  • sometimes viral infections like herpes, shingles, etc can result in blisters
  • bacterial infections

It’s better to leave them alone

Most of the blisters that we see on our skin disappear on their own within some days while for some others, it might take more time. The liquid-filled bubble of skin is a kind of natural protection that helps in shielding the wound from any kind of bacteria that is harmful. Blisters also offer safe space for newer skin to grow. On the growth of the new skin, our body starts reabsorbing the fluid slowly and within a few days, the blister will dry up completely. In case you peel off a dry blister then you are interfering with healing time and it might take more for the blister to heal completely. Therefore it is advised to leave them alone which in turn also lowers the chance of developing an infection as well.

Protect it

There are some kinds of blisters that might require some extra protection so that they can be preventing from popping. In case you have a blister on the back of your heel then you must not interfere with it. In case you interfere with the healing process then it might cause a lot of pain and the total time is taken to recover from such kind of pain will also increase greatly. If possible, you must avoid any kind of friction near the place of the blister.

Though in a case where it is not possible, there are many things which you can do to stay protected from these blisters and even the popping of these blisters can be avoided greatly:

  • You can cover the blisters – You can cover up the blister by using a loosely wrapped bandage as it will make it less troubling. It is advised to use a regular adhesive bandage to cover the blister, you need to ensure that proper air is flowing as your blister requires air so that it can dry out fast. You must keep the middle of the bandage a little raised so that air can pass easily.
  • Cushion it– Also you can cover the blisters by using cushioned adhesive bandages which are specifically introduced for covering the blisters. These bandages are useful in lowering the along with healing your blister at the earliest.
  • Pad it– You must not put pressure on your blister otherwise it will make the condition more troubling. You can use moleskins which are thick cotton padding and help absorb the pressure. You need to cover the padding by using a bandage so that the growth of the bacteria can also be prevented.

Some natural remedies

Along with protecting your blister by using bandages, you can also try different natural remedies so that the healing process gets faster. Some of the best ways which you can try at your home to cure blisters include:

Aloe vera

In case you have blisters due to any kind of minor burn or sunburn, then you can apply aloe vera on it which will help reduce the pain. For more relief, you can keep the gel inside the refrigerator as the cool temperature inside the refrigerator will fasten the healing process and will keep heat away from the skin.

Green tea

Another popular natural way to get rid of blisters is by consuming Green tea. Green Tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that help in promoting the healing process. You can use a combination of green tea extract and ointment and when both applied on the blisters will lower the pain and will help you in quick recovery. Also, you can mix green tea extract with a carrier oil and can use the mixture directly in the affected area. Some of the kinds of oils that you can use include coconut or almond oil. Keeping a tea bag directly on the blister post running it under the cold water will be helpful in the healing process.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another most preferred way to cure blisters as they have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are used to lower the chances of infection and tea tree oil will fasten the healing process as well. People who have blisters can use a combination of tea tree oil with a carrier oil and can apply it directly to the skin. It is also advised to use dilute tea tree oil with water and apply it on the affected area.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is highly beneficial in curing the blisters, as they have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that are powerful in cleaning the areas and disinfecting wounds. According to many studies it has been found that these oils have the power to fight the powerful bacteria and offering instant relief to the people. Mixing eucalyptus oil with carrier oil will give the desired results, it is advised to combine some drops of eucalyptus oil into 1 teaspoon of olive oil and apply the mixture at the infected area. This mixture can be applied directly to the blisters or you can also dilute the mixture by adding cocoa butter into it.

Drain it

It is best advised to the people having blisters is to leave them alone, as many times it is the best treatment we can have to get rid of the blisters. Sometimes all you need to do is simply just drain them especially in case they are not causing any kind of problem or discomfort to you. You must try avoiding draining blisters near the lips or around your mouth as these areas are difficult to be covered and sterile. Don’t ever try to pop a blister the way you do with your pimple. Your ultimate goal must be to drain the fluid with zero damage to your skin covering the blister. In case you are planning to drain your blister, you must do it within a day of the formation of the blister.

Some of the steps that you need to follow while draining a blister safely along with lowering the chances of infection:

  • First of all, wash your hands and the blister. You can wash your hands using soap and warm water and after that clean the area with the help of alcohol, iodine, or any antiseptic wash.
  • Now disinfect a needle using alcohol which can be done by dipping a needle inside the alcohol so that it becomes disinfected.
  • After that puncture the blister carefully and you can poke four to five shallow holes near the corner of the edge of the blister. Give some time for the fluid to drain out.
  • After that, you can cover the blister using an ointment. You can apply an ointment to get the treatment. You can use petroleum jelly etc to get rid of the blister.
  • Also, you need to apply to dress and cover the blister tightly using a bandage.
  • Now repeat the same process as blisters need to fill back up quickly. You must perform these steps after every seven to eight hours for the initial 24 hours. Post that you need to change your dressing and apply the ointment on the infected area daily.

When it is best to see a doctor

No matter you are draining your blisters or not, you need to be sure that you stay away from all kinds of infection. In case the infections are left uncured, then they will result in pain and you need antibiotics as well to recover. Sometimes blisters result in causing more serious trouble than we assume.

You can seek your doctor help in case:

  • In case your blisters are filled with yellow or green pus.
  • The near area seems red
  • The pain is getting more troubling rather than becoming better
  • Your blisters are developed in unusual places like mouth or eyes.
  • Your blister keeps on coming again and again
  • In case you have worsened symptoms which results in developing an allergy

Blisters are the most common kind of problems that are experienced by a lot of people, the blisters can result in causing some kind of trouble and can affect your daily activities as well. Though it is advised to let the blisters cure on their own in some cases you have to drain them as well. Whether you are referring to your doctor or not, you must keep the affected areas clean and infection-free so that blister can heal completely.

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