Acne Around the Mouth: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Acne, a bump that oddly appears on the skin. Acne around the mouth is the occurrence of acne around the sensitive part of the face where there exist nerve endings. This is the most common annoying condition of the skin that affects teenagers and people of all ages. This occurs when the hair follicles on the skin clogged by the oil (sebum) and dead skin cells. That often results in whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples that appear on the skin. Our skin is a noticeboard for our health and it says what is going inside the body. A pimple conveys a clear message about health and hygiene, where doctors trace them down easily.

Our skin contains pores, connected to oil glands called sebum under the skin. The sebum carries dead skin cells with the help of follicles (connects glands to the pores) to the skin surface. Tiny hair on human skin grows through the follicles, when blocked, builds up oil under the skin and form pimples.

Acne, a chronic skin disorder with inflammatory skin condition leaving spots on face and other parts of the body like shoulders, neck, chest, back, etc. This is a skin disease affecting 3 in every 4 people aged from teen to 30. Acne is not dangerous but leaves pain and scars that appear ugly on the skin. It commonly occurs through gene, menstrual cycle, stress, anxiety, intake excess of oil foods, and by squeezing them as the infection spreads all over that area. Acne, controlled by a healthy balanced diet, some home remedies, and proper treatment.

Acne around the mouth

It is just painful, and sensitive where ever it comes. A large number of nerve ending are present around the mouth so it may be more sensitive and painful if acne comes around the mouth. Some repetitive external pressure around the mouth area causes acne. This is by using mobile for calls when it touched beside the mouth or by using musical instruments. As these objects contain thousands of unseen bacteria on them. We can even blame the cosmetic products, lip shields, shaving gels or creams, and toothpaste sometimes when the skin is too sensitive. Hormones and genes play a vital role in the acne around the mouth, that comes from the parents.

Causes of acne around the mouth

Hormonal imbalance is a common cause of acne around the mouth, found in many. Certain facial cosmetics clogs the pores and promotes the formation of acne. If the acne is consistent it falls under one category, when acne seen during some days of the month, this falls into the other category.

The exact cause of acne, a hidden unknown fact. This is the most common skin condition seen amongst 70-80 % of people. It affects people more during their puberty age. Occasionally people get pimples now and then for various reasons even if they do not have acne. Multiple potential reasons are present that causes acne and few among them that cause acne around the mouth include:

Regular touching of the face with no reason

Should try to avoid placing fingers on face and acne except while cleansing.

Placing mobile or wired phone against the face

Proven study, that gadgets contain more bacteria than a commode in the washroom. We place our mobile in various places knowingly being absent-minded and place it over the face while on call. These bacteria cause acne over the mouth.

Due to oily skin

Skin texture of every individual varies, some secrets more oil and other have a flaky dry texture. Acne is more seen in people with oily skin. Oily foods produce more oil on the skin so, people with this difficulty should avoid oily foods.

Bacteria that builds upon the pillow covers

So much of bacteria exist on the pillow that we use regularly this may cause acne.

Irregular change of pillow cover

We travel many places in a day from home to office, all around in unseen pollution that sticks to our hair.We must change our pillow covers regularly as this is the place where bacteria settle down without any notice.

Diet- due to improper food and drinks

Acne, caused around the mouth due to an imbalanced diet. Eating at irregular intervals of time, adding more junk and colored beverages, without any calorie notice causes acne. A healthy diet sets its room to healthy skin.

Secretion of more sweat

Aggressive exercise flushes out toxins through sweat. When there is no proper exercise to the body, the fat settles down under the skin and causes out acne from the clogged pores.

Face hygiene

An improper face hygiene causes acne around the mouth. One suffering from acne should clear the dust from the skin. Dust accumulates over the skin and resides on it when kept uncleaned causes acne.

Hormonal changes that occur in life growth

Hormonal changes occur in every stage of life both in men and women, causing acne.

Smoking could lead to acne around the mouth

Some toxins present in cigars when inhaled and exhaled from mouth spread over it and cause acne.

Treatment of acne around the mouth

Making small changes in daily routine, we can aid a way to reduce acne around the mouth. If it is more cystic or makes you worried, soon sees a dermatologist. A dermatologist works with you to find out the cause to treat it. It is not by simply means the dermatologist asks the family health or skin history. Never shy yourself in answering whatever they ask. They find a perfect cure and treats you with combinations of a few treatments that work best on the skin.

In general, the medicine that treats acne around the mouth be similar to the ones that treat basic acne that occurs, on all parts of the face but the power varies with the severity.

  • Dermatologists introduce medication that includes, cleansing lotion, gels, creams that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to treat acne
  • The oral prescription includes pills that cure acne and antibiotics. Some pills may flush out the toxins from the body by processing more urine
  • Creams that dermatologist prescribe varies from mild to strong without damaging the skin. Topical gels like clindamycin and strong ones like benzoyl peroxide
  • Accutane
  • Treatments include light therapy and chemical peels- peels off the skin and maintain its texture with balanced pH creams. The one who undergoes peel treatment, not allowed to expose to sun

Home remedies treat acne around the mouth

  • Turmeric has the best healing properties. When applied on acne as a pasted when mixed with water, dries out the acne and allows it to fall off in less than 3 days.
  • Aloe vera a medicinal plant, that gives its gel to cure acne. Its extracted gel applied to the acne or its spot for its reduction.
  • Neem, the best medicinal plant that cures acne. Its paste, applied on the face, to treat acne.
  • Cinnamon, it does wonders on the skin to cure acne when it’s powered, applied with honey.
  • Green tea It is a medicinal tea that balances the hormones and aids a way to cure acne around the mouth when consumed regularly.
  • Tea tree essential oil has properties to kill the bacteria. Few drops of this essential oil, mixed in any face packs while applying.
  • Detoxifying tea such as green tea, cinnamon tea, turmeric tea when added up in our regular diet treats acne around the mouth.

Prevention of acne around the mouth

People can follow a healthy skin routine to prevent acne. That include:

  • Cleansing of skin regularly and specifically face thrice a day as the mouth is a part of it. People suffering from acne around the mouth should shift to mild cleansers from harsh soaps and gently cleanse the face.
  • Use labeled noncomedogenic makeup products on the face that do not clog the pores. Cleansing or clearing up of make-up at the end of the day prevents acne around the mouth.
  • Avoid touching face except while cleaning, wiping, and while applying something. This brings a lot of change when practiced regularly.
  • We can prevent acne by not squeezing them out. Squeezing out one pimple resides bacteria over that place all around and result in many around it.
  • A regular shower can prevent acne. Not only on the face but many people suffer from acne on the back, neck, shoulder, etc. A regular shower draws off the dust and prevents the body from acne formation.
  • Must apply a required amount of lip shield, excess of it when applied on the lips may cause acne around the lips due to its greasy texture. Hence to prevent acne around the mouth, just apply the required amount of lip balm.
  • Oil is essential for hair but not on the face, for the people suffering from acne. Must keep oily products away from the face to prevent acne around the mouth or over the face. If oil residue falls over the face, try to wash it plenty of times that aids skin from a greasy texture.
  • Use oil-free products to prevent acne. Acne, mostly seen in people who have oily skin. Oily products make the skin oilier resulting in more acne. So, to prevent it use oil-free products like face wash or creams or gels on the face. Use products that dry up the skin and secrets oil from the skin.


Acne, a very bothersome skin disorder that lowers one’s confidence level to face people. In this fast-growing world, many products with the composition that specially treat acne containing tea tree, turmeric, neem, etc. manufactured making our life easy. Acne takes time to cure and people suffering from it need the patience to treat it and look better. When this skin disorder, acne around the mouth increases irrespective of home precautions, it’s time to see the dermatologist.


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