Body odor Issues and how to Manage?

Body odor is a direct reflection of your diet. There are several potential causes of unpleasant body odor, including hormonal shifts, night sweats, a poor diet, and even genetics. Even more so in the warmer months, a foul body odor can cause a person to feel ashamed of themselves and undermine their self-esteem. Recent research has shown that synthetic materials like polyester and bodysuits are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, making them unsuitable for wearing to the gym. These synthetic fibers provide a perfect environment for germs to multiply. Use a natural textile such as cotton, linen, or wool instead.

Some research has suggested that a diet rich in fruits and veggies with powerful carotenoids can improve one’s sense of smell. If you worry that eating onions and garlic would make you smell awful, you might be mistaken. As a result, your body odor will let you know if you’ve been binge-eating or drinking. Pick carefully! Many theories have been put out as to what makes humans smell pleasant or unpleasant. The factors of heredity, general health, and lifestyle heavily influence our body odor. While microorganisms on our skin metabolize carbs and glucose in our sweat to produce the most common types of body odor, our diet and the meats we choose to eat can also play a role. Yes, you read that correctly. Therefore, there is a potential that you do not smell pleasant even if you practice appropriate personal hygiene because of specific foods.

Sweat is often cited as the most common culprit in cases of unpleasant body odor. That’s not entirely accurate, and you should know that. Read on to learn some novel approaches to eliminating perspiration-related body odor.

What foods help eliminate body odor?

There are products like deodorants and fragrances that can help with body odor, but they only mask the problem rather than fix what’s causing it. Adopting a well-balanced lifestyle and diet is often the simplest solution to the underlying issue. The strength of your body’s natural aroma may be affected by the foods you eat and the foods you avoid. Many meals, in fact, have the ability to eliminate odors and purify the body. Many of these products are also highly successful at eliminating foul breath.

Following are the foods that will help to reduce body odor


The zesty, invigorating aroma of lemon is vital in achieving the perfect body odor. Lemons’ antimicrobial and disinfecting properties make them useful for getting rid of both natural and bacterial sources of body odor and bad breath. Because of its acidic nature, lemon juice helps reduce the skin’s pH level, making it harder for odor-causing bacteria to thrive. In addition to strengthening the immune system, the vitamin C in lemons aids in flushing out any potentially dangerous pollutants. Nonetheless, you’ll instantly notice an improvement in your aroma because lemon is swiftly absorbed by the body. If you want a clean and refreshed body and mind, try starting your morning with a warm cup of water with a slice of lemon.

How to prepare

A half of a lemon can be rubbed on smelly feet or underarms to help eliminate the body odor. If you want to take a shower afterward, wait until the juice is dry. To completely eliminate the odor, use this solution once every day.


Tomatoes are another food that might help reduce body odor. Tomatoes’ antibacterial and antiseptic characteristics aid in reducing the number of microorganisms that cause body odor. Tomatoes are an all-natural astringent that can be used to help reduce the size of pores and stop sweat from flowing out of the body’s sweat glands. Tomato juice has been shown to reduce body temperature and, consequently, sweating.

How to prepare

Take half a cup of tomato juice or add fresh tomatoes to your salad every day. Apply freshly squeezed tomato juice to perspiration-prone areas for ten to fifteen minutes before showering. Take a shower and wash it off. The phrase should be used as much as necessary.

Green Tea

Green tea, loaded with antioxidants, is a magic beverage that can keep you from having stinky feet, poor breath, and a stinking body. Green tea is beneficial for detox because it promotes the formation of glutathione, a provider that helps the body get rid of toxins. Body odor improves when toxin levels drop. Green tea’s polyphenols not only kill the bacteria that cause foul breath but also work to eliminate any lingering odors. This herbal tea also keeps your mind calm and reduces stress naturally.

How to prepare

Prepare a cup of green tea by adding 1–2 tablespoons of leaves. Douse it with steaming hot water. Steep, covered, for 2–3 minutes. Remove the solids, and serve with raw honey. Include a small amount of ice. Each day, have three to four cups of green tea.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil works great as an organic deodorant, keeping you fresh all day long without the need for harsh chemicals. The moderate fatty acids in coconut oil have an antibacterial effect, preventing the growth of microorganisms that produce unpleasant odors. Coconut oil’s benefits extend to the digestive system, making it a useful tool in the fight against both body odor and bad breath. Oil pulling, an old custom that might help you cleanse your system, works best with coconut oil.

How to prepare

Try putting a tablespoon of pure coconut oil in your mouth right now. For fifteen to twenty minutes, gargle with the oil. Clean your teeth as usual after spitting it out. Perform this routine once a day on an everyday basis.


One more spice that immediately soaks up the body and leaves a pleasant perfume behind is cinnamon, which is also well-known for its ability to freshen the breath. The cinnamon really enhances rather than destroys your inherent scent. The germs in your mouth will decrease thanks to the volatile oils in this plant, which also help with foul breath.

How to prepare

Have a cup of cinnamon tea once a day. Refreshing cinnamon tea can be made by steeping an intermediate cinnamon stick in warm water for 10 minutes. Your digestive health will also improve significantly. Use iced cinnamon tea as a mouthwash to eliminate foul breath immediately.

Which foods and beverages cause unpleasant body odor?

Avoiding these odor-inducing meals and beverages will help you keep your mouth, perspiration, and poop smelling fresh and clean.

Following are the foods and beverages that can cause unpleasant body odor


You may notice a less-than-pleasant after-bar body odor if you partake in happy hour. What occurs is as follows: The alcohol in your tequila shots is broken down into acetate, also known as acetic acid, once it enters your bloodstream. You may be able to exude it in your perspiration.

Vegetables that have a cruciform shape

Cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, and other family members can be a double odor offender. To begin with, the sulfur in these vegetables imparts a distinct body odor akin to that of rotten eggs. Consuming them “may enhance sulfur availability to skin bacteria, hence enhancing the production of sulfur-containing chemicals.” Furthermore, those with a genetic disease called trimethylaminuria may notice an “all over” fish scent after eating these vegetables. This prevents the digestion of a chemical in green vegetables, soybeans, eggs, and milk that gives these foods their unpleasant odor.


Beef is on the lineup of sulfur-rich foods that can cause odor, and eating too much of it can result in “rotten egg-smelling farts or stools.” Meat consumption may influence perspiration, according to a study. In this pilot investigation, 17 males were randomly assigned to eat meat or go meatless for two weeks, and their underarm perspiration was collected. Vegetarians’ perspiration was deemed less offensive by a panel of female judges than that of meat-eaters. Meat’s fatty acids, according to the study’s authors, can make perspiration smell worse.

Spicy foods

Body odor may be exacerbated by eating spicy meals. The reason for this is that as our core temperature rises, so does our perspiration. The more you perspire, the stronger your body odor. Researchers found that vegetarian individuals were judged to have a more pleasant and subdued body odor than their meat-eating counterparts.

What are the useful tips to beat body odour?

Every one of us may relate to that feeling. Your nostrils wrinkle at the first whiff of body odor (B.O.), and then you realize with a sickening feeling that it’s coming from you. You won’t have to waste cleaning products in the office bathroom trying to wipe yours behind thanks to these tips and tricks.

Following are the useful tips to beat body odor

Wash often

The effects of a thorough cleaning can be remarkable. The best way to combat body odor is to shower more often, focusing on problem areas. Think long and hard before putting on that T-shirt again, too. While it’s true that not every item of clothing needs to be cleaned after each use, heavy sweaters may want to clean more frequently. If you have body odor, you should wash your shirts and anything else that touches your armpits after each wear. Put on a short-sleeved T-shirt as a base layer to stop perspiration and odor from traveling to your sweaters and outerwear. By doing so, you can reduce the frequency with which they require washing. It will also improve the smell of your sweater and yourself.

Indeed, you are what you consume

If you drink too much during happy hour, you may wake up the next day reeking of salsa and margaritas. It’s not only the air around you. Your diet has a direct correlation with your perspiration odor. Sulfur-containing foods like cabbage and broccoli might make you feel and smell a little sour. The most common violators are onions and garlic. Strong spices like curry may also contribute to your body odor unpleasantness. You are what you eat, so watch your intake. Either avoid or limit your consumption of stinky foods.


If you’ve been working out, change out of your sweaty workout clothing as soon as you’re done. Get rid of that musty shirt you wore on a hot day. Bike commuters should pack an extra set of clothes in case they become sweaty on the way to work.

Deodorant that is ideal for you

If a body spray has ever failed you spectacularly, raise your hand. Let’s keep those pits closed, I suppose. It might be difficult to find the ideal deodorant, but if your present choice isn’t working for you, it’s time to stop using it. A deodorant that can hardly get through lunch is not as good as you. Finding a body spray that suits your body and daily needs may require a few tries. To choose the best deodorant, you don’t have to give them all a try. While you are exploring, don’t forget to look out for any irritation. Itchy armpits are not worth smelling like roses.

The Bottom Line

Sweating has a purpose and is quite normal. If you feel the urge, there are tactics to lessen sweating or mask its effects. Visit your physician if you think your sweating is out of the ordinary. Expert counsel can be useful.