Celebrities affected by Depression

Depression is also called as major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and it can affect anyone, even celebrities though they take precautionary measures to avoid it. People may not aware of their role models also once suffered from the mental health conditions. Celebrities are not an exception for depression even they are also the victims of depression and experienced it at some point of time.

Professional actors think deeply about their failure, and the chances of getting diagnosed with depression are really high especially if they are experiencing the failure for the first time. They should take that failure as a learning experience and no actors and actresses failed in doing their job and it’s just the business failed. As they have gone through a lot while dealing with the failure for the first time, and the celebrities will be easily trapped in the hands of depression.

People think about celebrities as having it all, but many people don’t know that they are the victims of depression. They have gone through a lot during their career. Money and fame can’t cure what they are suffering and due to their fan base, even the celebrities also don’t want to talk about their mental health condition. Depression also ended some of the celebrities’ careers over and the main reason for the celebrities who are suffering from depression is they don’t want to open up about their problem. Some celebrities managed to cope with depression and do their work and some aren’t like that.

Celebrities who spoke about their mental illnesses and their efforts to make other people talk about their own problems openly will not only open the doors for other celebrities but also for their fans. Even the common people also feel shy to talk about their mental health problems and their depression problem gets severe after that. If this depression gets severe to common people and celebrities, all they want to do is suicide in order to get out of this danger zone. Because depression makes people feel like that.

Getting anger all the time, maintaining aggressiveness, irritability, feeling tired, not showing interest in their favorite activities, frequent thoughts relating to suicide, addicting to alcohol, using illegal drugs such as Marijuana, Hashish, Heroin, Opium, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Mexican Valium, Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, Ketamine, angel dust, love boat, peace pill, Salvia Divinorum, Dextromethorphan, Lysergic acid diethylamide, mescaline, Psilocybin, Anabolic steroids, and Inhalants are the illegal drugs used by the people who are suffering from depression.

Some celebrities revealed their depression problem and shared their inspirational stories during their interview, and through their blog. Here take a look at the Celebrities who shared their encounters with depression and how they managed it.

Katy Perry

She spoke about her experiences with depression in a 96-hour live stream on YouTube. The main reason she was affected by depression is due to her album “WITNESS” is criticized by critics and failed to impress her fans. She thought of committing suicide after her album has failed, but instead of doing that she came back with the song “By the Grace of God” during her bout with this mental health condition. The reason why she opened up about her depression during a 96-hour live stream on YouTube, is just because she wanted her fans to see her true self.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, and he shared how he was affected by depression in his teenage. He thought of doing nothing and don’t want to go anywhere during his depression phase. He suffered a lot and he can still remember those painful moments and there’s nothing he can do at that time except crying constantly. He expressed his views to Express, a British newspaper “people should not feel shy to reveal their condition about depression and that will separate you from other guys if you open up about the depression and find ways to take treatment for your problem”.

Many will become victims of depression by thinking that they are only suffering from depression. but, as a matter of fact, there are millions of people in the United States affected by the Depression and even more in the world. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told that if you are battling with depression, you are not alone. There are many people in this world doesn’t know how to convey this issue properly and due to this reason depression gets severe in no time. People should initiative and don’t feel shy to talk about their mental illnesses in public if they can’t talk in public at least they should tell to their physician because he/she is the one who is going to save you from the depression problem.

Dwayne Johnson shared about the important things about the depression in a YouTube Video and his fight with depression at the age of 23. The most important thing when you are suffering from depression is you should not feel like you don’t have anyone in your life, instead of that appreciation for what you have and share all your feelings with the members of your family and to your friends, and they will find the solution for your problem if you can’t.

Jim Carrey

Actor Jim Carrey also affected by depression and shared his struggles with depression and in order to ease the symptoms of this mental health condition, he used to take antidepressant drugs. After using the antidepressants for some time, he found hope that he can deal with this problem and after that, he stopped taking antidepressants.

He shared his experiences with depression in an interview with sixty minutes. People who heard these experiences from the most influential comedian went bizarre. Jim Carrey shocked the audience with his statement, and he has also described how he dealt with depression. He started experiencing depression after the second of his two failed marriages, and he consulted a psychiatrist who recommended him to take a drug called Prozac. Even though the drug works well for the comedian, he later realized that he wants to stop taking that drug. Because Carrey said in an interview, he is already quite addicted to the drug, and if he doesn’t stop taking that antidepressant at that time, he will be addicted to that drug in the later stage of his life.

Carrey also credits his healthy diet and people also should focus on their eating habits and don’t fall for the antidepressants. There are many natural supplements that can prevent this mental health condition. For example St. John’s Wort, this medicinal plant is used in the treatment of depression by the old people. Strictly following Healthy Diet and taking natural supplements is the main reason for the improvement in his mental health.

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady is an Actor, Comedian and he knows how to make people laugh, but he doesn’t know how to cope with depression and he struggled with the symptoms of depression without telling to anyone. He hid the depression for several years and described his personal battles with this mental health condition to an English News Paper.

The way he dealt with depression will motivate others to open up about their depression problem. He said he found hope after helping other people who are suffering from depression and Brady motivated people to talk freely regarding how they are fighting with depression. Wayne Brady strongly believes that if people can figure out why they diagnosed with depression will open the doors for the treatment for this problem and people can follow various ways to reduce the severeness of the problem with the help of their physician.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Iron man actress, Gwyneth Paltrow suffered from Postpartum Depression after giving birth to her second child, Moses. She even reduced her film workload and concentrated on her depression problem. She found hope from their housekeeping staff and they take good care of me all the time and they responded well to my needs. She told that her physician recommended therapies and workouts to cope with her postpartum depression.

People think that the women who are suffering from postpartum depression are not capable of taking care of the newly born babies, but there are different shades and depths of it. Paltrow doesn’t know that she was suffering from postpartum depression until her husband communicated with her. She opened up about her depression problem on her popular blog, and she wants to thank her husband for noticing that problem in her, and she also considers that phase she suffered from depression is one of the painful chapters in her life.

Depression is a mental health condition where you are not interested to go to anywhere and unable to convey your problem with anyone. You will be the main reason for this condition severeness if you don’t speak up about your depression problem. Postpartum depression symptoms include crying a lot, headaches, a feeling of inadequacy, an unexplained lack of interest in the new baby, a feeling of being overwhelmed and trapped, or that it is impossible to cope, a lack of desire to meet up or stay in touch with friends, a low mood that lasts for longer than a week, a feeling of inadequacy, a sensation of being rejected, the parent lacks interest in themselves, feeling guilty, getting difficulty in sleeping, frequent irritability, unable to respond to the motivation given by others, blurred vision. Stomach aches, unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand, loss of libido, persistent fatigue, and lack of appetite are the main symptoms associated with this mental health condition.

Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell also the victim of depression and opened up about her depression experiences in her Motto essay. Bell wrote in the essay that she wasn’t aware of depression and finally she found hope in her mom. Kristen Bell credits his mother because she is the one who took good care of me while I’m suffering from depression. I regained my strength and it’s not easy for me as well as for her to save me from depression. She encouraged the public to seek treatment options for people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Even her fans also think that she is leading a luxurious life and living her life peacefully until she revealed her experience with depression. people also should stop the way they see the people who are suffering from depression and the people with depression should not feel shame about their problem and that’s what I did, bell said in a show. In her childhood, even her mother and grandmother used to suffer due to the serotonin imbalance, and that may be the cause of her depression problem. She realizes her problem quickly, and seek treatment for her problem. Depression is a condition where you no longer feel good about yourself and if you are in that state for a long time, it will lead to a great loss or there are chances of you will end up your life by committing suicide or addicting to illegal drugs.


Pink is a United States singer who has shared her experiences with depression and anxiety. She said her problem with depression is because of her overthinking. She became normal after taking therapy and she still goes to couples counseling for the entirety of their relationship. She also stated that they started going for couples counseling even before they are married and that’s what separates us from other couples and we are still leading a happy life because of the counseling and that’s the only reason behind our success in continuing this relationship for such a long time.

Managing anxiety, depression wasn’t easy for me and I had to take my physician’s help because of the severeness of the mental health conditions. Also, these different emotions helped me to write songs in a different way and I couldn’t write all these if I was in the state of carrying only one emotion throughout my life and different emotions helped to think differently and I wrote the songs accordingly to that.

There is no method to sustain in a long relationship except taking counseling. I recommend taking counseling to everyone if they have problems in their relationship and I and my husband are still together and it is because of counseling.

Being with a family member helps you a lot while you are suffering from depression. I surrounded by the right people when I’m experiencing depression and that helped me a lot. So, you guys should do the same and maintaining a close relationship with your partner and revealing about your mental health condition will make you feel comfortable and also makes you ready to take the treatment for your mental illness. The musician also revealed that writing songs also helped me a lot, journaling acts as a treatment for my problem.

Hiding your feelings and not revealing your mental health conditions to anyone will increase the severeness of your existing condition. The best solution for your depression problem is to speak about it and you should take the initiative to break this stigma.

Cara Delevingne

Model, actress, and singer described her battling with depression and also told that she used to get frequent suicidal thoughts while she was suffering from teenage depression. she became the victim of depression due to the lack of confidence in her abilities. She was unable to forgive herself for her failures in the school, and as a matter of fact, she was never lived up to her expectations during her childhood. She used to hate herself for her failures and Cara also stated that she was unable to tell her problems to anyone.

It’s quite difficult for me to move on in my life after my failures, “I wish I could have given myself a hug”, she said. Cara revealed that she suffered from depression due to her desire of wanting more fan base. She always wanted people her to love more, and that is the reason she never expressed her anger on anyone, instead, she expressed her anger on herself. She has a habit of questioning herself like What’s Wrong with me? Though that is a good habit but too much questioning and doubting on her abilities opened the doors for depression in her life. She even stopped going to school because of her condition and tool treatment for a breakdown. “I don’t feel bad for depending on the love, too much on other people to make happy”, She added. There are many celebrities wants attention and love from their fans just like her.

Brad Pitt

Academy Award Winner Brad Pitt spoke about his depression problem that he was suffered during the early days in his career. During an interview with a Hollywood reporter, Pitt spoke various aspects of his life regarding how he dealt with his mental health conditions and how did he managed to beat the depression problem?

I was really in a bad phase of my life at the end of the 1990s and I always tried to hide from my fans and was smoking way too much dope. He became famous for his movies Fight Club, Troy, Snatch, and The Curious Case of Benjamin.

I took it as great education and didn’t fall under the trap of depression. brad realized that he has to do something about his problem. He was involved with great people works and observed what they were doing. Later, he found that helping others may reduce the severeness of his mental health condition. That’s where he joined the hands with his longtime partner Angelina Jolie. Brad Pitt said that she is always busy helping others and studying the problems of others. I have known many people who are far better and more dedicated than her, but she is completely different from them and studies issues daily.

“This idea of helping others brought a smile to my face, and I enjoyed serving other people and I know that this idea of perpetual happiness is crazy and those moments helped me to move on in my life,” he said.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is known as the Greatest Swimmer of all time. He struggled with depression even at the top of his career. During my struggles with depression, I used to get a lot of suicidal thoughts. I felt like I don’t want to talk to anyone in my life but I need to put an end to my problem. So, I decided to consult a licensed therapist who can solve my problem and my decision to go for a therapist changed my life completely and I feel very proud of taking this decision.

He is 23 times a gold medalist battled with depression and anxiety. Depression will decrease your self-confidence and make you react to negatively. Phelps got his confidence only when he started sharing his feelings with other people. Life became easy for me after taking the treatment from the therapist and people also should openly discuss their mental health conditions and he also added that people won’t do that and that is why they become the victims of depression.

Phelps also thought that not discussing his depression problem to anyone, but unless he speaks with the right person, he can’t able to cure that condition. After taking the treatment, I got confidence in myself that I can ease the symptoms of depression.

Michael Phelps teaming up with the Talk space for mental Health Awareness Month, and encourage the people with depression and other mental health conditions to support them. the main problem with the depression people they have to take help from other people otherwise they will not come out from that zone. Normally, people with depression don’t want to talk about their problems, and it will increase the severeness of the condition. His main motto of joining hands with talk space is to motivate people to speak openly about their mental health conditions and don’t hesitate to seek help from the other people.

Sportspeople shouldn’t have these types of weaknesses, common people assume us as their role models, so it is important for us to keep them on the right track. If we don’t take the initiative then who will break this stigma? As an Athlete, we have to handle so much pressure and we are not supposed to show weakness. “I am so thankful that I can ask for help now,” he added. I learned a lot from these mental health conditions instead of suffering from it, I took it as a challenge.

Therapy helped him to cope with depression and prepared me well for the battle with anxiety and other mental health conditions. Taking therapy helps me to communicate openly with people.

J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling fought with depression. she used to write harry potter stories while she was suffering from depression and writing helped her a lot to deal with depression. she also seeks medical assistance and no one showed interest in treating her. Fortunately, her regular doctor observed her condition and also understood the seriousness of the condition. Rowling took counseling and going for counseling wasn’t her decision but her regular doctor’s decision.

Rowling told in a statement that, “Depression is the most unpleasant thing I have ever experienced.” Depression makes you feel sad all the time and you are not able to cheerful again. It will close all your hopes and make you feel alone all the time. Depression will make it hard to express your feelings to other people.

Following her heart and her passion for writing was the turning point in her depression. she used her writing to beat the depression. Her dedication to writing and concentrating on her work all the time reduced the severeness of the disease.

Rowling didn’t feel shy to talk about her depression problem instead she motivated lots of people to speak openly about their problem. Openly communicating with other people about your mental health condition is the solution to this mental illness. There are many people who beat depression by writing just like J.K. Rowling are Carrie Fisher, Winston Churchill, and Emma Thompson.

Hugh Laurie

If you are watching House TV series and following that American medical drama daily, then Hugh Laurie is not an Unknown name to you. Like his character, Laurie has suffered with bouts of major depression. He termed his depression condition as “Heavyweight Unhappiness” began In his late teens.

He didn’t follow the medication prescribed by his physician, but instead he went with the St. John’s Wort course. This medicinal plant can help people who are suffering from depression but it didn’t get the green signal from the Food and Drug Administration.

Hugh Laurie suffered with clinical depression which he calls “heavyweight unhappiness”. He doesn’t want to speak about his depression problem in public and still manages to speak about his problem as it remains a major taboo in life for many.

He has a habit of degrading himself and fails to acknowledge his achievements in life. He didn’t feel proud of his achievements and spends his valuable time worrying whether the project he is working at present will be successful or not.

He beat his depression with the help of a psychotherapist and he finally spoke about his depression problem with the right person. when he was unable to respond to the exciting events around him, there he was realized that he was suffering from this mental health condition and took treatment in the late 90s. His psychotherapist worked through his problems and bring the best out of him.

Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp is also the victim of severe depression. His therapists have access to sets during his film shooting. Along with the depression, he is also suffering from severe anxiety. He opened up about his battles with depression with rolling stone and he added that “I was as low as I believe I could have gotten… the next step was”.

Due to the allegations of domestic violence on him, his marriage with Amber heard fell apart. He also told about his lavish spending habits and all the rumors people hearing about him.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar experienced the symptoms of depression and thoughts of committing suicide while recording TPAB. He also adds that, it is not an easy task for him to balance the two lives that he has to live daily. He experienced the indicators of this mental health condition during the recording of TPAB, because that album came from his personal experiences and reminded his tough times.

Many people feel ashamed to talk about their depression and they refused to get help from others. It has to change and only people can bring this change. Kendrick battle with depression leads to the suicidal thoughts and there are many artists like him committed suicide because of mental health conditions related to depression. Kendrick has been suffering from depression since he was a child.

It is important for the people who are suffering from depression is to take treatment for their problem. Because they can’t alone treat themselves and depression will not let them doing so. The minds of the depressed people filled with full of negative thoughts.

Sophie Turner

If you are a big fan of Game of thrones TV series, you will be surprised to know that the Sophie turner, who played Sansa Stark in the American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss has opened up about the impact of her popularity on her mental health condition.

She used to experience depression since childhood, and recently her mental health affected when she came to know about the negative comments about her character.

Sophie used to get suicidal thoughts when she was younger and she also added that she wasn’t capable of hurting herself. When she was suffering from teen depression in her teenage, she doesn’t have interest in going out, always wants to feel alone, and thoughts of committing suicide. “Even, I wasn’t sure of why I got those thoughts and I simply had no motivation during that time to do anything to sort out my issues with depression.” she said.

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