Concussion is a traumatic brain injury mostly occur when faced any injury to the head, which may result in unconsciousness. When you consult your physician for treating your concussion problem, you will be advised to take some rest in order to ease the symptoms of your problem. In some severe cases, it is not possible for you to treat your concussion problem through resting. A concussion can be dangerous if it lasts for more than one month.

If you are experiencing a mild traumatic brain injury, then it is considered as a Concussion. It can occur at any time and anywhere. Due to this reason, we would advise you to know how you can cure the concussion problem. You don’t need to do anything except consulting your health care provider and describe him how you experienced a concussion and how long you are experiencing the symptoms of this problem.

Unable to recollect things, balance problems, lacking clarity, sensitivity to light or noise, feeling depressed or inactive, vomiting, fainting, and double vision or blurred vision are considered as indicators of concussion. There are chances of you might experience a concussion without experiencing these symptoms. You may experience after some weeks or months after an injury.

Treatment for Concussion

Of course, taking some rest is an effective method to treat a concussion problem. But that doesn’t work all the time, you have to do other things or follow other methods in order to reduce the severeness of your concussion problem. There are many things that you can follow to recover from the concussion problem like doing exercises and cognitive stimulation.

The cells around your brain may get damaged due to a concussion. As a result, the cells affected by the concussion don’t get enough oxygen and they will be unable to complete cognitive processes such as recognizing, identifying, reading, and thinking. Cells that are not affected by the concussion can perform these tasks but not efficiently. It will be difficult for the remaining cells to complete the cognitive process.

That is why we would advise people to do some physical exercises and cognitive training in order to improve your cognitive abilities. The following are the various ways to recover effectively from the Concussion.

Weight loss Exercises

You can do exercises in order to recover effectively from the concussion and don’t do exercises for too long. We are advising you to do exercises just for the sake of blood pumping. Your heart rate gradually decreases as your concussion problem becoming worse and you need to increase your heart rate.

We would advise you to do calisthenic exercises if you don’t have the necessary equipment to perform the exercises. If you are experiencing any difficulties while doing any kind of workouts, then switch to another one. If you think you are experiencing your symptoms again, then consult your doctor immediately.

Having an intense workout will give you an amazing feeling and makes a big difference in healing. But we are not advising you to do an intense workout, instead of doing as much as you can. If you are unable to do a workout, go for another one. If you want to make significant changes to your daily routine, then have a word with your physician. You will indirectly be taking care of your mental health if you start taking care of your body. Maintaining physical fitness is mandatory nowadays and it is especially true for the people who were recently encountered with a concussion.

Cognitive Training

After doing an exercise, do activities that will test your brainpower like sudoku puzzles. Your brain works differently and effectively after an intense workout. You can assume this as an exercise for your mental health. After you sweat out in the gym, your brain releases endorphins that are called feel-good chemicals. There are many feel-good chemicals you will experience after a hard workout such as

  • Endorphins
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine

You feel good when your brain releases any of the above chemicals. As you have gotten blood pumping, now it is time for you to work on your Cognitive skills. We would advise you to engage in some cognitively demanding activities such as reading, thinking, etc. When you are solving a puzzle, your brain changes its structure.

You will be ready to do some cognitive activities only after doing physical activity. Because it works in that way. By doing these physical activities and cognitively demanding activities, you are able to recover from concussion normally. We would advise people to engage in cognitively demanding activities immediately after physical exercise.

Soothe Your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS):

It is not an easy task for you to control your autonomic nervous system, you may be not aware of this but controls the processes in your body. Your Autonomic Nervous System can be impacted due to the damage of the Concussion. Damage to your Autonomic Nervous System can have a significant impact on your heart rate.

Even Exercise also helps the people who are suffering from the strain on their Autonomic Nervous System, It has been observed that people are able to ease the symptoms of concussion by doing. Try to stay calm and focused all the time. It will ultimately help you to ease the symptoms of a concussion problem. There are also many phone applications that are available in the play store that can help you to fight with the concussion problem.

Say No To Electronic Screens

Do Some Normal Activities Instead of spending time with phones and electronic gadgets. Try to stay relaxed and composed during that day. Because that should be controllable by you only and it is not possible with the other person’s help. The rest from screens is considered as the traditional concussion advice. We are advising you not to spend your whole day playing video games. If you are able to control your urge on playing video games, it will help your brain recover. Never ever try to spend your time playing with electronic gadgets. Instead of that, you can play some outdoor games with your friends, and if that is not possible then ask your friends to come home and chat with them. Try to avoid electronic screens at any cost and spend some time with nature. It will help your brain to recover from the concussion.

Fit into Your Schedule Slowly

Sitting alone all day and doing nothing that doesn’t Fit in anyone’s schedule. You should go to work because it is bread and butter for everyone. You should slowly get into your everyday obligations and also at the same time give your brain some time to finish healing.

Anti-inflammatory Diet

Following an anti-inflammatory diet can help your brain heal. If you feel its difficult for you to maintain that diet, then reduce your intake of processed foods such as canned beans, Frozen fruits, Juice drinks, Processed meats, deep-fried foods, Packaged cakes, and cookies. Make sure that you are eating three normal meals per day or six small meals in a day.


Rest is vital in treating a Concussion problem but at the same time taking other preventive measures is important in treating this problem. Doing exercises and Training your brain to become normal is the best way to treat the Concussion problem. We would advise you to have a word with your health care provider if you are facing any difficulties in your recovery period.

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