12 Benefits of Eating Grapes & Its Nutrition Facts

Grapes are juicy, sweet, popular fruits that come in different colors and forms. Botanically a berry comes from fruit-bearing vines from Vitis. Long back thousands of years ago the cultivation of grapes started near East. Grapes are available in different colors green, maroon, dark blue, yellow, etc. and come in seeded and seedless. Across the world’s temperature grapes grow and the majority of grapes found in the US are from California. They are colorful, juicy, and candy shaped fruits. There are numerous health benefits for grapes, check the nutrition facts for grapes below.

From ancient times, the wine that comes out of grapes made this fruit popular. The fermentation of grape juice results in the expensive wine which even has many benefits apart from the naturally consumable grapes. Grape, known to be the high nutrient and antioxidants rich fruit offering a wealth of health benefits. We see plenty of goodness of grapes in this article.

Nutrition Facts for Grapes

Resveratrol, a key nutrient we see in grapes that offer many health benefits and give protection against several chronic diseases. The packed set of nutrients we get from grapes aids to fight against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, skin treatment, and many other health conditions. Grapes are more suitable for people with diabetes. The nutritious facts noted by the department of agriculture:

A cup of grapes weighing around 150 grams contains:

  • Fat of 0.25 grams
  • Carbohydrates of 27 grams
  • The fiber of 1.4 gram
  • Calcium of 15 milligrams
  • A protein of 1 gram
  • The iron of 0.54 mg
  • Magnesium of 11mg
  • The sodium of 3 mg
  • Phosphorous of 30 mg
  • Zinc of 0.11mg
  • 104 Kilocalories and many other Vitamins discussed below.

A cup of grapes may contain 120 grams of water. The nutrition facts in grapes contain Vitamins of A, B, C, K.

Nutrition Facts and Benefits of Eating Grapes

Eye Health

Eye health issues irrespective of age seen in people around us. Eyes, when they do not function normally should show alert over it to maintain good eye health. Apart from green veggies and other food grapes takes its place as the best fruit that supports eye health. It protects the retina deterioration when consumed regularly. The response of the eye enhances with the regularly required amount of intake of grapes. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants which help to maintain better eye health. They help prevent cataracts, oxidative stress, and retina damage. The nutrition facts in grapes will be very helpful for better eye health.


Acne treatment

Hormonal Acne, mostly found conditions in teenagers. It causes suffering including damage of skin typically on the face. People suffering from acne spend their time more on how to cure and with the dermatologists. Grapes repairs the skin by flushing out toxins and antioxidants present in the fruit protects the tissues from the regular damage of acne. For the people who consume plenty of grapes, protected from sunburn to some extent. Some dermatologists claim that the topical treatment of grapes with benzoyl peroxide could help treat acne.



Constipation, the condition of unwanted fiber when not let out free from the body. When the body filled with the required amount of hydration this condition reduces. This small fruit grape contains enough amount of water and fiber content in it as compared to its size. It helps people stay hydrated, regulating the bowel movement, and reduce the risk of suffering and constipation.


Antioxidants reduce the conditions of oxidative stress when interacted with free radicles. A study on grapes reported that the number of antioxidants present in grapes is huge in hundreds. Grapes have enough antioxidants in it that are essential for the human body. The antioxidants present in this fruit flush out the toxins from the body making a healthy living.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

Blood pressure is must present in normal living. The intake of excess sodium in diet results in blood pressure and the increase in consumption of potassium may reduce the negative effect of it. A cup of grapes contains nearly 280 milligrams of potassium, this is an essential mineral to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. An increase in the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure – found when low intake of potassium when incorporated in the diet. A high content of potassium found in grapes that maintains blood pressure.

Boost Up Memory

As age increases the memory of humans deteriorates. To boost up the memory, the world has introduced many boosters. When the research report was out on the change of attributes when consumed grapes, observed that grapes boost up memory. Hence, grapes stood at the point of natural foods to boost up memory.

Bone Health

Bone health deteriorates concerning age. Even due to the high dosage of medication from childhood we see poor bone health in many children. For better bone health, a good amount of minerals necessary which we find in grapes. Grapes even contain calcium, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, etc. Vitamin K mainly plays a major role in keeping bones strong. The research suggests, even copper helps maintain strong bones. According to the research done in rats, resveratrol present in grapes improved the bone density in rats and may add up the same in humans. We lack a human-based study on bone health currently. Many nutrients important for bone health found in grapes which shows a protective effect on bones.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases, cause mental weakness and stress to the body. Harmful molecules in the body cause oxidative stress. Free radicles produce damage to the cells and antioxidants present in grapes tend to repair the damaged cells. The stress mentioned above associated with many chronic diseases which include cancer, heart issues, diabetes, etc. The antioxidants present in grapes protect against blood sugar, the development of cancer, and against some heart diseases.

Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol generally found in all the cells of the body, a waxy substance needed by the body to make hormones, vitamin d, and other substances that help in food digestion. Gapes consist of some compounds that help and protect against high cholesterol. They decrease cholesterol absorption. This effect varies in the type of grape consumed. White-colored or light color grapes are weak at this point of action. Studies proved that the consumption of grapes lowered the total bad cholesterol present in the human body.

Heart Health

Although there is insufficient proof to directly prove good heart health with grapes, some suggest that this is a promising fruit. Though it directly does not show the changes or enhancement in heart health, practically by the nature of this fruit it works wonders. Grapes detoxifies the body, regulates good blood pressure (flushes out the toxins). Though it is a small tiny fruit, when consumed in multiple regularly works at its best. It helps in free blood circulation and promotes a good heart rate with better blood circulation in the heart.


Allergies could be any type of skin disorder seen on the skin. When the bacteria forms on any part of the body on the skin there exist an itchy sensation or a burning feel which is uncomfortable for people to bear. Apart from the skin, itchy nose and watery eyes come under allergies. Anti-inflammatory present in grapes reduces the symptoms of allergies when we consume grapes.



Nowadays diabetes is a disease found in most people irrespective of their age. Blood pressure, raise sugar levels, negative hormonal changes, thyroid, etc. comes under diabetics. They differ and grapes can reduce the diabetics of second kind i.e; type 2 mostly found in adults. By the studies made while consuming bowls of grapes and by not consuming any. It showed that for the ones who consumed grapes or berries thrice a week there exists a lower risk of diabetics.


Grapes are available throughout the year, to get the nutrients and vitamins from the grapes choose the grapes that are hard filled liquid touch, free of wrinkles on its skin. Grapes storage by perfect packing and safe store in the refrigerator at the right place make them retain the freshness.

Some people are to consult the doctors before excessive grape consumption like the ones who use blood-thinning drugs. For the ones with kidney issues, consuming plenty of grapes affects the functioning of the kidney. Resveratrol nutrient is present in all types of grapes but more of its content is in red grapes. Even the supplements of the grape extract are available but the direct intake of fresh fruit works wonders. In conclusion, the nutrition facts in grapes consists of key vitamins, calcium & antioxidants. All these are beneficial to your health in many ways.

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