Morgagni hernias, rare diaphragmatic hernias in pediatric surgery, have been traditionally addressed through various surgical approaches. In a recent development, a comparative study published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery has underlined the potential benefits of cystoscope-assisted repair over single-incision laparoscopic percutaneous techniques for Morgagni hernia. This retrospective study could influence the surgical community’s preferred strategies in managing pediatric patients with this condition.

Methodology of the Study

The study conducted by researchers from various esteemed institutions in Turkey, led by Mehmet Hanifi Okur of Dicle University Medical School, compared two minimally invasive surgical techniques for repairing Morgagni hernias in a cohort of 40 pediatric patients.

Group 1 comprised 20 patients who underwent a single-incision laparoscopic percutaneous Morgagni hernia repair method using a 5 mm Storz laparoscopic scope entered through the umbilicus. Conversely, Group 2, also consisting of 20 patients, experienced the cystoscope forceps-assisted Morgagni hernia repair technique. This method employed the insertion of an 11 Fr (3.6 mm) cystoscope through the umbilicus, followed by sac plication and cauterization using forceps and a Bugbee electrode. Notably, in Group 2, the hernia sac was manipulated and ultimately removed, which differed from Group 1, where the sac was left intact.

Results and Findings

The study found no statistical difference between the two groups concerning age, gender, symptomatology, or associated anomalies. However, when it came to the operation times, Group 2, which underwent the cystoscope-assisted technique, demonstrated a significantly shorter duration (25 minutes vs. 40 minutes; p < 0.05).

One case of hernia recurrence was noted in Group 1, while Group 2 showcased no recurrences. Nonetheless, the difference in recurrence rates between the groups was not statistically significant (p > 0.05). The shorter operation time and lack of recurrence in Group 2 suggest that cystoscope-assisted repair may provide a better safety profile and efficiency in managing Morgagni hernias.

Implications of the Study

Improving surgical outcomes and minimizing operation times are critical objectives in pediatric surgery. This study’s findings suggest that the cystoscope forceps-assisted technique could significantly influence current surgical procedures for Morgagni hernia repairs.

Expert Opinions and Recommendations

According to the study’s authors, the adoption of the cystoscope-assisted repair technique could reduce the duration of surgeries and may potentially lead to improved patient outcomes due to the minimized risk of recurrence associated with this method.

Other experts in the field, who were not part of the study, also acknowledge the importance of continuously assessing and improving surgical techniques to enhance recovery times and patient safety.


This study has helped identify an advantageous surgical option in the cystoscope forceps-assisted repair technique for Morgagni hernias. While more extensive and potentially multicenter studies may be required for a broader consensus, the current evidence leans towards this method being a preferred option given its quicker operation times and potentially safer outcomes.


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