(IOS) – The First Case of Coronavirus has been recorded in Germany. This virus is spreading worldwide and there are chances of it may become pandemic, but everyone continues to hope that it is not. Government officials are taking precautionary measures, as the death count has touched 106 in China.

A man who belongs to the town of Stranberg, which is 30 kilometers southwest of Munich, had been infected with the Coronavirus, according to the sources of Bavaria’s health ministry.

Doctors treating him and put him in isolated gurney which is designed especially for the people who are suffering from highly contagious diseases. He is in stable condition after undergoing treatment, the ministry in the southern state said in a statement. They did not reveal any details of the patient regarding his age or his nationality. According to the health authorities, it is the first case of man to man transmission in Europe.

People who are maintaining close contact with the patients and are experiencing mild respiratory symptoms are also advised to take the test. People should maintain proper health and prevent this virus, especially through cleanliness.

The Virus has emerged in the city of Wuhan at the end of last year. Till now, this virus has killed 106 people and infected almost over three thousand individuals. Runny nose, Sore throat, Headache, Fever, Cough, and having a feeling of being unwell are the common symptoms of this virus.

People who recently traveled to China for New year Celebrations are at a high risk of getting this virus. People traveled to china from almost a dozen countries and that is why it becomes difficult to control this infection and there are chances of it may spread worldwide. Even though coronavirus cases have been recorded in other countries, no deaths have been reported as of now.

Jens Spahn, who is the minister of health in Germany told to reporters that “he was not surprised the virus had reached Germany, but the case in Bavaria showed how well the staff is working in order to control the infection coming from China. Authorities in Germany doing whatever they can do to stop the spread of the virus.

The risk is low to the people in Germany from the new respiratory disease that broke out in Wuhan. Till now, there have been confirmed cases in countries like South Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, France, Singapore, and Australia.

We would advise you to consult a physician immediately if you are experiencing mild respiratory symptoms and don’t forget to wear face masks when you are communicating with the other people.

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