How to Get Rid of Lice

Lice can be found in your hair and it is called tiny parasitic insects. Lice are about the size of a small seed and it measures about two to three millimeters. The life span of lice is about twenty-five to thirty days and it will lose its lives if they fall off the head. They are considered as a prolific breeder and has the capability of laying about 6 eggs per day. Those eggs are known as nits and they will be located at the root of the hair.

It is not an easy task for you to diagnose the symptoms of head lice. The increased urge of itching of the head, inflammation on the scalp or near the hairline, unable to concentrate on the things due to head itching, and experiencing difficulties in sleeping are the common symptoms of lice.

We would advise you to check your scalp if you are experiencing the above symptoms. You can find lice and their eggs easily if your hair is wet. If you are unable to find lice under a light, then do wash your hair again and search for the lice again. You should consult your doctor if your scalp is itchy though there are no traces of lice in your hair. Your physician will rule out the condition by checking your hair thoroughly and may prescribe medicines to ease the symptoms.

Lice cannot spread indirectly to your hair. The main cause of people having lice is their physical contact with the people who are having lice. Children are in danger of getting lice in their hair. It is due to they spend so much time with other children in close quarters. When compared with adults, children tend to get affected by lice more than adults. They can spread through

  • When you are hugging someone
  • Sharing bed with them or sleeping next to them
  • Sharing combs, hats or scarves, and towels

Treating Lice

There are no specific treatments required to cure this problem. You don’t need a doctor also and all you need to do is buy shampoo and do a head bath. Because an over the counter shampoo has the capability of killing the lice and their eggs present in your hair. We would advise people to read the instructions properly.

Anise oil

It has been observed in a study that anise oil is considered as one of the best natural remedies for treating lice in children. Even though, other home remedies also effective like this one, anise oil has the capability of eliminating lice in your hair permanently. People who followed the method of herbal remedies reported that they are experiencing the same symptoms after the usage of two months.

Anise oil is available in all health stores or you can buy it online.

Olive Oil

Olive oil also can offer the same benefits as anise oil, and it can suffocate lice and prevent the formation of lice in your hair. It is also considered as one of the most effective remedies just like anise oil. If you are unable to ease the symptoms of lice even after applying olive oil to your hair, the medical professionals suggesting people try both at the same time. You will experience any side effects if you use both the oils together.

Olive is available in all grocery stores or you can purchase it online.

Coconut oil

To treat your dry skin and hair problems, you should consider using coconut oil. It is considered as one of the popular treatments for treating hair problems.

It has been observed in a 2010 study that the researchers compared the effects of both over the counter medications with various natural remedies. The result will surprise you as the coconut oil shows its effects on the hair within the four hours of applying the oil, and it killed eighty percent of the lice present in your hair. Hence, researchers concluded that coconut oil is an effective natural remedy that you try when you are suffering from head lice.

Within the four hours, medicated shampoos destroyed Ninety-seven percent lice present in your hair. That is why researchers said that using coconut oil and medicated shampoos both cannot harm your hair.

Coconut oil is available in all health food stores or you can buy them online.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains the properties of antimicrobial and it is considered as one of the most effective home remedies for treating the problems related to skin. It has been observed in a study that researchers experimented on a group of people regarding the effects of tea tree oil and lavender oil. After the study, the researchers conclude that the participants are no longer suffering from the head lice. This success rate is not even seen in the over the counter treatments.

In other studies, using tea tree oil to get rid of lice showed mixed results. The dangers of tea tree oil include it can sometimes irritate the skin and in the end, you will get a rash. More research is needed to be done to prove this and there are lots of health benefits can a tea tree oil offer you.

Tea tree oil is available in all pharmacies, health stores, food stores or you can buy it online.

Petroleum Jelly

If you are suffering from lice, petroleum jelly is the one you need right now. It has the capability of killing lice as it will make hard for insects to breathe and they will die eventually.

But the problem with petroleum jelly is you need to wash the affected area two to three times to remove the jelly. It is best for the people who are allergic to lice shampoos and who are not familiar with the treatment of lice. It is also considered as one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of lice but the removing part can be greasy and messy.

Petroleum Jelly is available in all the health stores or drug stores or you can buy it online.


Proponents strongly believe that mayonnaise can kill the lice by covering their nose and mouth so that they suffocate and it will also make it easier for the person to remove it from the hair. Lice can cause itching and scalp irritation and it can be treated by the mayonnaise.

While more research needed to be done and the existed studies lack evidence to prove the point that mayonnaise has the capability of killing or treating lice. It is considered as a harmless procedure and one of the most effective home remedies.

When to see a doctor

We would advise people to have a word with their physician if they are suffering from lice infestations. It can be itchy and painful and people need medical treatment at this point based on the report given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. No home remedy and over the counter medication can give you relief from lice permanently. All the treatments are designed to give relief temporarily. You need to follow your doctor’s advice to reduce the chances of developing lice in your hair again.

A person can try home remedies only if the lice infestation is in the initial stage. As I have said earlier, you can’t detect the lice in the early stage. You may require professional help to detect that. If your problem is reappearing even after trying all the home remedies, we would advise the people either to visit their doctor or use an over the counter lice shampoo. If the lice shampoo failed to give relief from your problem, then you should consider this problem seriously and we suggest you consult your physician and he may prescribe some powerful medications to reduce the severeness of your problem.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil can treat your head lice problem and it is considered as one of the most effective natural remedies. This oil can be useful in treating head lice, fungi, and a variety of insects. But it does not have the capability of killing nits. All you need to do is pour the oil in ten milliliters of water and apply it to your hair. We would advise you to apply this mixture of oil once a week for three weeks.


Sometimes, all you need is a shampoo for treating your problem. If your condition is in the first stage, then you can get rid of lice with the help of a lice shampoo or applying a lice shampoo to your hair. We would also advise the people to read the instructions properly before using it. Instructions are not the same on every shampoo. Some shampoos require you to remain on the scalp for a few minutes.


Having lice in your hair is a common problem. We would advise you to not worry about your problem. This problem often goes away on its own. But sometimes, it requires medical attention and can be cured with the help of medications. We would advise you to try the natural remedies if your condition is very mild and seek professional help if your symptoms are reappearing. You should consult your health care provider if you don’t see any improvements in your condition after trying all the natural remedies.



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