15 Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes

People with diabetes should have a piece of knowledge about what to eat and what Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes. People who are diabetic need not worry about the foods that they are going to leave in their life.


Try to know how your blood sugar levels are affecting after consuming a portion of certain food and it can be a great source to check your blood sugar levels. If you think it is affecting dangerously then you need to remove that food item in your list and replace it with the healthy foods.

Most older people suffer from diabetes and it can be uncontrolled in some people. This health condition can lead to dangerous consequences if remain untreated and these consequences include

  • Diagnosing with heart diseases
  • Increases the risk of getting kidney-related disorders
  • Blindness

Consuming certain foods can lead to the cause of increased blood sugar levels and one should identify these foods and stop eating it. It is difficult for some people to even identifying these foods so this article provides you the information with the list of Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes.

What are the Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes?

It is really important for the person with diabetes should avoid some foods to reduce the risk of the complications of the disease and manage their condition. These foods include

  • Sugary drinks
  • Refined carbs
  • Dried fruit
  • Breaded and fried foods
  • High-sodium foods
  • Trans-fats
  • Fruit-Flavored Yogurt
  • Sweetened Breakfast Cereals
  • Flavored Coffee Drinks
  • Packaged Snack Foods
  • French Fries
  • Whole-Wheat Bagels
  • Whole-Wheat pretzels
  • Margarine
  • Sauces and Condiments

Here is the list of Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes in detail

Sugary Drinks

Most people assume soda offers many health benefits but it can do more harm than good to the people who are suffering from diabetics. For instance, a twelve-ounce bottle of cola consists of ten teaspoons of sugar. Even fruit juices also should be avoided by diabetics. Even though, fruit juice is a mixture of

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals, and
  • a little quantity of fiber

Sugar also added in the fruit juices and it can cause more damage to your body by raising the levels of blood sugar. People should prefer unsweetened juices instead of sugar contained fruit juices. Sugary drinks can increase the body

  • Insulin resistance
  • Promotes weight gain
  • Increase the levels of blood fats (triglyceride)

Research shows that increasing the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages may increase your risk of diagnosing with fatty liver, a diabetes-related condition.

Refined Carbs

Refined carbs refer to the grain-foods that are refined. White rice, white pasta, White bread, White flour, and saltine crackers are the Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes and also the examples of refined grain foods. These foods can increase the levels of blood sugar in people who are suffering from diabetes. It is better to avoid the refined carbs and replace it with the following foods including

  • Brown rice
  • Quinoa
  • Barley
  • Millet
  • Buckwheat
  • Oatmeal
  • Popcorn
  • Whole-wheat bread

Research shows that people can lower the levels of blood sugar by replacing white bread with high-fiber bread.

Dried Fruit

Fruits can be a great snack but not the dried fruit. It is not good for people as it lacks water. The water content of dried fruit is zero percent and that is why it is not good for the people with diabetics. Dried Fruit is one of the Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes.

For instance, one cup of grapes contains one-hundred calories and twenty-seven grams of carbohydrates. when it comes to dried fruit, one cup of raisins contains four hundred calories and one-fifteen grams of carbohydrate. Now you can differentiate fresh fruit and dried fruit. A person should opt for fresh fruit rather than going for dried fruit. Consuming dried fruits in a high quantity can lead to weight gain.

Breaded and Fried Foods

It will be difficult for a person to avoid fried foods such as

  • Fried chicken
  • Doughnuts fresh out of the fryer

The above foods can taste and smell very good and that is why it becomes very hard for a person to avoid those foods. fried foods contain lots of fats and it can add a bunch of calories to your body. This bad fat can lead to other problems including

  • Raises the blood sugar levels
  • Leads to weight gain
  • Higher bad light-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels
  • Inflammation
  • Increases your chances of diagnosing with certain heart conditions

If you are unable to give up on fried foods then prepare it by yourself by adding less oil.

High-Sodium Foods

Like fried foods, people also can’t hide their temptations when it comes to eating salty foods. Sodium present in the salty foods makes it tastes better even though sodium is necessary for a human body but it shouldn’t consume in high quantities. If you are unable to reduce your consumption of high-sodium foods, then it leads to the cause of several medical conditions including

Burritos, slices of bread, rolls, tacos, pizza, soup, cold cuts, sandwiches, fast foods, processed foods, and cured meats are a great source of sodium and these are the Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes. The best way to reduce the intake of sodium is to read labels on food packets for sodium content and try to avoid it if it is too much or ask a guy in a restaurant to know the sodium content in the food you ordered.


Trans fats are created with the help of unsaturated fatty acids by adding hydrogen to it. They are extremely unhealthy for the body. Following are the foods contains trans fats including

  • Portions of Margarine
  • peanut butter
  • spreads
  • creamers
  • frozen dinners

Trans fats don’t raise the levels of blood sugar in the body but research shows that it increases

  • inflammation
  • insulin resistance
  • belly fat
  • lowers the levels of good high-density lipoprotein cholesterol

The above changes in diabetic people can increase the severity of the disease and increases the chances of diagnosing with heart conditions. Trans fats are one of the Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes.

Fruit-Flavored Yogurt

Intake of plain yogurt is good for diabetic people. But yogurt comes in a wide range of varieties and that might be a problem for the same people.

Flavored yogurts can damage the body and raises the levels of blood sugar in the body. The ingredients used in the preparation of flavored yogurt is

  • low-fat milk
  • carbs
  • sugar

Forty-seven grams of sugar is available in 1 cup of fruit-flavored yogurt. Consuming fruit-flavored yogurt can raise the levels of insulin and blood sugar. Choose plain yogurt instead of fruit-flavored yogurt. Following are the benefits of consuming plain yogurt includes

  • Increases your appetite
  • helps you to lose weight
  • promotes gut health

Sweetened Breakfast Cereals

If you are a diabetic patient, then never start your day with cereals. Cereals contain more carbs and highly processed. It is ideal for normal people as cereals can provide protein and a nutrient and keep the levels of blood sugar in the body stable condition but it is not the same case with diabetic people, and that is why people should remove cereals from their diet and opt for a low-carb breakfast.

Flavored coffee drinks

Research shows that coffee can decrease your chances of diagnosing diabetes but it is not the same case with flavored coffee drinks. Carbs are contained by the flavored coffee drinks and increase the levels of blood sugar in the body. For example, sixty-seven grams of carbs found in sixteen ounces of caramel frappuccino. Flavored coffee drinks are one of the Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes. As per medical experts, drinking plain coffee daily doesn’t raise the levels of blood sugar in the body.

Packaged snack foods

Fast-digesting carbs are present in packaged snack foods and it can increase the levels of blood sugar in the body. For instance, if you take saltine crackers, it consists of twenty-one grams of carbs in one ounce of packaged snack foods.

Twenty-one grams of carbohydrates and one gram of fiber are present in one ounce of pretzels. In the same way, Graham crackers contain twenty-one gram s of carbohydrates and one gram of fiber in one-ounce of packaged snack food.

Some packaged foods contain more than the carbohydrates written on the backside of the label. Research shows that snack foods contain more than seven percent of the carbohydrates that are stated on the backside of the label. Due to this reason, packaged snack foods are added to the list of Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes.

French Fries

People with diabetes should avoid this food immediately as it does more harm than good to the body. The main ingredient in this tasty snack is sweet potatoes. Thirty-seven grams of carbohydrates can be found in one medium potato with skin. Makers of French fries will deep-fry these potatoes and increase the number of toxic compounds that will ultimately lead to the cause of diabetes in normal people and also increases inflammation. Following are the toxic compounds found in deep-frying foods include

  • Advanced glycation end products (AGEs)
  • Aldehydes

Research shows that a daily intake of french fries and other deep-fried foods can increase your chances of diagnosing with heart problems and cancer. If you are unable to give up on french fries then consuming in a small quantity can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Whole-Wheat Bagels

People with diabetes should avoid this food immediately as it contains more carbohydrates and lacks filling fiber. You stay hungry for one or two more hours as a result and this hungry feeling can have a negative impact on your blood sugar levels and weight. one bagel is equal to four to six slices of bread, meaning you are consuming more carbohydrates than required for your body and it increases the levels of blood sugar in the body.

Whole-Wheat Pretzels

People with diabetes should avoid pretzels as sodium content is very high in this food and choosing this food may not be a good option for your health. As per medical experts, people who are diabetic should opt for snacks that are rich in fiber and protein instead of foods that are rich in carbohydrates.


Margarine is used in the process of cooking, and baking foods. The main objective of this spread is to reduce calories and fat in food. Margarine is not good for people with diabetes when it is mixed with trans fats. When you are eating margarine content food, make sure to read the label and it provides the information whether it is made with hydrogenated oil. People should avoid it if the label lists hydrogenated oil.

Sauces and Condiments

People use sauce and condiments to increase the taste of the food, but people with diabetes or people who want to prevent diabetes in the future should avoid it completely. Because it contains a large amount of

  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Calories

Sauces and condiments are Foods to avoid with Type 2 Diabetes.


People with diabetes should avoid the above foods to lead a healthy life and manage their condition better. Consult your physician immediately if you are experiencing any adverse effects associated with diabetes and make sure to remove the above foods in your diet. It is important to avoid these foods as it can have a serious effect on health on anyone.


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