12 Effective Natural Ways to Remove Skin Tags


Skin tags are a small piece of hanging skin and every man experiences it at some stage in their lives. People assume that these will affect only elderly people but young adults also suffering from it. There are some effective natural ways to remove skin tags.

It is usually removed surgically under general anesthesia, but they can also be removed by following some natural remedies if they are small and they are not very close to the anal canal and if they are usually single skin tags.

They appear on skin when there is too much production of collagen in your skin. It is not harmful and people don’t experience severe pain due to skin tags. People who have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and other health issues are more prone to develop skin tags on their skin. Your physician can easily remove your skin tags if you are unable to manage it but there are high chances of skin tags that might appear on your skin again.

Consult your skin specialist or a physician immediately if you have underlying health problems and sure about the growth of skin tags. Your doctor should evaluate you for other possible causes of your condition before removing skin tags. Together, you and your doctor can determine the best way to treat this problem. The following are the twelve natural ways to remove skin tags. It includes

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Banana Peel for skin tags
  • Baking soda for skin tags
  • Manuka honey for skin tags
  • Garlic
  • Ginger slices
  • Vitamin E
  • Tea tree oil
  • A tag removal device
  • Skin tag removal cream
  • Witch Hazel for skin tags
  • Cutting

Natural Ways to Remove Skin Tags in detail

Apple cider vinegar

People can break their skin tissue with the help of apple cider vinegar and it results in the fall off of skin tags. All you need to do is apply a few drops of apple cider vinegar on the affected area with the help of a cotton pad. Before doing this, you need to take a cup and pour the apple cider vinegar and dip the cotton in it. Place that piece of cotton on the skin tags and keep it on the whole night. Repeat this procedure daily twice for better results. Acidity present in the Apple cider vinegar can make your skin tag fall.

Banana Peel for skin tags

Banana Peels

Do you know that a banana peel can help you to remove skin tags? This is a very easy technique and all you need to do is cut a little piece of banana peel and take out the white side of the banana peel and apply it to the affected area. Clean the affected area and the surroundings of the skin tags before applying it. Repeat this simple process for three to five days until skin tags eventually fall off.

Enzymes and acids present in the banana peels can help a person to remove the skin tags. Banana peels are clinically proven in removing warts.

Baking soda for skin tags

When people mix baking soda and castor oil, it will change the potential of the hydrogen value of the skin under the skin tags and makes it easy the remove the affected site. For enjoying the benefit of this method, all you need is half tsp baking soda and a few drops of castor oil. Make a paste by mixing both the baking soda and castor oil, and apply it to the affected area. Wash off it after one to two hours. For better results, repeat the procedure for 10-20 days.

Manuka honey for skin tags

Manuka honey can inhibit the growth of skin tags by reducing the oxygen supply to it. All you need is a few drops of manuka honey and a band-aid. Place a few drops of manuka honey on the band-aid and apply the band-aid on the affected area or skin tag. Don’t remove the band-aid and keep it for 3 – 4 hours. This success rate of this natural therapy is high due to its wound healing properties and honey can also prevent the formation of scars.


Anti-aging properties present in the garlic can reduce inflammation and improves your skin appearance. All you need to do is crush the garlic into small pieces and apply it to the affected area. Cover the skin tag with a bandage before you sleep and remove it after you wake up.

Ginger slices

An antimicrobial property present in the ginger can remove skin tags but this method works only to some people and not everyone can get benefited from it. If you want to try this method, then all you need to do is cut a small portion of ginger and make it slices. Rub this slice on the skin tag for 1 – 2 minutes. It is recommended to follow this procedure at least five times a day for best results.

Vitamin E

The aging process is the speed in some people and it can lay the foundation to skin tags. People who lack vitamin E are unable to fight against wrinkles appear on their skin. Vitamin – E liquid is available in all the health stores and applies it to the affected site for a couple of days to see the results.

Tea tree oil

Tea Tree Oil

People don’t need to consult their physician for applying tea tree oil over a skin tag due to its antiviral and anti fungal properties. It can remove the skin tags by speeding up the shedding process. Antimicrobial properties in this oil can keep your skin away from getting infections.

A tag removal device

People buy skin tag removal kits and it is available in all the drug stores or you can buy it online. This device can kill the skin tag by stopping the blood supply to it. The cells will eventually die without sufficient blood supply to it. People usually observe it after ten days.

Skin tag removal cream

Skin tag removal creams are used to create the stinging sensations by applying the cream over a skin tag. Clean the affected with alcohol before applying cream on the skin tag.

Witch Hazel for skin tags

This astringent can help a person to remove the skin tag with its potential for hydrogen balancing properties. All you need is a witch hazel extract and apply it over a skin tag and let it dry. Repeat this simple procedure for at least three to four times a day to see the results.


People often try to cut the root of the skin tag with a sharp object like knives or scissors. But this method is not recommended when it comes to cutting large skin tags. It can lead to heavy bleeding and it is a very important point to keep this in mind. If you decide to cut the growth of the skin tag, then first clean the object that you are going to use and clean it free from bacteria. If you don’t sterilize the object, then you may get an infection.

Seek professional advice before you would like to opt for this method. If the skin tag appears under your eyes, don’t cut it by yourself, and taking professional help is very important in this type of case.


If skin tags are a big problem for you, then talk with your physician for some of the available treatment options. Don’t scratch or rub the affected site with your fingers or any objects. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen while going out and maintain good skin hygiene. Consult your dermatologist immediately if the tags getting bigger.


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