40 Weeks of Pregnancy Week by Week with Symptoms

Forty weeks of preparation to fall in love for a lifetime, no matter how painful the days are, just one kick sets everything right. Days of pregnancy, counted from the first day of women’s last period, not from the date of conception (day of conceiving a child). Conceiving of a child occurs two weeks later from the last period so, the average time span of baby growth in the womb, counted as 40 weeks through an unborn baby spends around 38 weeks. See below for Pregnancy Week by Week with Symptoms.

40 weeks of pregnancy traces the changes that take place within the mother and the baby every week. Each week is a milestone to mother when expecting. Read on the article to know when mothers feel their baby’s first kick and what’s going on week-by-week.

40 weeks of pregnancy, split into three trimesters:

  • First Trimester: first 12 weeks from the time of conception
  • Second Trimester: from 12th week to 24 weeks
  • Third Trimester: from 24th week to 40 weeks.

Conception Time

The gender of a baby and inherited characteristics decided at the time of conception/ conceiving. That is the moment when men’s sperm fertilizes with the ovum(egg) of women so, the other name of conception is fertilization. This usually happens in one of the women’s fallopian tubes after the start of LMP (Last Menstrual Period). The fallopian tubes, present between the womb (uterus) and ovaries. The mother doesn’t know the exact date of conceiving so doctors use LMP to find it out.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 1 and Week 2

The surprise to all the mothers falls in this week because they are not pregnant by now. Even though the baby not conceived, the expected birth date of the baby usually calculated from the first day of the last period, so we consider the menstrual period in week 1. All the above conception period changes happen in this week. It is important to protect the unborn brain with folic acid. Women who get folic acid daily at this early stage reduces the risks of neural tube defects.

During these two weeks, the body gears up, working hard, paving a way for the baby to live. Until next month, we do not know exactly whether the egg has successfully matched with sperm or not. The uterus prepares itself for the entry of the fertilized egg. The menstrual cycle arranges some hormones which are responsible for one another. First among them is, Follicle stimulates hormone, which stimulates follicles to get matured. Luteinizing hormone, the second hormone which increases in 5th day works along with the follicle-stimulating hormone. Every follicle contains one egg and every month, each of them becomes active. They get mature and produce estrogen hormone, which aids the uterus lining to get thicken. When this hormone rises to an adequate level, it activates a spike in the production of luteinizing hormone (LH). This rush of LH produces an egg from the most mature follicle that passes through the ovarian wall to meet the most favored sperm that develops the egg into a baby.

Week 3 and Week 4

In the week 3 and week 5, the symptoms of pregnancy include: Baby on board… the clusters of cells are growing and multiplying, soon to be an embryo. Some will form the embryo and another placenta. Here, the journey begins Zygote, a fertilized ovum migrates from the fallopian tube to the uterus (womb). This step falls under conception and after seven days, the zygote is known as a blastocyst. To reach the uterus it takes another two to three days to implant itself in the uterine wall and grow for the next 9 months. Once the egg keeps growing the placenta forms. Placenta keeps growing in the uterus and supplies food to the baby. Before the formation of the placenta, a sac formed which is a baby’s yolk sac that produces blood and nourishes the young embryo. The oxygen to the baby provided through the umbilical cord. Though the gender is determined at the time of fertilization, doctors probably know it for about 14 more weeks. Briskly divided cells aid in the process of formation of various body parts and systems including the digestive system.

An embryo or the developing baby is in the size of about the pinhead or thinner than a rice grain. Due to the hormones that caused pregnancy, pregnant women have a higher sense of smell that magnifies every little, good, bad, fragrance in these weeks. Much of the women face morning sickness during week 3 and week 4. After fertilization, within six to twelve days egg starts releasing human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a pregnancy hormone. This makes the pink, blue, or the specified color appear on the testing kit. Pregnant women in her weeks 3 and 4, falls under the first month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 5

The high levels of hCG hormone levels at this stage are enough to confirm that a woman is expecting. This week, the embryo starts looking like a fetus by forming a neural tube. This tube becomes the baby’s brain, spinal cord, and backbone. Tiny bud-like growth appears that grows up to be arms and legs. Still, it takes a lot of buildouts to form a baby. At this week’s heart, made up of two tiny channels knows as hard tubes, when these tubes join together, the baby will have a fully functioning heart and the baby’s heart starts to beat. When the heart of the baby is visible, it is the best time to spread the good news. When to tell, it is completely a personal decision a couple can make.

hCG- Human Chronic Gonadotropin Hormone.

Week 6

Smile… as your little one is going to take its shape this week. The baby now, 3 mm in length and heartbeats about 105 times a minute and known to be an embryo. It secrets all the special hormones, that stop the mother from her menstrual period. Baby’s nose, mouth, fingers, toes, and ears start their formation and begin to take its shape. The baby looks like a tiny tadpole with a curled teeny tail. Mother is in month 2 of her pregnancy. She may not see many changes outside but reminded of 6 weeks pregnant every time she feels bloated. Frequent urination is a symptom every woman faces at this stage. The pregnancy hormones cause an increase in blood flow to the pelvic area which is not pleasing to spare two-hours of time in a movie theatre.

Week 7

The umbilical cord is welcomed by the womb, to process its work further. The placenta, tunneled into the uterine wall to deliver nutrients and blood from the mother’s bloodstream and even eliminates the waste from the bloodstream. The baby now has eyelids but kept shut and contain sensitive soft bones that look like little paddles. The mucous plug settles into the opening of the cervix that protects and seals the womb from bacteria. The baby forms its mouth and tongue and the kidneys are in their place, soon the baby starts producing the urine. The mother starts seeing changes in her body with an increase in breast size and pigmented skin all over her body.

Week 8 : Pregnancy Symptoms

Wake up! baby opens the eyes. Be it blue, coffee brown, or sea green, we won’t be able to see the baby’s eyes yet this week the retina of the baby eye starts its way of formation. All the essential organs of the body system begin their way to develop by the end of week 8. The embryo lengths up to be 1.3-2 cm depending on its gene. The mother is still in the second month of her pregnancy in week 8. The heartbeat rate of the baby, roughly beats twice as fast as the mother, varying about 150-170 times per minute. The mother feels the tightness of the cloth around her tummy, due to the change in the growing size of the baby.

Week 9

The baby is 2.5 cm in length now, a lemon shaped and getting stronger. 31 weeks to go but can hear the sweet heartbeat sound of the baby on a doppler device at the doctor. It takes some more time for the mother to wait, for the little punches as the baby starts growing tiny muscles this week. The tail at the spinal cord disappeared and looks more like a human by the end of week 9. Mother feels like she reached her limit this week feeling tired, clothes getting tighter, busting tummy out, and running to the washroom all day long. Visiting the washroom 100 times a day is not because the mother is sick, it’s just to pee. The mother starts seeing relief from her morning sickness this week.

Morning Sickness

Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 10

Congratulation to the baby as graduated successfully this week from embryo to fetus and to the mother too for reaching 3rd month of pregnancy. This week, the baby grows up to be 3-4 cm in length. Tiny buds appear that become baby’s first teeth which do not appear until the baby is 6 months old. These teeth develop under the gums of the baby. The kidney starts making a large quantity of urine by growing its size and the stomach produces digestive juices. The knees, ankles, and other joints take up their shape in week 10 with the tiny elbows working by now. The mother’s symptoms may persist and add up constipation this week. She starts examining her 10 weeks of pregnant belly each day. The veins in blue start appearing suddenly on skin, breasts, and abdomen.

The estimated due date for the birth of the baby is just an estimation. Usually, babies are born between 38 and 42 weeks, very few babies make the right schedule. To get help from the midwife and doctor is a must for an expecting woman. We may fix the due date but babies come out only when they are ready and mothers need to be patient.

Week 11

The symptoms of pregnancy in Week 11 includes: Baby now turns to be a strawberry of 7 grams inside nearly 4 cm length. At this week baby called, brainy baby as their head takes about half of the body length. The fingernails, toenails develop and separate fingers and toes that bring the baby look. 11 weeks pregnant is 3 months pregnancy and only 6 more-month s left to go. The mother sees changes in her hunger and that is absolutely good, as the baby is growing inside. This rise in appetite nourishes the body of mother and baby. Bloating in the mother reduces in week 11.

Week 12

The baby weighs 14 grams and lengths 5-6 cm. The pituitary gland of the baby starts producing hormones in this week. These hormones, produced at the base of the brain responsible for having babies for their own one day, making the mother’s future grandma. The bone marrow of the baby starts making white blood cells, that able to fight off the germs passing around. Mother is still in 3 months of pregnancy. The digestive system of the baby starts working. Now the mother finally hears the fetal heartbeat in this month’s check-up that makes her heart race with joy. The mother adds dizziness this week, as her blood vessels relax and increase the blood flow in the baby.

Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 13

The baby is as big as the lemon weighing 28 grams and 8 cm length. The eyelids of the baby are to continue shut to protect the eyes from developing peepers. Vocal cords start forming filling with the promise of laughter and cry. The head of the baby halves its size and gets more balanced with the rest of the developing body parts. Mother is in the 3rd month of her pregnancy. This is a smooth sailing stage for the mother yet doesn’t make her pleasant due to the vaginal discharge. The burst out more than usual if the mother expects twins.

Week 14

The baby now 9-10 cm resembling naval orange in size. Baby uses facial muscles to smile and it may be still hard to detect the gender this week. Baby sprouts out peach fuzz, some of the hair on the head, eyebrows, and on the body. Mother has entered into the 4th month of pregnancy. She admires at the 14-week tummy though she feels round ligament pain at this stage. If she is weak, she must concentrate more on staying healthy.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 15

A jubilee of silver weeks left out for the baby to come out and is now in a pear shape weighing 71 grams and 10 cm length. Developing blood vessels, visible where the skin remains sensitive and super thin. The x-ray of the little baby visible as its developing complete skeleton and features are completely moving into their place. Mother is still in 4 months and not safe to get around from her chair except for her regular walk and pregnancy exercise. In some, the gums may visible swollen and red and start gaining weight.

Week 16

This week the baby weighs 0.09-0.11 kg with 11-13 cm length. Babies’ eyes start working, can recognize some light keeping their eye closed, and have very little movements. They tend to make sucking movements and it starts this week. The circulatory system, well developed and has a healthy heart by now. The ears of the baby start working by the end of week 16 and can recognize the lullabies after coming out. There will be rapid growth in the shape and size of the mother resulting in some nasal congestion during this week. Doctors perfectly determine the gender of the baby.

Week 17

Baby now grows to a shape of a pomegranate, weighing 0.15 kg and 13 cm length. The little babies started the practice of sucking in the previous week, getting ready for the feeding. At week 17 babies can hear their mother. They start developing fingerprints and fat stores under their sensitive tiny skin, providing warmth to the body after birth. Mother’s nose, affected by pregnancy hormones and stop snoring. These days mother is prone to the greater sensitivity of allergens, and develops some vaginal discharge. They grow in appetite gradually with the growth of baby week-by-week.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 18

The baby weighs 0.18 kg in week 18 and lengths 14 cm. The uniqueness of the baby i.e.; fingerprints, fully formed on their tiny little fingers and toes. We could see baby yawning and mother’s surprise on turning on 5th-month pregnancy. A new protective covering around the nerves, formed this week insulating the baby’s nerves until the first birthday. The parts of the gender are in the proper position that may clearly visible in later weeks. The heartburn in the mother starts reducing with an increase in backache.

Week 19

The movement of the baby to the extent of the mother’s feel starts this week. The baby weighs 0.23 kg and 15 cm in length. Vernix caseosa- Skin, protected with layers of greasy waxy coating -developed. They begin to form bronchioles, main airways that allow breathing from this week. The mother feels the kick of her child for the first time and no worries if she doesn’t, as still there is time for the baby to grow inside. She notices leg cramps from week 19 both in day and night time.

Week 20

The little ones weigh 0.28 kgs and are 16.5 cm in length. These little suckers who are working hard learning sucking, start sucking their thumb if their hand goes close to the face. The gender gets reveal in week 20. Some take a little longer time to kick but most of the babies don’t wait for more weeks. Mothers keep admiring at their 20 weeks bump, feeding their growing appetite. Their nail and hair growth would be more than usual from this week.

Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 21

It’s a great feeling for a mother to pass her half milestone with this week. In the 21st week, babies are in the size of banana weighing 0.36 kg and length 27 cm. Their movements are better conditioned this week and tend to take small amounts of amniotic fluid. Baby this week weighs more than the placenta. Arms and legs are fully in portion. The Mother is in 5th month of pregnancy and should start avoiding sitting on her knees higher than her hips, lying on her back from this week. Some may encounter with itchy skin sensitivity around the bump where the skin stretches. The common signs of pregnancy, stretch marks visible like broken veins change the color of the skin.

Week 22

The baby starts developing daily routine by now including poop that comes out after its birth. The baby weighs 0.45 kg and 28 cm in length resembling a shape of bell pepper. Baby can easily perceive light and dark by now and the mother can test by shinning the flashlight on the tummy and check for the movement.

These tiny little ones start watching what Mumma says, they can hear their mother’s breath, heartbeat, and the rumbling tummy. Their nervous system enhances this week and starts grabbing. They tend to grab their ears, umbilical cord, and whatever they get. The mother still stays in her month 5 of pregnancy. Tummy, not the only thing that grows from this week, they can’t see their feet anymore. This week invites many tummy touches, friends, co-workers, every close one around wish to touch the tummy as pregnant tummies, adorable ones. Mothers, stock up your home with the healthy food to avoid heartburns.

Week 23

These little babies pack more of punches this week and we can even see the pokes on the tummy bulging out sharp. The baby weighs just over a pound of 0.54 kg and 28 cm in length. The skin of the baby seems saggy this week, which makes it grow faster than fat. The babies look transparent with developing veins, as the fat deposits under the skin settle down they reduce the transparency.

A 23-week pregnant mother welcomes the 6th month this week. She can hear the baby’s heartbeat using a stethoscope more clearly this week. A mother experiences changes from head to toe, feet may turn red, and could see skin tags and heat rashes on her skin. The discoloration is commonly seen symptom in dark-skinned women, which occurs in-between the belly button and pubic area. It’s time for the mother to relax and soothe herself with relaxing techniques. She must cherish the light kicks now before they become harder.

Symptoms in Week 24 of Pregnancy

Hello mother, you are carrying a pomegranate inside you. Yes! Your little bean has grown so much by now; babies in this week are in the shape of it weighing 0.59 kg and 29 cm in length. Most of the growing weight comes out from the accumulated fat and growing organs including their muscles. The babies rock inside with the music played from out. They can recognize and calm themselves when listen to the same music after they are born. The hair of the baby is yet to reach pigmentation, i.e.; they are white-haired inside. Mother sees a change in her belly button, and notice an excess of fluid accumulation in her lower ends that reduces at night. This week the palms look soothing red and itch more, and ever her vision changes with an increase in saliva. Week 24 starts with an ache in her lower abdomen.

Week 25

Don’t alarm the baby to shock as their startle reflexes develop in this period. Mothers can even stop the hiccups of the baby. And the baby is now in the shape of an eggplant weighing 0.68 kg and 33 cm in length. Baby’s skin turns pinker and changes its color as small blood vessels tend to form under the skin. Even in the baby’s lungs blood vessels start developing and nose starts working. Baby takes little of practice breaths and able to smell various scents in the uterus. The growing uterus reaches the shape of a ball by 25 weeks. From this week, an increase in constipation may lead to pesky piles that can avoid whole grains and fiber-rich fruits. Some women notice bleeding gums during this week when untreated increases infections leading to premature birth.

The most commonly seen symptom during pregnancy is snoring and this increases with an increase in blood flow to mucous membranes causing congestion in the nose. Many come across restless legs syndrome which urges to move along due to the tingling in legs.

Symptoms in Week 26 of Pregnancy

The baby weighs 0.91 kg and 35 cm in length, running out of the room. Nothing to worry mother provides sufficient space for the baby to grow. Now the fingernail has grown and slowly baby opens the eyes. Though there are no great, interesting things found in the uterus, a baby watches over everything. Baby’s can not only see around and hear; they can even react and respond. The mother’s bulging uterus enlarges and pushes the abdomen making the belly button pop out. Week 26, welcomed by Insomnia, where the mother starts facing her sleepless nights. Baby starts practicing all movements this week that used in life outside. The fetal movements coordinated by the developing nervous system.

This week starts with a decrease in memory which is usually seen by all the pregnant women. Few women, who have a history of migraines, frequently suffer from it during pregnancy and others face little of such pains. The expansion of uterus causes round ligament pain in them.

Week 27

The growing little gymnast starts developing muscle tone and turned as a big cabbage 37 cm in length and baby weights 0.91 in week 27. Though the ears, muffled up with waxy protective coating, the baby can hear the mother’s voice. The baby’s lungs are still developing and this process may create hiccups in the baby which tends to make unusual movements. Mothers hold their breath as they are still in the 6th month of pregnancy. But happy thing is that they start recognizing the mother’s voice. More fluids develop in pregnant women leads to edema. Some notice bleeding gums, fainting, or dizziness which leads to no clam sleep. This week starts with itchy belly and stuffed nose that gives relief after the birth of the child.

Week 28

Your baby now is a little dreamer, which starts its sleep and has chances of dreaming. It begins rapid eye movement by inaugurating its eyelashes. Baby, very likely to make faces as the tongue sticks to the fetus, tasting the amniotic fluid. The mother enters into the 7th month and the baby’s getting into position. With an increase in body weight and tightening of the belly, the mother starts feeling sensitive skin more prone to flaky. All the symptoms listed in the above weeks carried through this week including bloating, dizziness, stuffed nose, bleeding gums, etc.

Week 29

All the mothers smile… not as you are in the 29th week of carrying, you can see your little one smiling in this week’s scan. Yes! Babies begin their smiles especially during their sleep this week. The weight of the baby varies from 1.1 – 1.4 kg and measures 40 cm in length resembling the shape of ac cauliflower. Babies get fatter, the womb gets harder and the mother gets the feel of cramps more than usual. Migraine headache increases with these cramps but the painkillers, never prescribed. Every pill pregnant woman takes in her 40 weeks of pregnancy, must take under doctor’s prescription. The nails of the mother grow faster than ever. Heartburn, indigestion and other symptoms seem common.

Week 30

Now your cauliflower has turned to a bunch of broccoli and only 10 more weeks to go, with 1.5 kg weight and measuring 41 cm. The fingernails of the baby eventually grow with the mother’s nails. We can capture baby grabbing the feet as her hands, fully formed. Mother feels baby movements every day the tummy, tightened quickly expanding the baby bump and stores a record of her baby’s kick counts. The brain of the baby grows and loses its smooth texture from this week and comes to its form. Some of the early symptoms are back in this week like frequent urination as the baby’s head gets pressed on the bladder and notices changes in the fetal movement. The breasts become tender again making it ready to produce milk. Indigestion and heartburn are the most commonly seen pregnancy symptoms.

Symptoms in Pregnancy Week 31

The baby’s size measures 40 cm with 1.5 kg weight. The baby tends to be sleepy in this week, it starts processing its signals from the brain to all the five sense organs in the body. The baby develops all its senses and bones harden every week. The bones at the skull are kept soft, allowing the baby to freely pass through the canal. The mother’s skin feels itchy due to stretching of the belly with an increase in stretch marks. Much of breast change, noticed in this week.

The baby creates discomfort for the mother with the movements. As the body is striving to give a life mother feels exhausted with pregnancy symptoms.

Week 32

Your pineapple inside schedules the sleeping time and shuts the eyes while sleeping and looks around while awake. Vernix, waxy coat under the skin makes the skin thicken this week. The baby may weight 1.7 – 2 kg and measure, 40-45 cm length. The baby allows his/her mother to look at its palms and foot making it a memory to the mother.

32 weeks pregnant is 8 weeks of pregnancy. Still, there is space inside the mother’s womb for the baby to grow. The tear production in pregnant women decreases, while making the vision blurry, this makes eyes dry up and the sensation of irritation. The most commonly seen leg cramps increase with an increase in swelling due to the rise of body weight. Few drops of yellowish liquid may drop down from the mother’s breast, pre-milk of the baby’s first drink. Start unlocking your washroom doors while in use to make it safe.

Week 33

The Baby weighs 2.5 kg and measures 46 cm in length. As the baby grows, space for the baby to move around reduces making it stiff. This relaxes the mother form kicks and punches. Most of the organs and other systems, developed by now and the majority of its growth include baby fat. Babies position themselves by week 33 facing head down towards the mother’s cervix, the baby’s skull remains soft. The mother in her 8th month of pregnancy holds her breath for the baby to take the trip out. It is hard for the mother to cross these days, as frequent urination will not them to rest. Some exercises suggested by the midwives should practice for easy delivery. She faces occasional headaches, bleeding gums, and skin rashes more than usual. Varicose veins, commonly found symptoms during pregnancy where legs start aching with irritation.

Week 34

The baby in this week weighs 2.7 kg and measures 45-48 cm length. The baby looks more like an infant from this week with a chubby body and sensitive little pink skin. Their ears work more efficiently. The dropping of the baby takes place this week where the baby drops down into the pelvis. Baby’s growth slows down storing energy for its trip way out and even the bones are strengthened but nor hard to keep the body flexible while delivery.

The mother finally ends the 8th month of pregnancy. Baby should still work on its digestive system. It’s enjoying that baby is almost ready but the mother should concentrate on her due date and delivery. Most practice more of pelvic exercises. More changes, seen in fetal movements, get more cramped due to less space inside. Bloating, heartburn, indigestion, constipation are common symptoms pregnant women see this week including vaginal discharge. The mucous may appear pink or red, nothing to worry about it. The belly is more likely to itch so, creams that soothe the belly, applied on it.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week 35

The thumb sucking babies weight 2.9 kg and 48-49 cm measure in length. The baby is ready but still needs a few more weeks for full-term completion. They practice more of sucking aiding themselves for the feeding process after birth. It is an early time for the baby to come out through the baby is ready and in usual boys weigh more than girls. The mother encounters 10 cm of cervix dilation, which allows the baby to pass. Mother notices changes in feta activity, though there is no much room there will be slight movement in the tummy. The mother still suffers from symptoms like heartburn, leg cramps, indigestion, and spends more sleepless nights with pain in the pelvic region.

Week 36

The mini baby watermelon weighs 3.2 kg and measures 48-51 cm in length. The space in the womb shrinks each week as the baby grows. Babies continue to kick as normal till the time of delivery. They tend to take their first gasp of air after birth as lungs develop. In the womb, they get oxygen from the placenta. If the babies are born at this week, they commonly knew as premature. The mother is in the 9th month of pregnancy, with regular symptoms like frequent urination, cramps, and mother are to sleep on their side.

Week 37

Babies called to be full-term by week 37. Mother frequently thinks something is wrong as babies play with the mother staying calm. Mom’s are well organized and ready with their kits and dress-up, rush to the hospital. Babies will hear their mothers soon. Babies weight around 3 kg by week 37 and keep growing little amount each day. Mother still feels heartburn, an increase in stretch marks, the pressure at abdomen, more trouble while sleeping, an increase in contractions and etc. Some pregnant women face diarrhea because of hormonal changes that prepare the body for delivery.

Week 38

The baby weighs 3.2 kg in its 38th week, hurries the mother with false pains. She deals with new discomfort every day. The big event can happen any day in the 9th month depending on women’s health condition. Contractions are expected and notice tightening of the belly with leg cramps at irregular intervals. Mother’s can’t fall asleep due to the rise in anxiety to face the labor room. Vaginal discharge increases, mucus that is totally normal. Every discharge brings the mother closer to go to the labor room. Around the 9th month, it is better to switch to heavy moisturizers which reduce the itchy belly. The feet and ankles are totally swollen and increase in backache and leg aches.

Week 39

Mothers literally cry out and request the baby to be out soon. That breathless moment with tension and anxiety to face the labor pains, natural way of mental preparation is inexpressible. This time pregnant women surely need someone to assist all the time. The ones that are not the actual signals of birth occur at this time. The leg cramps and uterus tightening becomes common and increases more pressure on pelvic. Though pregnant women see the tinge of blood kind mucus, it might not be the right time for the baby’s trip. The baby develops its breathing system until she comes out. Mother struggles with her life, not caring her own breath to give life. Preparing for this situation is not a small thing, where a mother should set her mind for all that she faces before the due date.

Week 40 Symptoms of Pregnancy

The baby watermelon is ready this week for the delivery and try his/her best to come out. Baby measures 50 cm and weight vary with the health of the mother and the baby. They can recognize the mother’s voice and able to view around 2.5 cm not completely the mother’s face. Well, being of the baby is checked when the due date is crossed. Less than six percent of babies were born exactly on the due date and their skull, not fully formed. The growth of the baby slows down in week 40 with hardened bones.

The mother starts practicing for labor by tightening her belly to let the baby out. Walking and pregnancy exercise aid way for the natural labor. Mother is kept waiting by her first child for the delivery. The delivered baby will be evaluated with all the factors like heart rate, muscle tone, appearance, brain functioning, respiration, weight, height, time, etc. The mother’s breast starts leaking supported by breast pads. The complexion with which baby born is not permanent shade, changes occur throughout one year of baby’s growth.

The struggle of a mother in-between 4 walls with a hope called as a labor pain. All the discomforts over the months just vanish away with the little one’s cry, the only time a mother smiles when the baby cries.


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