Drugs for Overactive Bladder


Having an affected bladder may lead to problems and even it is very painful in some cases. This effect is known as OVERACTIVE BLADDER. This effected bladder has had some symptoms that are the signs for effected bladder:

  1. Always urinate more than normal times.
  2. Urination is always frequented.
  3. Urination is done in the late nights more than once.

This is seen when a person has an effected urinary bladder. There is almost no cure for the effected bladder but there are many ways to control the effected bladder for the urination. Neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease are the best examples of this effected bladder. If there is a disorder then there is a higher chance of high urination. In men, if the prostate gland is enlarged the urinary bladder gets affected. In some cases, if there are stones or any type of cancer in the person then the bladder may be affected.

A doctor’s suggestion to cure or diagnose the effected bladder. In case the doctor cannot diagnose the disease there is no need to get worried. In order to control the symptoms, there will be use of some drugs. By the use of some drugs, there will be an effect on the bladder for the control of the symptoms. These drugs stop the urge of the urination that is done frequently. Some drugs are given for control and some drugs are given to strengthen the tissues that have become weak for the body functioning. If the tissues become stronger then there will be chance of the control of the urination.

Drugs Used For The Control Of The Disease

There are many drugs in order to control the disease. The main drug that is used frequently in order to control the urge is anticholinergic drugs. This drug helps in blocking the chemical that is the main reason for the causing of the disease. The chemical that is blocked in the body is Acetylcholine. This chemical sends a remainder for the blocking of the urination that is done frequently. In the recent studies and tests that are conducted by scientists, there will be a certain effect by the use of this anticholinergic drug. Anticholinergic are prescribed by different names by the doctors. Some of the names that are suggested in order to recognize the prescribed medicines. The medications include:

1. Oxybutynin
2. Tolterodine
3. Trospium
4. Darifenacin
5. Solifenacin
6. Fesoterodine

Oxytrol is the one the drug that is available in capsules or tablets. These can be taken through the mouth. It is not only available in capsules or tablets it is also available as an ointment or as a lotion for the skin.

Anticholinergic has side effects that include: Dryness of mouth, Vision of the eye and some other side effects like vomiting, fever.

The persons who are more than 60 years of age have the greatest risk of side effects. By using the medicines there is more chance of getting drowsiness and in some cases, the person may get into a coma. The drug named oxybutynin causes more side effects when compared to other drugs that are used. By taking a limited dosage of this oxybutynin drug may somehow decrease the rate of side effects on the person. If the person takes more dosage then the person gets affected with memory loss.

Other Main Drugs Useful For The Control Of The Disease

The other drug that is useful for the control of the disease is beta 3 adrenergic drugs. The medicine that is derived from these drugs is mirabegron medicine. It gives a smoothness to the muscle and helps in the control of the disease. This helps to store more urine in the urinary bladder.

This medicine will be available as a tablet that can be taken through the mouth and make sure that it is prescribed through your doctor before taken the medicine. If doctor prescribes the medicine then it is taken once a day according to the dosage given. The most important side effect of this drug is high blood pressure.

The other drug that is used for this OAB is flavoxate medicine that belongs to Antispasmodic drugs. This medicine controls the contraction of the muscles in the bladder. This medicine is not effective for some age groups. So in some cases, this medicine is not suggested.

If the above drugs that are prescribed by your doctor don’t work on you then your doctor will prescribe you an antidepressant drug. This helps you to treat depression. This drug helps in relieving some of the disease symptoms. Doctors that prescribe for this antidepressant drug is desipramine. This drug helps you to relax and helps to controls the urge of the urine. This will contract the muscles at the neck of the bladder. These are the main effects of using this drug.

Another drug that is used as an antidepressant is imipramine. This drug also works as the same as the desipramine. The main side effect of this drug is sleepiness. At some times it is not a side effect because in the night times this sleepiness helps to decrease in the urge of the urine.

By taking these antidepressants there will be some common side effects such as:

1. Drowsiness
2. Fatigue
3. Anxiety
4. Decreased sex level

Hormones That Are Seen In OAB (Over Active Bladder)

Most of the women suffer from OAB due to weak support of the tissues around the urinary bladder. If this is the main reason for this OAB then doctor suggests for topical estrogen. This hormone helps the body to work naturally. By giving the topical estrogen the walls of the bladder, urethra gets stronger. By the strengthening of the walls, the OAB may be decreased. After the release of the menopause, the women get fit and they will be able to do their own work.

The topical estrogen includes estradiol crème or conjugated estrogen crème. When all the estrogens that are given into the body merge there will be some risks of some cancers, stroke and heart attacks. However, there is less risk by taking topical estrogens than by taking oral drugs directly into the body.

Toxins Of OAB

Toxin Botox is a well-known toxin for the use of OAB. This helps in the smoothing of the wrinkles that are occurred due to OAB. This toxin works as like as anticholinergics for the blocking of acetylcholine. This toxin also helps to paralyze the muscle of the bladder. This toxin treatment is a new treatment that is recently studied and it is still being studied. Due to the recent upcoming study, it is not been approved by the health insurance plans.

Botox is a very powerful drug that should be given to the doctor. This is injected into the body by the doctor and the person is kept for observation for observing the side effects. If this drug is not suitable for the person then the bladder may paralyze. If this is seen in the person then the person should be able to control himself/herself for the catheter process. This process may include a catheter tube that is sent into the urethra and bladder to drain the urine. So it is suggested by the professional doctors that care should be taken for the urethra and urinary bladder.

Lifestyle Changes

If you are suffering from overactive bladder, your doctor may suggest you to change your lifestyle such as

  • Reduce the consumption of food and drinks that may activate your bladder
  • Follow a diet that promotes bowel regularity
  • Quitting smoking
  • Add fiber content foods like beans, oatmeal, fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet if you have a constipation problem
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by doing bladder control exercises


It is not an easy task to manage overactive bladder. You can revert back to a better and pleasant way of living with right therapy. Drugs should be utilized for the overactive bladder along with the therapy. To discover the best medicine suited for you, we would request you to consult your physician.


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