23 Banana Peel Uses: For Skin Care & Hair Health


Skin is the largest organ of the body and taking care of the skin should be an essential part of one’s healthcare routine. The skin needs the right balance of nutrients to carry out its essential function of acting as a barrier that protects the rest of the body from the environment. Banana peel is one among many fruits which has plenty of uses for skin health. 

It is important to feed the skin well from the inside to help keep it looking, working and feeling good. Vitamins are essential for the optimum functioning of body and some of the important functions of vitamins involve good skin health. Antioxidant-rich foods, well-balanced diet and a low stress environment are vital in having good skin health.

The sources of antioxidants from food are many. Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables, nuts, edible seeds contain a lot of beneficial nutrients for skin and hair. One such fruit is the humble banana.

Though banana is called as a poor man’s fruit, its health benefits are for all. Banana is calorie filled nutritious fruit that contains potassium and soluble fiber in ample. It also contains vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin C and magnesium which helps in cell regeneration and soothes the skin. Most people throw away the peel like any other fruit, but it is said that the peel of banana also has something to offer.

Uses of Banana peel 

For Skin health

Banana peel is a good option for a natural moisturizer for its uses on the skin. It also helps to maintain skin’s natural glow, thanks to the carotenoids that it contains. It also helps to prevent skin from drying.

As it contains moisturizing properties along with magnesium and vitamin C, banana peel helps in reducing the itchiness caused by psoriasis, a skin condition in which skin cells accumulate and cause scaly appearance, dry patches and itching on the skin.

Signs of Aging

It is believed that applying the banana peel on the skin can help in reducing signs of aging, especially wrinkles. It is most inexpensive and natural anti-aging substance that reduce the appearance of wrinkles due to the presence of Vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant

Under Eyes

Banana peel can be applied over the eyes and under eye area to reduce puffiness and fatigue


Banana peels have been used for wound healing on numerous occasions. The inflammation fighting property and helps in reducing the damage to the skin caused by sun burn or an insect bite

Banana Peel Uses on Warts

Completely ripe banana peel helps in getting rid of wart and also prevents the recurrence of new warts by spot application and keeping it overnight

Skin Brightening

Banana peel have known to brighten the skin complexion by its gentle and natural exfoliating effect on skin. The nutrients in the banana peel nourish the skin, making it fresh and soft. A face mask containing milk or yoghurt mixed with mashed banana peel can be applied on the face as a natural remedy


Banana peel is a natural skin exfoliator that aids in reducing excess sebum production from the sebaceous glands. It adequately moisturizes the skin along with removing the excess oil

Get rid of Acne

The fatty acids, zinc and antioxidants in the banana peel help in reducing the redness caused due to acne. It is considered as a natural remedy to reduce acne scarring and blemishes caused due to acne. A home-made mask containing banana peel can be applied on the affected areas for desired results. Some of the commercially available scar treatment lotions contain esterified fatty acids, extracted from the banana peel

Mosquito Bite

The natural fruit sugar present in the banana peel draws out the fluid from the mosquito bite and reduces the redness and pain caused by the bite

Cracked Heels

Banana and banana peel are a natural remedy to repair and heal dry, cracked heels of feet and keeps the heel area moisturized

These uses are backed by some research on the beneficial compounds that the banana peel contains. Research has shown that banana peel also contains certain bioactive substances like carotenoids and polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory functions beneficial for skin and hair.

It is suggested that banana peels contain these phenolic compounds, found in other foods like garlic, wine and green tea, that have a number of health benefits including antibacterial and antioxidant functions. Because of these functions, banana peel is used for improving skin and hair health.

For Hair care 

As banana peel contains phenolic compounds that act as antioxidant, it helps in repairing the damage caused to the hair due to daily wear and tear caused due to sun damage.

A lot of hair care products like shampoos, hair masks and conditioners contain banana peel as a major component. The moisturizing property of banana peel, and the natural oils present in banana, nourishes the hair and makes the hair smooth and shiny

As Hair Conditioner 

Banana peel acts like a natural and gentle hair conditioner, making the hair extremely soft, without causing any damage to the hair strands

For Dandruff

Application of banana mask made out of fresh banana and banana peel on the scalp adds moistures and reduces dandruff. It does this by working on the hair root where the dandruff flakes are generally produced.

Frizzy Hair

Banana contains silica which is absorbed into the body to stimulate production of collagen, which is required for good hair strength. Banana and the peel helps to reduce the frizzy hair

Stronger Hair

Using banana peels in hair masks causes the hair follicles to grow stronger and longer due to the antioxidants and folic acid present in it, thus preventing breakage and split ends. Because of the moisturizing and nourishing properties of banana peel, it helps in adding volume to the hair

Skin benefits in a nutshell 

Lectin: Kills the acne causing bacteria
Potassium: Moisturizes and hydrates the skin, prevents from dryness
B complex vitamins: Reduce signs of aging
Vitamin C: Required for collagen synthesis and acts as an antioxidant for skin repair and damage
Vitamin A: Helps in reducing acne scars and heals dry skin
Amino acids: Skin nourishment and maintains skin suppleness

The best part about this fruit is that it is easily available throughout the year and hence can be incorporated conveniently in the everyday skincare routine. Along with its overall health benefits when consumed orally, banana and banana peel have many skin and hair benefits.


Many salons use face and hair masks containing banana peel as their base component for good skin and hair health. There are many ways by which the peel can be incorporated into skincare and haircare routine at home. A number of masks made with banana peel and yoghurt, eggs, apple cider vinegar, almond oil, honey and coconut milk can be applied over the face and hair for the desired results.


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