Diabetes and Blurry Vision: What You Need to Know

When your body is unable to produce insulin or not having enough levels of insulin is known as diabetes. It is considered as a complex metabolic disease. In order to maintain your energy levels or producing new energy levels, your body needs sugar. Insulin helps your body to get these new energy levels by breaking down the sugar or glucose cells and deliver it to your body. It covers the entire body.

If insulin doesn’t work properly to your body then your blood will consume most of the sugar and the process will interrupt and it will result in a lack of glucose levels in your body. Medical professionals call this condition as hyperglycemia. This condition may affect your body negatively and it includes all your body parts. People experience blurry vision when they are suffering from diabetes and it is due to hyperglycemia.


People often experience blurry vision before they are getting diagnosed with diabetes and due to this reason, it is considered as a warning sign of low levels of insulin in your blood. People who are diagnosed with blurry vision are unable to see the pictures or images clearly as fluid is leaking into the lens of your eye. Due to this reason, you will observe swelling in your lens and changes in the shape of your eye. It will be difficult for you to focus on anything with those changes to your eyes. We would advise you to consult your physician if you are suffering from blurry vision. It is not easy for you to manage this condition and it can interfere with your daily activities.

People experience blurry vision when they are taking the insulin treatment from their doctor and it happens due to fluids shifts in your body, but you are able to manage this condition after ten to fifteen days. If not, we would advise you to have a word with your healthcare provider about your condition and your physician will try to manage that condition first. Your vision will back to normal condition if you are able to stabilize your blood sugar levels with the help of your physician.

Why people suffer from blurry vision due to diabetes?

Diabetes can cause retinal disorders and health professionals call it diabetic retinopathy. The following are the disorders related to retinal disorders. These disorders include

  • Macular edema
  • Proliferative retinopathy

When you are experiencing the swelling of the macula due to the fluid leakage is known as macular edema. You are able to see sharp central vision because of the macula and it is one of the parts of the retina. The following are the indicators of macular edema. These indicators include

  • Wavy vision
  • Change in the color

When your blood vessels are leaking into the middle of your eye, this condition is known as proliferative retinopathy. Blurry vision is one of the indicators that you are experiencing proliferative retinopathy. You will also observe the following changes in your body. These changes include

  • Spots or floaters
  • The trouble with night vision

People experience blurry vision when they are suffering from glaucoma and that is why it is considered as one of the indicators of glaucoma. People experience a huge pressure in their eyes as it damages their optic nerve due to this condition. As per health authorities. You have a higher chance of getting diagnosed with glaucoma when you are already suffering from diabetes. Nausea or vomiting, tunnel vision or loss of peripheral vision, pain in the eye, halos around lights, and reddening of the eyes are considered as indicators of glaucoma disease.

People who are suffering from cataracts are more likely to develop a blurry vision. Your eyes will become very cloudy due to this condition. People who are below the age of eighteen years are more likely to develop cataracts other than adults. It means when compared with adults, younger age guys have a higher risk of developing this condition. The faded color, unable to improve your vision through with new glasses prescribed by your eye specialist, blurry or clouded vision, glare or halos around lights, sensitivity to light, and experiencing double vision usually in just one eye is the indicators of cataracts.

What is the cause of blurry vision other than diabetes?

Even though diabetes is the main cause of blurry vision, there are many factors that are contributing to blurry vision. Certain prescribed medications, dry eyes, injury to an eye, infection or inflammation, nearsightedness, and low blood pressure are the causes of blurry vision other than diabetes.

If you are a computer geek or sitting in front of a computer for long hours or handheld electronic device can cause your vision getting blurry. People call this condition a digital eye strain. You will experience blurry vision due to the glare of the digital screen or poor lighting. We would advise maintaining a minimum distance from your computer to yourself, as it may contribute to the cause of blurry vision. The following are the indicators of digital eye strain. These indicators include

  • Headache
  • Dry eyes
  • Neck pain or shoulder pain

We would advise you to correct this problem by adjusting to the workspace and also by taking breaks often. People who are suffering from multiple sclerosis and lupus also experience blurry vision. These diseases are called immune system disorders and blurry vision is a common symptom for these diseases. You are no longer experience blurry vision if you take the right treatment.

Have a word with your physician

If you are suffering from diabetes, then you have a higher risk of getting diagnosed with many eye problems. Due to this reason, we would advise you to have regular check-ups and eye exams. Make sure to tell your doctor all problem briefly and the symptoms you are experiencing and If you are taking any drugs make sure to tell them also.

Blurred vision is a small problem compared with other eye problems and your eye specialist can fix this problem by prescribing your medications and eye drops or eyeglasses. However, in some cases, it can be an indicator of other diseases other than diabetes. Due to this reason, we would advise you to tell your symptoms about your doctor when you visit.

In most cases, identifying this symptom and consulting your physician early can treat your problem or prevent it from getting worse. For instance, if the levels of blood sugar are not normal, your physician may recommend some drugs to manage it better. However, your physician primary focus should be on the cause of your problem and will suggest the plan of action later.

How to treat this condition?

If you are suffering from blurry vision due to diabetes, then we would advise you to consult your physician in order to identify the problem in the beginning stage. If you are able to control your diabetes by taking the medications correctly and by following your doctor’s instructions, then you are no longer suffer from these symptoms, known as blurry vision.

When your physician finds that you are in the early stage of getting diagnosed with retinopathy, then he or she may suggest some remedies to manage the problem and managing this condition includes observing and controlling those things that have a negative impact on your eye health such as

How to prevent diabetes?

As diabetes is the main cause of blurry vision, we would advise people to follow the below steps to prevent the condition. These steps include

Reduce your intake of sugar

Consuming sugary items may contribute you to have diabetes. We would advise you to reduce your intake of sugar in your diet. It has been observed in a study that consuming sugary foods may increase your chances of getting diagnosed with diabetes. Eating sugary foods in high quantities may lead to raising your levels of insulin and also blood sugar.


Getting habituated to doing physical activity daily in the morning may prevent your condition from getting worse. Exercise has the capability of increasing the sensitivity of insulin to your cells. It has been observed in a study that people who exercise daily increased insulin sensitivity by fifty-one percent. Therefore, we would advise you to do some physical activities daily in the morning from twenty to thirty minutes.

Increase your intake of water

Sometimes, all you need is water. It has been observed in a study that the people who are overweight are started drinking more water in the place of diet sodas and experienced a reduction in insulin resistance and levels of insulin. Due to this reason, we would advise you to drink more water and stay hydrated instead of consuming beverages and preservatives that are high in sugar.

Say no to processed foods

Eating processed foods may increase your chances of getting diagnosed with diseases like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Before your condition gets worse, we would advise you to minimize your intake of processed foods.

Stop smoking

It has been observed in research that smoking can increase your chances of getting diagnosed with diabetes by sixty-one percent in people who have a habit of smoking twenty cigarettes daily. Smoking is strongly linked to diabetes and quitting smoking may reduce your chances of getting diagnosed with diabetes.


People experience blurry vision for many reasons aside from diabetes. If you are experiencing these symptoms, then we would advise you to consult your physician immediately as it can be an underlying cause of many diseases.


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